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Belly Bandit® Original Belly Wrap

The Original Belly Bandit Belly Wrap features an uncovered, latex-free design with medical grade elastic to help gently reshape your belly, waist and hips post-pregnancy.

Our exclusive PowerCompress Core™ technology is your secret weapon to help accelerate the healing process and get you back to your pre-pregnancy size or smaller.

Our Belly Bandit® Belly Wraps are designed to work with Relaxin, a natural hormone produced during pregnancy. Relaxin allows your pelvis and ligaments to soften for childbirth and stays in your body for a limited amount of time post-delivery. Wear the Belly Bandit® Belly Wrap for at least the first six to ten weeks postpartum to help achieve optimal results.

Supports back, leg & core muscles. Lose inches & look slimmer instantly. Adds support while breastfeeding. Provides comfort after C-Section. Helps minimize stretch marks. Accelerates healing. Applies medical grade compression to help expedite fluids through the body. May help with muscle memory and body shaping. Helps with abdominal separation also known as diastasis recti

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Belly Bandit® Original Belly Wrap Reviews

Product Tested By Emma Witham – Baby Alfie 10 Weeks

Emma Awarded The Belly Bandit 4.7/5

I had not heard of such a product and was impressed with it. Good website, information about the products available is easy to understand. The site is very easy to navigate and is easily identifiable with the product packaging. The packaging is very ‘retro’ in design, not clinical and I would be happy to receive the product as a gift.  Instructions Very easy to understand, not over complicated.  It is easy to put on although sometimes difficult to obtain a smooth finish to the Velcro fastening. It does take some strength to initially fasten the belly wrap, which I could imagine to be difficult after a c-section when straining should be avoided.  The belly bandit does crease over long periods of wear, and sitting and standing. It helps to reposition the belly bandit after wearing for a few hours. I did not notice any areas on which the wrap caused discomfort, although you can get hot as it is adding another layer of fabric to your tummy area.  The instructions advise to wear at all times, although I found this to be a little uncomfortable for me. I wore the belly bandit during the day for 4-5 hours and then had an hour break for my evening meal. I applied the wrap in the evening again for another 4 hours but removed it while sleeping.   I had a lot of swelling post pregnancy, and I definitely noticed a difference when the wrap was removed. I also noticed that I have not developed any more stretch marks than the very few around the tummy button area, which appeared during the last few weeks of pregnancy. After wearing the belly bandit, the redness of these marks also appears reduced. I have suffered from backache during and after pregnancy, and have noticed a huge difference in the support to my back and the pain when lifting my baby (who is now over 14lb).  The quality is excellent; the fastening is very large and adjustable and does not move during activity, such as bending and lifting baby.  I was initially surprised by the cost and prior to trying the product would not have made such a purchase. After trying the product I would consider it an investment, after wearing it every day it definitely provides good value for money.  The benefits for me have been excellent; I would recommend this to my friends and family.  I am 5 feet 11 and would have liked the belly bandit to be a little longer although I appreciate we are all different sizes, and this caters to the majority market. When I started meeting family and friends after having my baby, I would refer to this as ‘confidence in a box’. As my baby was nearly 10lb at birth, I needed the extra support in the tummy area and this product provided that.  The product has given me confidence to wear my jeans again without worrying about any post baby lumps and bumps showing. It has also increased the support to my back, which I have struggled with during my pregnancy. Emma Witham – Baby Alfie 10 Weeks

Product Tested By Joanne Herbert – Baby Abigail 12 Weeks

Joanne Awarded the Belly Bandit 3.5/5

First impressions were good- the product looked sturdy and well made. The fabric was strong and I was able to believe that it would hold my stomach in!The website is easy to navigate around- it gives good information about all of their products, and details the differences between them, enabling you to make an informed decision as to which product is best for you. It also gives helpful hints for wearing the bandit, and getting the best out of the product.  The packaging is very simple- I was pleased to see that there was no unnecessary plastic wrapping. The bandit arrived inside a rectangular cardboard box, just big enough to fit the product in, meaning no extra materials are used, and the packaging can be easily recycled.  The instructions were in the form of a small leaflet. They repeated much of the information available on the website, and detailed how to put the product on, as well as telling you what to do if you had any problems. The only criticism I had was that a more detailed diagram would have been nice.  The belly bandit is meant to wrap around your middle, which I found easy to do, however, getting the Velcro to do up in a straight line, while keeping the bandit sufficiently tight can be a nightmare. After trying lying on the bed, and wrapping it, standing up and wrapping it and so on, I became rather frustrated. While the notion of the Velcro is good- you can tighten it as your stomach shrinks, I feel several lines of hook and eyes (like on a bra back) would be better- at least then the product would remain flat upon fastening. On the plus side, by the time you’ve got into it, you feel like you’ve had a good workout! Not ideal for those first few days though. The product needs to be quite rigid to hold your stomach and so that it works, however this does mean movement when bending can be restricted somewhat. However, for sitting or lying, or general standing the product is comfortable, and after a while you do forget that you’ve got it on. I’m a big fan of “magic knickers” and this was, for me, more comfortable than those!  I didn’t receive the bandit until my daughter was 6 weeks old, and the recommended wearing time is up until at least 8 weeks post delivery, however I did wear it longer than this. I wore the bandit around the house, for probably up to 5 hours at a time, and wore it frequently on car journeys of four hours; however, I couldn’t wear it on a daily basis, as under clothes it does show through quite a lot. Thus in my opinion it is ideal for those early weeks after delivery, when you aren’t going out as much, unfortunately by 6 weeks, I was back into a normal routine. Since receiving this product in early February, I wore it at some point every day for 4 weeks, these times did range however from 1-5hours. I did on one occasion try wearing it at night, however I found it got too warm to sleep comfortably in. I think this would be a problem for general wear for anyone having a baby in the summer too. By the time I received the Belly Bandit, I was already in my pre-pregnancy clothes, but was still suffering a bit from the “jelly belly”. When wearing the belly bandit my stomach did look noticeably tighter, and I did regain a figure more similar to my pre-pregnancy one. In terms of lasting effects I’m not sure, because I combined wearing the belly bandit with other exercise, and thus am not entirely sure how much can be attributed to the belly bandit. I do however think that this product would be successful if worn soon after childbirth, as the fabric did seem quite good at compressing any loose skin.  The belly bandit is very well made, and uses high quality, durable fabric.  To be honest, I didn’t find this product any more effective than “magic knickers”, and it is double the price of those. Despite this, it is a quality product, and I’m sure for some people it’d be worth every penny. If the fastening was changed I would consider buying one for those first few days after delivery to shrink back quicker.  For me, my experience with the belly bandit was ruined by the difficulty of getting the Velcro done up straight, as unfortunately the last thing new mums have is lots of time to struggle with products. However, if a hook and eye fastening was introduced, I’d be more than happy to buy this product and recommend it to friends and family.  Joanne Herbert – Baby Abigail 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Lynne Kellie – Baby James 5 Weeks

Lynne Awarded The Belly Bandit 4.6/5

I must admit I never knew a product like this even existed so was keen to try this one out. Great website, very informative and easy to navigate. Pakcaging good quality and easy to see what the product was. The instructions are very easy to follow. I did find this easy to put on, but on a few occassions has a bit of trouble with the Velcro.  You do have to make sure the belly bandit is fastened correctly.  Sometimes this would feel a bit uncomfortable to wear but overall was effective and easy to wear most of the time. You are advised to wear this at all times, but for me I would wear it when it suited me and for as long as I felt comfortable. Normally I would wear this for about 5-6 hours a day. I did try wearing this at night, but personally found it uncomfortable.  Certainly helped get my stomach back into shape and I also found it helped with my posture which in turn assisted relieving some of my back pain which I had suffered from during pregnancy.  This is an excellent quality item.  The cost is high but when you weigh up how much it helps you get back into shape and also with your posture and back problems, then worth every penny.   This has certainly worked for me and an experience to review, as never knew this item existed before.  Initially cost is high, but well worth the investment and it works.  Have also told so many friends about this as really helps your confidence as you can wear clothes without having your flabby belly showing. Lynne Kellie – Baby James 5 Weeks

The product has given me confidence to wear my jeans again without worrying about any post baby lumps and bumps showing. It has also increased the support to my back, which I have struggled with during my pregnancy.


Emma Awarded The Belly Bandit 4.7/5

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