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The Bamboo Birthing Shirt

Made of bamboo jersey (65% bamboo, 28% cotton, 7% spandex)
Not only is our Bamboo Birthing Shirt incredibly comfortable and completely practical but fabulously versatile. Use for pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding & bonding.
An essential part of your hospital bag kit
Stretchy, supersoft, breathable and durable
Can be machine washed and tumble dried
A perfect gift for a pregnant mum
Posted worldwide (See delivery information)
Available in Midnight Blue or Berry Red – Sizes Small, Medium, Large & Extra large

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£35.99 Available to purchase online & also NCT

The Bamboo Birthing Shirt Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucy Carter - Sophie 1 Month

Product Tested By Lucy Carter – Sophie 1 Month

Lucy Awarded The Bamboo Birthing Shirt 4.6/5

Lovely item, and very well made.  The style was lovely;  I was sent the nightshirt style rather than the wrap style.  I wore the shirt at night during pregnancy and it was very comfortable.  The shirt was perfect as birth wear, it was very stretchy and the slits up the sides made it comfortable in all positions.  The poppers up the front were ideal for skin-to-skin contact directly after birth.  The shirt was a bit big to wear after the birth as it is fitted for pregnancy.  Very comfortable though and well made and very luxurious fabric.  It’s a bit expensive but very well made and comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends.  It’s a lovely item, comfortable and perfect for pregnancy and birth. Lucy Carter – Sophie 1 Month

Product Tested By Jade Watson – Oscar 5 Weeks

Jade Awarded The Bamboo Birthing Shirt 4.4/5

This was so comfortable and soft to touch. The style of the birthing wrap looked like a casual summer dress.  The dark navy blue colour was very flattering and although the sizing of the dress is generous, it was fitted, so I was able to feel well dressed.  The dress was cashmere soft; it was comfortable to wear in bed or on a hot summer’s day near the end of my pregnancy.  The dresses’ material enabled me to feel cool when it was hot and warm when it was cool. I used the birthing pool, so I did not wear the birthing dress. However, once I had given birth, I dried off and put the birthing dress on. It was so soft and comfortable, it also kept me dignified. I wanted to breastfeed, so the poppers at the front of the dress helped to access my breasts easily. The birthing dress is very comfortable. The dress came with a headband which I have also used a great deal. I am continuing to breastfeed and the dress makes it easy in the night to open the poppers and feed, instead of lifting up my top and getting a cold stomach! The quality is very good, the dress is well made and there are no seams or labels that irritate. Although a very comfortable dress, I feel that the price is quite expensive. During labour and following giving birth, the last thing on your mind is what you are wearing. However, it does give added comfort and now I have tested the dress I would definitely keep it in mind for my next pregnancy. I definitely would consider buying the birthing shirt as I have worn the dress at different stages of my pregnancy, birth and at home following the birth. The dress washes well and is easy to pack in an over night bag! I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family as the dress is very versatile and does not have to be used for maternity reasons! I intend to take the product on holiday and use it as loungewear as it looks good and is soft to touch. This product is fantastic, comfortable, soft and attractive. The dress is comfortable, flattering, soft and good quality. Jade Watson – Oscar 5 Weeks

Product Tested By Hannah Devlin – Chloe
Hannah Awarded The Birthing Shirt Co: Maternity/Birthing shirt 4.5/5

I loved the look and the style of this product. The style was not only comfortable but stylish too. I wore it throughout my pregnancy and during labour too and it was so comfy. It is loose fitting as well as being made of a stretchy material to benefit your growing bump. The quality is excellent and I had so many compliments from people saying how nice it looked. It does seem pricey but I think all Maternity wear can be. I have wore mine loads so have definitely got my moneys worth from it. I would buy this again now that I have tested it. I have already recommended it to others who have just found out they are expecting. It’s a gorgeous item of clothing that will not only keep you comfortable but is also flattering and can be worn anywhere too. Hannah Devlin – Chloe

 It’s a lovely item, comfortable and perfect for pregnancy and birth.


Lucy Awarded The Bamboo Birthing Shirt 4.6/5

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