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The Baby And All Bag

The Baby and All Bag is the changing bag with a hidden secret. It comes with a brilliantly simple integrated baby carrier. As your changing bag it has all the features you would expect and then it exceeds your expectations and gives you a baby carrier as well.

Unique changing bag and carrier combined – 3 carrying positions – Comfortable, convenient and easy to use – Carrier suitable for 7-15 kg  – Ample pockets inside and out – Ideal for school run or shopping trips

You won’t be surprised to learn that this baby bag was designed by a mum of two who just needed to make her life easier. She couldn’t find what she was looking for so she made herself a Baby and All Bag. And now you can get one too!

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The Baby And All Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Katie Vanstone - Seren 15 Months

Product Tested By Katie Vanstone –  Seren 15 Months

Katie Awarded The Baby & All Bag 4.4/5

I am impressed by how many handy pockets the bag has, both inside and out. There is space in the bag to keep plenty of things, in an organised way. I also like the colour as it hides a multitude of sins, which is a necessity with my children.  The bag is in the style of a shoulder bag. The strap is adjustable, which is good as I tend to hang my changing bag on the handles of my buggy when using it so it was easy to reduce the length of the strap for the bag to sit nicely on the back of the buggy.  I also found that the shoulder bag style meant that when using it as a toddler carrier, I had all of her weight on the one side of my body which was quite uncomfortable. The fabric is strong and sturdy, which it would need to be for it to be suitable for carrying the weight of a child as well as the contents of the bag. The fabric is also easy to wipe clean, which is a must have when it comes to baby products.  The bag is of a very good quality. I like the fact that the pieces of fabric to turn the bag into an infant carrier can be tucked away inside the pockets of the bag. The hooks for the carrier are quite chunky and secure and the fabric is tough and durable, which is reassuring when you’re using the bag to carry your child’s weight. I found there to be plenty of compartments in the bag. There is a side pocket inside the bag, which also has a zip on the outside so you can take out what you need from the compartment without having to delve into the bag. There is another side pocket with a flap which closes with a popper, which I used as a dummy pocket due to the ease with which you can take things out of it. There are two small front pockets, which are handy for keeping keys, mobile phone etc. in. There are a further four pouch-like compartments inside the bag, and a zip up compartment. The bag is ideal for someone who likes to keep things in their changing bag organised, as you can keep everything in its own separate compartment.  I am the type of person who likes to cram as much as possible into my changing bag; and this bag definitely allows for that. On days out I have managed to fit change of clothes for the kids, and their plates and cutlery in with the usual contents of my bag and still close it relatively easily.  The bag is quite casual looking, so could be used as a shopping bag or a normal handbag when not using it as a changing bag. You could also fit a laptop in there, or use it as a work bag.  I personally didn’t find the bag very comfortable when using it as a baby carrier, as I found that the strap dug into my shoulder and neck during use. As a normal changing bag it was very comfortable though, and I will continue to use it.  It was easy enough to place my baby into the bag with a second person helping, but quite awkward to try to do alone. Again I think this could be due to the size and age of my child when testing the bag; not necessarily due to the design of the bag itself.  I did feel that Seren was safe and secure when she was in the infant carrier part of the bag. It’s just a shame that her weight meant that the bag dug into me and was quite uncomfortable to use for any prolonged period of time.  I did enjoy using the bag, but unfortunately could not get on with using it as a baby carrier. I will continue to use the bag, as I love the style of it when used just as a changing bag.  I would recommend but probably not as a baby carrier. . All in all I was very happy with the bag. It was sufficient enough in size to fit everything that I take with me on a daily basis into and the material is strong and hardwearing. It is easy to wipe clean, and I like the many pockets which make the bag easy to keep organised. Unfortunately I personally didn’t find it comfortable to use as a baby carrier, but my baby is now fifteen months old and a bit of a chunky monkey which doesn’t help.  Katie Vanstone – Seren 15 Months


Product Tested By Joanna David – Lucien 12 Months

Joanna Awarded The Baby & All Bag 4.5/5

Looked good quality and well-made and nice colour.   This is a versatile bag that can be used as changing bag or carrier which is very ingenious.  The bag is a shoulder bag and the strap is adjustable so can adjust to suit your needs. Was also designed to enable you to slip over your buggy with ease.  When using as a carrier it is more like a hipcarrier for baby.  Lucien was comfortable enough and he is a slight baby so fairly easy to carry as not too heavy.  The fabric is strong and very durable which it needs to be when using as a carrier and a changing bag.  Very well made and easy to clean and maintain. This bag benefits from a wide range of really useful compartments.  This had a compartment for all your needs including place to keep keys, purse, mobile, lined bottle compartment, place for dummy  and so much more.  As a new mum you need to carry around so much and with this bag items were easily accessible which is good.  This bag was ideal for me as love to have everything in the right place and be organised when out with Lucien.  You can fit so much in and have all you need for days out and emergencies! This bag is a nice style and ideal to use as changing bag, travel bag of just a shopping bag. Using this as a carrier was easy enough but I did find it a little bit uncomfortable after a while as the straps did dig into my shoulder, so could not carry Lucien for a long period of time.  The carrier can also be used for older children but I have yet to try this mode. It was reasonably easy to fit Lucien into the bag as a carrier but I did have to have help from hubby.   As a carrier I did feel Lucien was safe and comfortable, just could not use it for long periods of time.  I really think this is a fabulous idea to combine a changing bag and carrier all in one item.  This can be used for a very long time and when you take this into account good value for money.  A few of my friends also tried this out and one of them has now ordered one.  I will continue to use mainly as a changing bag, and when I need too a carrier.  A well designed versatile item which is certainly top quality.  Overall I jus tloved using this as a changing bag as kept me organised and I could fit so much in.  I will use as a carrier every so often but for me this item is a superb changing bag.  Well made, good quality, easy to clean and loved using it.  Joanna David –Lucien 12 Months


Product Tested By Kelly Evans –Imogen 10 Months

Kelly Awarded The Baby & All Bag 3.5/5

The function of the Baby & All Bag is what appeals to me most – a changing bag which doubles up as a baby/toddler carrier.  The product looks stylish and the packaging and presentation suggests a good quality product, however, a little on the pricey side. I really like the messenger style and the rounded edges of the bag itself.  The product is obviously designed to wear across the body but easily looped over my buggy and pram handles too.  The fabric is obviously durable and of a high quality. I spilt juice onto the bag and it easily wiped away without leaving a stickyresidue or water mark.  I think the quality is clearly evident.  Nice packaging, excellent fabric and well made.  There are a number of useful compartments and there was ample room for my purse, keys and mobile phone (which I like to keep separate from baby changing things so I can access them easily).  Another feature I particularly liked was the bottle compartment which was lined and accessible from inside and outside of the bag – very useful when you are a busy mum with a hungry baby. Whilst I think a larger bag is needed with a newborn (you can’t carry enough stuff) – I don’t think one of this size is needed with older babies and toddlers.  It was a little too big for me and I found myself carrying a heavy bag filled with things I didn’t really need.  It wasn’t a massive nuisance though and not something I think would put a lot of mums off. It is great to have a product that combines two essential elements – a bag for all your changing needs and a carrier that is simple to use.  As the bag is designed to be carried across the body and the carrier to be used on the hip (for older children) I thought it would be great for my posture and provide support for my hips. It did take the pressure off my hip but put a lot of pressure on myshoulders (even when I separated the accessory comfort pad).  I couldn’t really carry Imogen very far using this mode and had a sore shoulder even after removing the carrier.  Weirdly I found it marginally more comfortable carrying my friend’s little girl who is 2½ years old.  This was due to the fact that she gripped onto me in addition to using the bag as a seat on my hip so a little of the pressure was relieved.  It was much more comfortable to use the front facing mode.  I found placing my baby into the bag in carrier mode reasonably easy, however, once the child is in the carrier and you want to change to ‘hands free’ mode it is quite difficult to attach the D ring. This is noted in the instructions though and easily avoidable by attaching the ring before placing the child in the carrier.  Both Imogen and my friends child at 2 ½ loved the carrier in all the different positions – I felt like they were safe and secure and they enjoyed being close to me whilst I was walking around the shops etc.  Using the bag didn’t really make taking care of my child any easier, however, I believe it will once she is able to walk and toddle away in public areas.  If I needed to do something and keep her close at the same time it would be relatively easy to clip her into the bag and not have to worry about her running off – assuming of course she wanted to and didn’t throw a tantrum because she wanted to explore.  I will not use the product as a changing bag because it is too large and there are other products that are smaller and do the same job. I will not use the product as a carrier at the moment but may do in the future when Imogen doesn’t rely solely on me to carry her weight.  For those with slightly older children and/or newborns then yes I would recommend. Whilst it is a quality product I don’t think the Baby & All bag is superior to others in the same product area.  It is however, useful and offers a lot of good features.  A quality product, however, too large a changing bag for older children and not very comfortable as a hip carrier.  KellyEvans – Imogen 10 Months

It was sufficient enough in size to fit everything that I take with me on a daily basis into and the material is strong and hardwearing. It is easy to wipe clean, and I like the many pockets which make the bag easy to keep organised.


Katie Awarded The Baby & All Bag 4.4/5

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