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Join one of our courses today and begin your journey to a healthy lifestyle. We help you reach your long term goals through a sustainable weight loss and fitness programme. Make that change and book today!
Our programme is based equally on ALL the 3 Pillars of Wellbeing that directly relate to sustainable weight loss and the after course support we offer will mean you will have the knowledge, skills, practice, support and confidence to not only lose weight but keep it off!
7 day course at The Trentham Estate
Health, Fitness and Weight Loss 7 day programme, scientifically structured by our very eminent team of Health and Wellbeing Specialists and is tailor made to each client.
Green Gym Boot Camp – Want to get rid of stubborn body fat, drop a clothes size and become stronger and fitter whilst having FUN?  Joins us at Wellbeing Park every Wednesday at 18.30pm.

Green Gym Boot Camp courses start from £5.00 daily or £55
for 6 week programme –

7 Day Course Trentham
Estate Health & fitness start from £695

Green Gym Boot Camp courses start from £5.00 daily or £55 for 6 week programme – 7 Day Course Trentham Estate Health & fitness start from £695 –

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The Academy4wellbeing Centre & Courses Reviews

Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin

KerryAwarded The Academy4wellbeing Centre 5/5

At first I was very nervous about attending the open day.  I didn’t know what to expect at all.  When I first got there I was amazed with the venue. It took just over 30 minutes to get to theTrentham Estate. The location is stunning. You are surrounded by beautiful gardens with picturesque views and a huge lake to which on the 7 day programme you take morning walks.  There are little shops in the grounds too with various places to eat and drink. I found the introduction day very, very interesting and informative.  It has certainly changed my way of thinking and has changed my lifestyle too.  I do eat healthily and exercise but I can do more for myself. Daniel who is  the Managing Director and Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences Specialist headed the introduction day. He made us feel so welcome.  Dr Anthony, who is a Chartered Psychologist, certainly made me question my way of thinking and listening.  Goals are not all straight forwardand you do come across obstructions along the way.  If you hit a problem, it doesn’t mean you are back to square one;  you never go back to the start. Positive thinking and problem solving is always taking you closer to your goal. We didn’t go into the gym to see their facilities but we did do an outdoor session in a large white tent. The nutritional advice was very informative. I tend to skip meals, to which I have no excuses, but now I make time to sit down and eat .I travelled to TrenthamEstate by car.  It was very easy to find and a straightforward drive. There were plenty of car parking spaces when I got there so parking was not a problem at all. The staff was very friendly inside the Premier Inn.  We were served a drink of our choice straight away on arrival. The WellBeing staff were exceptional.  All professional in their expertise yet down to earth and friendly and made me feel very comfortable. The health advice given was very interesting and informative.  Everything was shown through presentations, projector screens and wall charts.  Each member of the team explained in detail certain aspects of the course in which they take part to help others. The fitness advice given was fantastic.  We were taken to do a workout which was based in the Trentham Estate gardens.  We were shown various pelvic floor exercises to do.  After child birth you are advised to do these.  I think people just expect you to know how to do them but now being shown by Martin, who is Director of Physical Wellbeing,  I now know how they are done properly and to the full advantage.  I found this part of the training scheme very interesting. I would book a course at the Academy4wellbeing.  I found that  in 1 day I learnt so much and came away determined and more positive so imagine how I would feel doing the full 7 days. I would choose to do the fitness and weight loss course together. They are a perfect combination. You could exercise well but eat un-healthy or the other way around so doing the combined course would be better.  Doing both would give you full benefits in reaching your goals I think. The 7 Day health & fitness weight loss programme sounds fantastic.  You would definitely benefit from doing this course.  I learnt so much in a day and talks and exercises were only touched upon.  If it was something I felt I needed I would certainly book this course in the future.  At first I thought the price of the 7 day course was quite expensive but I have never really looked into this kind of thing before.  After carrying out some research I have found that what you get here with the Academy4wellbeing is excellent value for money. You can keep in touch with all of the team after your course finishes too so your support never ends. I would book a course in the future if I needed to.  I have already recommended these courses to myf amily and friends who were interested about my day.  The introduction day was very informative. Every single member of the team showed passion, understanding and gave expert advice on everything discussed. KerryBaldwin

Product Tested By Lindsay Lowe

LindsayAwarded The Academy4wellbeingCentre & Courses 5/5

First impression was that it looked like any other hotel. Location is fantastic and Trentham Estate is beautiful. The whole day was very informative and the speakers spoke about each subject in detail. Unfortunately I did not manage to view the gym facilities during the day I attended. Nutritional advice was very good, up to date advice that is evidence based, given by a professional. This venue us very accessible by car and plenty of parking. The staff were very helpful and friendly. The health advice was straight to the point but was delivered in a caring manner. The fitness advice was delivered by a professional, and I can honestly say that I ached for 2 days after working my stomach and pelvic muscles. I would book a course in the future when I have more spare cash. I would choose both Green Boot camp courses (not the pay as you go) as both would be beneficial in leading a healthier lifestyle; also they are better value for money.  I think the 7 day health &fitness weight loss programme would be very beneficial for someone wanting to become fit and lose weight and when I have the spare cash in the future I would consider booking this. Compared to other courses I would say yes this does represent value for money, but people in deprived areas may not be able to afford these courses.  The Green Boot programme may be more accessible.  I have already mentioned it to my mother who is trying to lose weight and get fit. A fitness/weight loss experience that has an individual approach enables one to change lifestyle by education, exercise and compassion. Lindsay Lowe




 KerryAwarded The Academy4wellbeing Centre 5/5

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