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The Best Of British Game

Find out how well you know Great Britain with the Best of British board game. The Best of British is the latest member of the Logo family. Race round the board to win by answering questions on the quirky, funny, unique and fascinating things that make Britain British. From queues to coins, and ice cream vans to lollipop ladies – you’ll be astonished at how much you know about the oddities that make up our everyday lives. Best of British is a fun, picture driven board game focused on everyday British life. Answer questions ranging from Dennis the Menace to conkers, and even questions about bus stop queues. Race around the board and be the first to reach the end square and win the game.

Best of British includes a circular playing board, 6 playing pieces, 400 quiz cards and full instructions. Designed for 2-6 players or teams. Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Best of British is a great board game for all the family – the game of what makes Britain British! Includes: Playing Board -6 playing pieces -400 cards -Instructions – Suitable 12 Years Plus


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£29.99 Available Toys R Us, Tescos, WH Smith or For stockists visit or call 01506 855577

The Best Of British Game Reviews

Product Tested by: Kathryn Grundy - Lucas 12 Years

Product Tested By Kathryn Grundy – Lucas 12 Years

Kathryn Awarded the Drumond Park Best Of British 4.5/5

At first I was dubious because I was worried that it might contain ‘celebrity culture’ tabloid type questions but, I was pleasantly surprised! Product has really bright and eye-catching box which appealed to younger players. The game was quite a straight forward concept with easy-to-follow instructions after a couple of turns, and its easy to understand for a 12 year old. I think the age range is appropriate and I had no concerns with the game’s content for a 12 year old too. It did keep his attention however some of the questions were out of his ‘era’ but as long as it was a mixed age team it wasn’t too much of a problem. It helps with communication skills- speaking and listening through discussion and it widens his vocabulary and reading skills as we take turns in reading questions. A lot of the questions provoked discussion and sometimes nostalgic flashbacks! I think the board is simple but well designed and the questions are wide-ranging so I would say it is of good quality. It is quite expensive but I find that the price of board games in general seem to be quite expensive these days. It would be a good game to buy for family gatherings such as Christmas and birthdays etc. Enjoyable to play in teams. A good game to play at family gatherings as there seems to be questions for every age group so, as long as teams are mixed ages, it is fun for everyone to join in. We had a fun time trying out the game and it will be a hit at family gatherings from now on. Kathryn Grundy – Lucas 12 Years


Product Tested By Sharon Beattie – Kayleigh & Courtney Ages 17 & 13 Years

Sharon Awarded the Drummond Park Best Of British 3.9/5

My first impressions were good, I have bought similar games like this before so I knew what to expect. The packaging was pleasingly quirky with all the different British pictures on it. The concept was good but the instructions did take a few minutes to read and fully understand, but the overall concept was easy to understand. The quality of this is good but I do think it may be a bit over priced for what it is. It would be great for a family party! We enjoyed getting together as a family to play this game & have some quality time.  It worked better if we were in teams rather than playing in ones.  The children felt the counters should be more quirky eg; symbols of Britain like a telephone box/post box/cup & saucer etc.  The instructions  were a little hard to understand & needed reading quite a few times to figure out the rules of play & how to get started as there is no dice or spinning device.  The questions were good & had a really good mixture of general knowledge, multiple choice & picture questions. Sharon Beattie – Kayleigh & Courtney Ages 17 & 13 Years


Product Tested By Lisa Crane – Kerry 12 Years

Kerry Awarded the Drummond Park Best Of British 4.5/5

I was pleased with the game at first. We have many games in the house but nothing like this so I thought Kerry would be really interested to play it as it’s something different. She seemed drawn to the packaging and the pictures on it which was a good sign, and I thought the quality was impressive too, it looked like it will last for a long time. We needed to read the instructions a few times to understand, but once we grasped what we had to do we had fun playing it. Kerry enjoyed it and it’s also great for a family or party game. I think the price is right and I would have considered buying it as it’s really different. Overall, an enjoyable game for all the family! Lisa Crane – Kerry 12 Years

We had a fun time trying out the game and it will be a hit at family gatherings from now on. 


Kathryn Awarded the Drumond Park Best Of British 4.5/5

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