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The Bob Bag from Youth Sport Direct

BOB has been created to meet the needs of every mum and dad taking their kids on a fun day out! From playing in the park to swimming in the pool this messenger style bag creates convenience and fun for all the family.Key FunctionsMessenger style to keep hands free while on the move.2 Large zipped compartments, with net pockets suitable for a slim laptop or notepad.Breathable mesh padded back panel, including 3 grab and go pockets for easy maneuvering while carrying or holding your child.Padded shoulder strap with phone holder3 front pockets for keys, wipes and your bits and bobs, protected by front flap.Bottle/beaker holder.Padded baby changing mat.Pram attachment straps.Interior key attachmentWipe clean material for those little mis-hapsTo complement the bag and to assist parents we have created 5 packs of equipment. The packs have been carefully created by our childhood development expert to ensure you have the choice of equipment to suit your child’s ability and age. Each pack helps your child to evolve, grow and develop from birth to mature primary age.
The Brillaint Outdoor Bob Bag comes complete with activity packs and you can choose from –
The Go-Go Pack, Move-it Pack, Sport-ie Pack or Swim-in Pack – find out more onlline

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£59.99 Including Bob Bag and Activity pack - Available to purchase online

The Bob Bag from Youth Sport Direct Reviews

Product Tested by: Helen Gomersall –Freja 20 Months

Product Tested By Helen Gomersall –Freja 20 Months

Helen Awarded The Youth Sport Trust Bob Bag with Activity Pack 4.8/5

This looked like a sturdy looking, well-made bag. I like messenger bags so this was great. I love how the handle is placed at the back rather than central to the sides, makes carrying it so much more comfortable and prevents it slipping offshoulders constantly. The quality of the fabric is durable, washable and lookslike it will be hard wearing. The amount of compartments you get is fantastic. Is it possible to have too many pockets!!! Only when you put your house key in one! Each pocket has been allocated content and I know exactly where to go for the various things. The size is perfect for my needs. It is actually used as our ice skating bag and fits all the kit in. I did find the padded protector quite bulky and chaffs other than that it is fine. The straps were firmly attached and plenty long enough. I LOVE the straps for the pushchair handles; a very welcome addition; no more migrating bag trailing in the way of my feet! We got a ball, quoit and a turtle thing in ours. The ball was an instant hit, she absolutely loves it. The quoit we use when swimming, it floats well and encourages her to move in the water. The turtle thing feels very nice quality but wasn’t of interest to my daughter. She has really enjoyed the ball and we have had lots of use for the quoit. The activity pack inside is well worth the addition. I really enjoyed using this bag. It easily holds the paraphernalia required for taking 2 babies out. I would definitely continue to use this product. I have already recommended it to family and friends too. The bag is great; it is all really well made high quality workmanship. It is a lovely useful bag I can see us getting a lot of use and wear out of over the next several years. Helen Gomersall – Freja 20 Months


ProductTested By Charley Bramble – Declan 2 Years 3 Months

CharleyAwarded The Youth Sport Trust Bob Bag With Activity Pack  4.7/5

Is a nice size bag with lots of decent sized pockets. Is very easy to put over your shoulder or wear across your body, and because it is messenger style it is easy to get to things, as opposed to a ruck sack that you have to keep taking off all the time. The fabric seems very strong and robust. I think the bag is very good quality and well made. I love having 2 main compartments, as this means I can use one for baby changing items and another one for my things, which means I don’t have to rummage through nappies and wipes to find my car keys. The bagis a nice size; everything fits in with lots of space left over without it being too big. Am not sure my daughter would like to use this as a school bag, but love the fact that my lap top fits in it too and there would be no danger of drinks getting spilled on it due to the different compartments. I found the bag sits nicely on my hips, but I did have a bit of trouble with the strap keep ending up against my neck, though this may be due to having a rather large bust, as I have this problem with most bags and seat belts. The straps were a good length and thickness, and not liable to snap any time soon.  I really like the buckle on the strap, which I didn’t even notice for a few days after struggling to git it over my pram handle, and it made it so much easier, as instead of the strap being too tight to go over or too long once one I could just undo it, wrap it round and do it up again. I thought the activity pack was really good and had everything you need for a trip to the park, I also thought it was really good quality, I was half expecting some cheap plastic rubbish. My children have had a little play with the pack in the house due to the time of year, but am looking forward to some warmer weather and getting some decent use out if the equipment in the garden or at the park. The activity pack is really a good addition to the bag, as we will definitely get some use out of it .I do enjoy using the bag as makes it a lot easier, due to all the different compartments I know exactly where everythingis in the bag.  I will continue to use this bag and would recommend.  I have reduced my overall mark due to the fact that the magnetic closure does not work very well, and due to the angle the bag hangs on my pushchair I find myself kicking the flap most of the time while walking.  I have enjoyed using this bag and its contents, and will definitely continue using it. Charley Bramble –Declan 2 Years 3 Months

Product Tested By Laura Carr – Harry

Laura Awarded The Youth Sport Trust Bob Bag With Activity Pack  4.4/5

Nice looking bag, didn’t come with contents first of all though, but did come later on.  Not the ones I chose as these were out not available but sent a replacement. It is a good style, you can change it from an over the shoulder bag to have it over your buggy etc., but no instructions to help you work it out. The quality of this is Excellent. Overall quality of this bag is excellent, could do with instructions though how to change the handle over. There is a compartment for every one of your needs. This is a perfect size bag. It is very versatile but as I said there are no instructions to show you how to make it change from shoulder bag to pram bag. Very comfortable when carrying. Perfect size straps for shoulders. Contents were Ok but I was given the wrong ones so my son has only played with the ball. We only played with the ball in the activity pack as the rest of the items were a bit too young for Harry. The activity pack is a very worthwhile addition when you receive the correct one. I do enjoy using this bag. I would definitely recommend as long as instructions are included. Unfortunately the only thing that let this bag down were the handles, you can change them but I really don’t know how as there were no instructions, for shoulder carrying its fab, unfortunately I use my pram a lot more and without changing the handles it just droops down.  LauraCarr – Harry

Product Tested By Lizzie Edge – Wesley 1 Year

LizzieAwarded The Youth Sport Bob Bag With Activity Pack 4.7/5

Looks good quality/durable. The style of thisbag is great and cannot fault it. The fabric is hard wearing and seems water resistant. Although I haven’t used this bag as much as I’d like it seems to be fine, I can’t see where it would break, the stitching seems strong. The number of pockets is ideal although the phone pocket was tight on my smart phone so I am reluctant to use it and the bottle holder is too tight on Wesley’s TommeTippee Beaker and it falls out possibly because the pocket isn’t deep enough.  There is no other place that I could find to put his beaker to keep it upright. The overall size of the bag is very good as fits a lot in in an organised manor. Wesley doesn’t need to have spare clothes with him at the moment only a handful of nappies and some wet wipes. We have used this bag for a trip to the beach as well as days out and it fits a lot of picnic food in and we used as an overnight bag when he had a sleep over at nanas which was also perfect. I personally prefer a backpack so the weight is more evenly distributed although the strap on this bag is nicely padded;  it hasn’t dug in to my shoulder although when loaded with heavy items it did hurt. The strength of the straps and the design are ideal,  Very impressed with the swim accessories although we haven’t used them in a pool they were fun in the bath and (as long as they last) they will still beeducational in a few years’ time.  My son really enjoyed using the items in the activity pack. If I was purchasing the bag I would not have chosen an activity pack as it’s something I would struggle to use especially for the foreseeable future as we don’t go swimming with Wesley. However, you do have a choice of a variety of activity packs to suit your needs.  I love this bag,  its funky colour and the bright badge, I’m proud to have it as an accessory and it means I don’t have to carry two bags as my handbag contents fit in the little compartments so there’s only one bag hanging from the back of the pushchair/over my shoulder. I will continue to use this bag, especially as we will be attempting potty training later this year so will need to carry spare clothes everywhere again.  I would recommend as very versatile and affordable. Apart from the compartment issue with WesleyBeaker and my smart phone I don’t have a problem with the bag.  (My laptop doesn’t fit in the laptop compartment as it’s a widescreen however when going to the beach it fitted bottles of drinks for us in it without them falling over and we managed to squeeze a cool pack in there too, as its thickly padded it kept our drinksquite cool).  We had a struggle trying to work out how the bag fits to the handlebar of the pushchair so would have appreciated some instructions and the changing mat didn’t say if it was machine washable. Lizzie Edge – Wesley 1 Year



The bag is great; it is all really well made high quality workmanship. It is a lovely useful bag I can see us getting a lot of use and wear out of over the next several years.


 Helen Awarded The Brilliant Outdoor Bob Bag with Activity Pack 4.8/5  

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