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The Boppy Breast Feeding Pillow

The Boppy infant pillow gives mum the correct amount of support while breastfeeding, whatever her position; it helps her find a comfortable pose, with her back upright which reduces tension in the arms, neck and shoulders. This will prevent fatigue and aching muscles, whatever position she chooses.Boppy provides the baby with the correct amount of support, helping him to maintain a comfortable and natural position whilst sucking. A natural position is essential for relaxing and peaceful breastfeeding, and it greatly reduces the risk of the baby swallowing too much air and regurgitating his feed. 


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The Boppy Breast Feeding Pillow Reviews

Product Tested by: By Katie Loneragan – Jack 4 Months

Product Tested By Katie Loneragan – Jack 4 Months

Katie Awarded The Boppy Feeding Pillow 5/5

This nursing pillow has an extremely good quality cover and firm filling. This is not a product I had previously considered using, but I wish I had had it since the birth of my son! It quickly became part of our feeding routine and part of our bonding. Straightforward to launder and kept its colour and shape. As Jack is a slow feeder I was finding the strain on my arms increasingly worse as he got heavier. I tended to slouch to take some of the weight off my arm and onto my body which resulted in back ache. The Nursing Pillow distributes Jacks weight evenly across my lap, rather than on an arm, and so has eliminated all strain. The Nursing Pillow automatically aligns Jack to the correct height for breast feeding. Once he is latched on I am able to release all his weight onto the pillow and just support his head with my hand. I have taken the Nursing Pillow when we stay at friends’ houses and would look to take it on holiday. It doesn’t take up too much room. When switching breasts, this Nursing Pillow is ideal. It is firm enough to hold Jacks weight while adjusting my top and bra,and then aligns Jack to the correct height for latching on again. It minimises fuss and disruption during feeding. I enjoy using the Nursing Pillow as it makes feeding a more comfortable experience. I also enjoy using it for Jack just to lie on when we are cuddling as it is comfortable for both of us and is at an ideal height to talk to him. I use the pillow for Jack to lie on while we cuddle, and use it for him to lean against while playing. I will definitelycontinue to use this; it is a welcomed part of our routine. I would recommend it to others. I wish someone had recommended it to me when I was pregnant so that I could have had it ready to use straight away. This is a very useful product used countless times a day, so it is worth the investment. Jack was happy using it straight away-so a happy mum and baby! Katie Loneragan – Jack 4Months
Product Tested By Amanda Morrison – Tyrus 3 Months

AmandaAwarded The Boppy Feeding Pillow 4/5

This is a well-made cushion with plenty of padding, and a nice fabric covering.  A good solid pillow to enable me to feed Tyrus easier, especially as he is getting that little bit heavier to sit with. The cover comes off easy to wash and replace. This pillow definitely helped me reduce the strain on my back. He has always been good at latching on, but this keeps him at the right height, particularly as he is getting heavier.  It is a very sturdy pillow; therefore it does not really go any smaller, making it quite difficult to be portable.  It is very rigid too, therefore it is not that easy to reposition when switching sides. I do enjoy using it. It has helped with the strain on my back, especially with his increasing weight gain, making it easier for me to support him. The best part about the pillow is its ability to help him sit up, or keep him secure, he loves lying on the pillow interacting with his brothers and sisters, and his older brother who is 6 frequently falls asleep on it! I can see this being extremely useful in the next couple of months, it is a fantastic aid to help him sit, and his brothers and sisters love to lie on it too!  I would recommend it to others.  It is a very versatile pillow that can be used for quite a long time. The only negative I can find is the sheer size of it, not very portable.  A great feeding pillow that aids in the prevention of back and neck strain whilst feeding, but is also excellent when the baby advances and is beginning to sit. Amanda Morrison – Tyrus 3 Months

Product Tested By Emma Brown – Zachary 4 Months

EmmaAwarded The Boppy Feeding Pillow 4/5

My initial impression of this product was brilliant and very well made. The concept is good, however because I am short it makes the baby a little high for me to feed on sometimes. The theory is brilliant; maybe if the filling was softer it would be better for me. It’s very easy to launder and I think that this Nursing Pillow is portable too. It’s easy to reposition my baby when switching breasts which is good. I did enjoy using this pillow and it’s great for little one to sit in whilst learning to sit. I will continue to use it and recommend it to friends and family members. It would have been more comfortablefor me if it was softer because of my height but still a lovely product.  EmmaBrown – Zachary 4 Months

This is a very useful product used countless times a day, so it is worth the investment.


  Katie Awarded The Boppy Feeding Pillow 5/5

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