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The Befana Drama Book

The Befana Drama by Gianna Hartwright is sprinkling witch-dust of
the most wondrous kind across the world as its thrilling global adventure by
broomstick introduces youngsters to the amazing and charmed world of VIPBs
(Very Important Present Bringers).


The book, for children aged 8+,
weaves together the festive traditions of Italy (the Befana) and folklore
surrounding Santa.  The old witch called
the Befana, is in the middle of sorting out her coal and candy present drops
and her beloved festival when she learns that her postbox is being sealed up
and her festival downsized, "with a view to then cancelling it indefinitely.”
When she hears Santa, to whom she once became engaged at a VIPB conference, is
taking over her patch and also now has a wife called Mrs Claus, her rage sends
candy balls bouncing down the street!


Bear this humiliation she will
not and so she charges up her broomstick with tuber-power and travels around
the world in a quest to regain the hearts of Italian children by collecting
enough coal and candy to take over Santa’s present delivery run.



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The Befana Drama Book Reviews

Product Tested by: Andrea Taberner – Jessica 9 Years

Tested By
Andrea Taberner – Jessica 9 Years

Awarded The Befana Drama Book 4.1/5

Nice looking
book with an interesting story line. This is a very good quality book. The cover of the book is appealing to the target age group with its dark
colours, modern which image and Santa it captures the image of Halloween and
Christmas without being too young for the age the book is aimed at. My child
loves reading but tends to read books with very similar story lines, this book
is different from most aimed at this group. The characters are interesting and
are introduced in detail to engage the reader in the plot of the book. She
thoroughly enjoyed this book and enjoyed sharing the details of the storyline.   It was
stimulating it captured her imagination and engaged her to read more as they
travelled around the world.    A lovely book different to many on the market
for this age bracket, she very much enjoyed reading.  Good value for money book for a very
enjoyable read for both child and adult. I would buy this book as a gift for a similar aged child.  I would consider advising my daughter’s
teacher about the
Stage 2 Befana Drama Education Pack.  I
would recommend this book as a good read. 
A lovely book that captured my daughter’s
imagination with the characters and storyline, enjoyable read for both child
and adult, child to share together.  Andrea Taberner – Jessica 9 Years

Product Tested By Theresa Holt – Jasmyn 9

Theresa Awarded The Befana Drama Book 5/5

A nice size book for a preteen, with a nice
different kind of story.  Prefer a
hardback where children are concerned but the book I suppose wasn’t overly big.  Jasmyn thought it was good she liked the character’s
name although it took some practice to say the name at first.  The illustrations were ok, gave an idea of
the main character.  Jasmyn loved reading
this and read almost every night.  She
found it different and really enjoyed it. It was stimulating to read this book as a good story line and kept her
interest.  Really liked it and if there
was more in the series she would consider reading another.  A nice book without being to lengthy but a
good length to tell a good descriptive story that I recon she will go back to.  Good value for money.  I would consider purchasing this.  Also Jasmyn has recommended the Key Stage 2
Befana Drama Education pack to her teacher. I would also recommend as a well written story which captured my daughter’s
imagination.  Well written and overall
kept my daughter engrossed to the end. Theresa Holt – Jasmyn 9 years

Product Tested By Olivia Neale – Caitlin 9

Olivia Awarded The Befana Drama Book 3.8/5

Looked a good quality book when arrived.  Loved the cover very appealing to my
daughter.  She was very eager to start
reading this book. 
The drawing/picture/front cover was
illustrated very well.  My daughter did struggle
to get into it this book; maybe it is a bit too difficult for her at the
present time.  She liked the story but
again think was too long for her to really get into.  I would not say it was stimulating for my daughter
as she did not really get into this book. It is a really lovely book just not right for my daughter.  I do think it represents value for money.  Would be ideal for someone who likes this
sort of books, but for us just did not suit my daughter and she found it
difficult to get into the story.  Olivia
Neale – Caitlin 9 Years










A lovely book that captured my daughter’s imagination with the characters and storyline, enjoyable read for both child and adult, child to share together.                


Andrea Awarded The Befana Drama Book 4.1/5

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