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The Big Fun Book of Vehicles

The Big Fun Book of Vehicles With illustrations by Tom Schamp
No one knows who exactly invented the wheel, but in the inventive hands of illustrator Tom Schamp young readers will have great fun learning about all the ways wheels have rolled through history.
From prehistoric carts to cars of tomorrow, this big, fun book takes a historic journey through a world where everything has wheels, from the Trojan horse to the Harley Davidson; from the stagecoach and the steam train to the Vespa and the Ferrari; from skateboards to electric scooters.

Every spread of this deliriously entertaining and educational book is filled with Tom Schamp’s quirky and colorful art. His sly, subtle texts will make older readers smile. Younger readers will return again and again to these playfully crowded pages to discover what different countries’ emergency vehicles look like; to learn about buses of every imaginable dimension and weight; and to choose which bike they’d use to win a race. Each viewing will reveal charming new details that are as absurdly funny as they are educationally rewarding.

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The Big Fun Book of Vehicles Reviews

Product Tested By Timothy Spalding – Harrison 7 Years

Timothy Awarded The Big Fun Book of Vehicles 4.9/5

My son loves anything to do with any vehicles so we were both looking forward to reading this book. The front cover is presented effectively and Harrison was eager to find out what the book would reveal. My son was enthralled by the way this book travels through time and vehicles have advanced over the years and also how they also dipped into different countries with different styles of vehicles. We read the book together and I would say it educated me as well as my son. If you love cars, bikes, buses, diggers, scooters, trains etc., this book covers it all. This certainly kept my son interested and we both enjoyed the fun educational facts featured in this book. While reading this book I know my son was picking up key historic information that will help him in his future learning for history especially. We both found this very interesting and informative. The illustrations bring the book to life and are brilliant. Makes the whole book come to life. Finding out about the differences in emergency vehicles throughout the world was great and my son was engrossed. This introduced my son to how things evolve over the years and definitely increased his interest in history and how things work. Maybe one day he will use this knowledge to create something unique in the world of vehicles. As I said he loves anything to do with cars, motorbikes, trucks etc and already is a keen Go Kart enthusiast and we are in the process of building his own personal Go Kart to race. I do think this book is educational and can be kept to go back to and look up certain facts. My son has read this book quite a few times and due to the quality this will be kept in his book case and referred to on a regular basis. My son loved the racing car section the most, but all the other categories kept him interested. I liked the fact my son enjoyed this book and I picked up a few gems of information that I was not aware of. The quality of this book is outstanding and illustrations brilliant. Cannot fault the quality. I think 4 years plus might be a bit young, but it was a hit with my son. Due to the quality of this book I feel it would be ideally suited to be in schools as makes learning fun. This book will be kept and passed down to my younger son when he is of the age to benefit from it. Personally I feel the book is a bit expensive, but when I look at the longevity it delivers and how it will benefit my younger son in the future it is worth the investment. I would buy this as a gift for a nephew and I would recommend. If you have a son who loves all types of vehicles this would be a great book for them to read and enjoy. Timothy Spalding – Harrison 7 Years

Product Tested By Rebecca Johnson – Elliott 6 Years

Rebecca Awarded The Big Fun Book of Vehicles 4/5

When the book first arrived, I had a great initial impression. The quality and size of the book was fab. The front cover had great illustrations and it was very clear what the book was about which inspired my child to read it. Generally my 6 year old enjoyed reading this book however there were times where the volume of information per page was quite overwhelming and he easily lost interest. Having an inquisitive 6 year old who loves cars, learning new facts about different stages of vehicles was great fun. Although this book captivated my sons interest with the illustrations, I found it lacked flow when reading the facts as there is so much information on each page. The quirky and colourful art portrayed in this book certainly gives it another dimension, but I’m not sure it’s really needed as the illustrations are fab without the quirkiness. There are references made in the book that are more adult orientated rather than child friendly. For example in the limousines section, my 6 year old wouldn’t understand any of the Beatles references. It was interesting discovering emergency vehicles from different countries, however it wasn’t clear on every single vehicle which was a shame as it became a bit of a guessing game rather than factual. In terms of buses, my child enjoyed discovering the different types of buses but I felt there could have been information included such as weight. The section about race bikes didn’t provide fun details about the wheel and what wheel makes a bike a winning race bike. I wouldn’t necessarily say my child would go back and use this book over the years as it contains so much information and educational facts about the wheel. It would be used to look at information about different vehicles but not specifically in relation to wheels. In parts this book is informative and educational but due to the volume of information on each page and in my opinion, some unnecessary comments, I feel this book would be more impactful if it stuck to the facts rather than going off on tangents through its quirkiness. The book was picked up little and often. It was fun looking at the different sections but having spent time trying to read all the facts and look at the illustrations, it wasn’t something my 6 year old wanted to spend too much time with. My son particularly liked the race cars section as it’s something that we are all fond of at home so it was fun reading different facts. I personally liked the illustrations within this book (not necessarily the quirkiness in terms of characters in different vehicles as I think it detracts from how lovely the illustrations are). The quality of the book is fab! The quality of the illustrations are lovely however I personally would prefer it without the quirkiness of different animals in each vehicle. My son is 6 years old and very mature for his age- he loves learning and discovering new facts but even for a 6 year old I don’t feel this book is appropriate for him. The book lacks flow and isn’t something he could easily follow by himself at this age. The size of the front is also very small so for a 4 year old, in my opinion would be hopeless to see. Whilst there are some interesting facts within each section, I wouldn’t necessarily say it was an educational book for my child. There is far too much going on in each page to separate the facts from the random comments. I don’t feel this product offers value for money. It’s a great size book and has fantastic illustrations but I don’t feel there is enough educational content to warrant the cost of the book. I wouldn’t consider buying this item as I don’t feel it would benefit my children. I wouldn’t recommend this product to family or friends as again I don’t feel it warrants the cost and needs a better flow. On first impressions, this book looked great quality and had gorgeous illustrations that made it intriguing to read. The size of the book is much larger than average which makes it more difficult to store in a book case. I understand why the book is so large when opening as each section covers two pages. Visually it looks fantastic but realistically, it is very difficult to follow and has no real flow to each page. The size of the print is very small and due to the lack of flow with the book, some comments/facts are easily missed. This is a shame as it takes the enjoyment out of the book in my opinion. Reading this with a 6 year old who is always keen to learn new facts and is obsessed with cars, even he found it overwhelming with the amount of information on each page. Rather than having such a large book with so much going on, I believe a series of smaller books, with better flow, more factual information (as opposed to random unnecessary comments and fewer adult references) would make this product more enjoyable. Rebecca Johnson – Elliott 6 Years

Product Tested By Caty Page – Oliver & Arthur – 6 Years (twins)

Caty Awarded The Big Fun Book of Vehicles 4.8/5

Was very impressed with the quality of the book and the front cover definitely made the twins eager to look inside and read. Both my son’s really enjoyed this book as it takes you through the history of the wheel and you also find out more about vehicles in other countries. My boys enjoyed finding out about the advancement of the wheel from ancient times to the present. I must admit I was surprised that the book outlines no one knows who invented the wheel. Just shows you how informative books can be and you learn something new every day. My son’s enjoyed reading all the quirky notes and facts listed in this book and this created lots of discussions about many vehicles on the road today. It was a world of wonder for my sons to learn about all types of vehicles and their wheels and how things change through the ages. We all loved the jokes, snippets of information and the characters to search for on each big spread. They enjoyed finding out about emergency vehicles throughout the world and how they are designed and weight etc as relevant to the terrain they are required for. The illustrations are fantastic and make the book so captivating. So much to pick up in this book and I have no doubt my boys will go back to this book time and time again. My boys read this book many times and I have no doubt they will read it a lot more in the future. I would say my son’s liked all aspects of this book as it covers so many different ages in history and through to present day. I liked how much they enjoyed the book, learning very unique facts and how it instigated many discussions about history, vehicles and lots more. Quality of this book is excellent. I would say 5 years plus would be ideal age for this book as feel 4 year olds might struggle to understand all the information and process. This is a bit expensive but it is a book that will be kept in the family for many years. Definitely a good educational book and I would have this in early schools as feel it would help children not only learn about the wheel but also make them interested in the history of our country and the world. I would buy this book as a gift. I have already recommended to many of my friends. If you have son’s who love racing cars, bikes, motorbikes, trains and large vehicles this is a great book for them to enjoy. Would highly recommend to parents with children who love vehicles. Caty Page – Oliver & Arthur – 6 Years (twins)

Personally I feel the book is a bit expensive, but when I look at the longevity it delivers and how it will benefit my younger son in the future it is worth the investment. I would buy this as a gift for a nephew and I would recommend. If you have a son who loves all types of vehicles this would be a great book for them to read and enjoy.


Timothy Awarded The Big Fun Book of Vehicles 4.9/5

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