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The Bag ® 4 Seasons from Puckababy

The ideal baby and toddler sleeping bag for years of safe, pleasurable sleeping. Unique "4 in One" design with adjustable length. You can adapt to any season and it will last for years.

Length is Adjustable and suitable from 7 Months – 2.5 Years

The Bag can be used throughout the year. Warmth is always very important. The great thing about the Bag is that it can be adjusted to any circumstance and to the temperature of your child helping to gain a peaceful sleep. The Bag consists of different layers which can be used together or separately.

Sleeping "too cold” will cause restlessness. The Bag in winter and autumn is nice and warm with mittens to protect the hands from getting cold


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£84.99 Available to purchase online

The Bag ® 4 Seasons from Puckababy Reviews

Product Tested by: Kate Sparkes – Sophie 14 Months

Product Tested By Kate Sparkes –
Sophie 14 Months

Kate Awarded The Puckababy
The Bag 4 Seasons Sleeping Bag 4/5

really well made and stunning product.
Very nice packaging, liked the extra book inside as well, was a lovely
touch. Very good instructions as
explained how to use the sleeping bag for all four uses. This is a very good quality sleeping bag and
the material used is of very high quality.
It’s a lovely product and if you could make full use of it through the
different seasons it would be good value.
I wouldn’t consider buying another for my little girl, as it makes her
unable to stand up in her cot when she woke she kept falling when she tried to
stand. I would recommend this but only
to friends with children aged 6-12 months.
I couldn’t give this product full marks as my main concern was the safety
of the child trying to stand up and not being able to. Not practical for a baby who can stand up. Kate Sparkes – Sophie 14 Months

Tested By
Katherine Keane – Orla 13 Months

Katherine Awarded
The Puckababy The Bag 4 Seasons Sleeping Bag 4/5

I thought the
sleeping bag looked excellent, lovely design and it felt and looked soft and
cosy. I loved the concept of different layers for the different seasons and
couldn’t wait for Orla to try it out. The
packaging was great, nicely presently and protected. The bag comes with a guide on how to layer
the sleeping bag and the different sleeping options according to the season i.e.
winter, autumn, spring, summer. I found
this a little vague and would have found it more useful to have a guide as to
what temperature the nursery should be for each sleeping option or the tog of
each layer. When I first started to use
the sleeping bag in Autumn I was a little worried my daughter’s nursery was
still a little too warm for such a thick layer and now we are coming into
winter I’m unsure whether to add the outer layer in case she is too hot. I
visited the website to see if there is any further guidance but unfortunately
there isn’t. I was really impressed with
the quality of the sleeping bag. It is
really soft and washes well. The bag
fits my daughter really well and she seems very comfortable wearing it and
still has plenty of wriggle room. The bag is available in a number of different
designs to suit both boys and girls. At
£84.99 the Puckababy sleeping bag is overpriced for what it is. Although the sleeping bag can be used
throughout all the seasons it still works out to be an expensive purchase and
you would still need to buy spare sleeping bags for wash days or accidents etc.
I wouldn’t buy this bag as I think it’s
too expensive and I prefer to have a variety of different tog sleeping bags
which I already have. If a friend had
not yet bought a sleeping bag for their baby I would recommend this bag as a
good starting point. It certainly makes
life easier as a new parent to have one bag that will work throughout the year,
although this does seem to come at a high cost.
Whilst I really like the quality and functionality of this sleeping bag
there are a couple of downsides for me.
The outer layer of the bag has removal sleeves whereas the inner layer
doesn’t. I would prefer to have the
option of removing the inner sleeves especially if my baby felt too hot. As a
first time parent I find the lack of temperature guidance on when to wear each
layer a little off putting. So far we haven’t used the outer layer so I’m
looking forward to trying this out in the spring/summer. A functional, lovely sleeping bag but
just too expensive. Katherine Keane –
Orla 13 Months

Tested By
Isabella Sutter – Jillian 12 Months

Awarded The Puckababy The Bag 4 Seasons Sleeping Bag 4.2/5

Looked lovely
quality really well made and well thought out.
Loved the fact you could use this all year round. Plus it is reversible
too. Material looked lovely and soft against Jillian’s skin. Excellent
quality. It will last a while too as
adjustable so grows with your child.
Packaging lovely and very well presented. Also had a look at the video online to see
how to use this all year round.
Instructions really easy to follow.
Very impressed with the design and the excellent quality. I do feel this is very expensive for one
sleeping bag. I realise it will last all
year, but with accidents things get soiled and you need a few as back up in the
wash so I would find it hard to justify spending this amount of money if I
would like to purchase 3 or more. I do
think it would make a lovely Baby Shower gift and might buy one for my sister
as she will really appreciate this. A
lovely idea, a gorgeous design and you can see how much thought has gone into
this versatile sleeping bag. Just too
expensive. Lovely to use and will
continue to use and buy as a special Baby Shower gift for my sister. Isabella Sutter – Jillian 12 Months

It’s a lovely product and if you could make full use of it through the different seasons it would be good value.            


Kate Awarded The Puckababy The Bag 4 Seasons Sleeping Bag 4/5     

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