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TePe Interdental Brushes

TePe Interdental brushes make cleaning between the teeth easy.  Plastic coated wire to avoid damage to teeth and dental work – 8 different colour coded sizes – The handle has been ergonomically designed for comfort & ease of use.  A travel cap is included which protects brush when not in used and can be used to extend handle.TePe Interdental brushes are the brand most recommended by dentists and hygienists in the UK.

TePe Interdental brushes have a unique construction, which ensures consistent quality, size and durability.

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TePe Interdental Brushes Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirstein Clifton - Jasmine and Kyle Aged 4 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Kirstein Clifton – Jasmine and Kyle Aged 4 & 2 Years.

Kirstein Awarded The Tepe Interdental Brush Variety Pack 4/4

When I first saw this product I was really looking forward to trying them out as I haven’t got particularly strong teeth and thought they could benefit me.  The product came in a small plastic sealed bag with all the brushes loose.  The instructions are clear and to the point and this is a product I would use.  I found two brushes that would fit the two smallest handles.  The smallest being the most comfortable and I used these mostly for my back teeth.  My teeth felt cleaner sometimes, but I could see from the brushes that they had removed extra plaque even after brushing.  The handle attachment is good.  The wire felt too soft but I suppose it is like that to protect your teeth whilst cleaning.  Good value for money as they worked.  I did struggle to find brush small enough for my front teeth.  These are great brushes as they do remove what toothbrushes can’t and also it is far less fiddly than using floss.  Would definitely recommend these and also my mother-in-law uses similar burshses and she swears by them.  Less fiddly than flossing, quick, easy to use and effective.  Kirstein Clifton – Jasmine and Kyle Aged 4 & 2 Years.

Product Tested By Katie Archer

Katie Awarded The Tepe Interdental Brush Variety Pack 3/5

First impression never seen anything like it!  Packaging not very exciting but easy to get into and probably keeps the cost down.  Instructions easy to follow and understand.  I always floss so would be something I would look into as an alternative to flossing.  I was sent a variety pack and must admit found that not one of them fitted between my teeth.  Although you can check online and they do sell individual sizes so can purchase smaller ones.  A good idea, reasonable quality and good value for money.  Unfortunately I was unable to review effetively.  Katie Archer

Product Tested By Katherine Spills – James & Charles Aged 12 & 14 Years

Katherine Awarded Tepe Interdental Brush Variety Pack 4.5/4

Must admit I had not seen this product before.  Very unusual looking and was not sure if it would be beneficial.  Instructions easy to understand.  I do floss, but do not get on well with flossing my teeth as always seems to get stuck in between my teeth and find it an unpleasant experience.  The Tepe items were supplied in a selection pack with a variety of sizes and I found the only one I could use was the 0.5mm.  I must admit I found this so much easier than flossing and was amazed at how much plaque this would pick up in between my teeth.  So went onto the website and ordered a set of Extra soft 8 (0.5mm).  I am a convert and use these all the time so really grateful had a chance to test.  Funny thing is I had never noticed them in our local Tesco before, but now using great to know when run out can just pop along to supermarket and stock up.  Now trying to convert rest of the family.  Something I would not have considered purchasing before, so thank you.   Katherine Spills – James & Charles 12 & 14 Years


Less fiddly than flossing, quick, easy to use and effective. 


Kirstein Awarded The Tepe Interdental Brush Variety Pack 4/5

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