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The Bug in a Rug Extreme

The Bug in a Rug Extreme – Baby Snowsuit – This water resistant wrap is the best way to wrap baby so that they are snug and secure. The lightweight baby snowsuit is designed for safety in car seat straps , buggy and sling.

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The Bug in a Rug Extreme Reviews

Product Tested by: Jacqueline Hall – Hope 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Jacqueline Hall – Hope 4 Weeks

Jacqueline Awarded The Bug in a Rug Extreme 4.3/5

Initial impressions are that the material was very soft and looked really good quality, also slightly bigger than expected. The design is good and simple, very easy to place baby in and wrap them up without disturbing them too much. Design is versatile so can be used in a pram, car seat, carry cot and baby carrier/sling. The design is very practical for newborn age as at this age they like to be swaddled and feel secure and warm which the bug in a rug does. I did feel that the sizing was quite large though and a small which fits 0-3 months was quite big for my baby who weighs 6lb 14 at birth and now 8lb 4 and it is still very big for her. The fabric is very soft and of good quality, it appears that it will keep looking new after numerous wears and washes. If my baby was bigger I would said she would be very comfy, at the minute she is quite small and appears almost lost in there and I have to keep moving the bug in a rug away from face. However as she grows, I think she will be very comfy and cosy in there. We used the product in her carry cot on her pram. It worked well and she fell asleep all nice and tucked up.  We used the Bug in a rug on a day that was dry and around 10 degrees, it certainly performed well and kept out baby cosy without the need to wear any other outer clothing or blanket. Rather than struggle with snow suits and jackets we used the Bug in a rug over the top of my babies baby grow and in the 10 degree temp she was warm enough. I would however use maybe a blanket too if the weather was any colder as it is quite thin material. Very easy to wipe clean and wash. Washed on a cool wash and came out looking perfectly new, dried on a radiator and the bug in a rug dried quickly so we were able to use it again that day. It’s quite good value for money as in spring, Autumn and warmer winter days this is all you would need to buy for your babies outer clothing, as it’s versatile too, you don’t need different outer wear for different things such as car seats, prams, carriers etc. I would consider buying this as it a so much easier than trying to put coats and snow suits on a baby and when they are sleep you don’t have to disturb the baby taking it off indoors, you can just open the wraps. I would recommend this product to anyone that has a baby around the autumn time so they get lots of use out of it. Packaging good, very easy to use with a newborn wriggly baby and it keeps baby warm and cosy. Feel like different colours other than a grey outer would be good to choose from and the sizing could be slightly smaller (or do an extra small size for tiny babies). Over all it’s a good clothing product and I can see me using this a lot and if my baby grows out of over winter, I would by a size up.Jacqueline Hall – Hope 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Sandra Webster – Hannah 16 Weeks

Sandra Awarded The Bug in a Rug Extreme 4.6/5

When this arrived looked good quality and good idea. This wrap could do with covering more of the body – higher to cover chest area; I have chosen to use this instead of a footmuff. The quality is excellent. A bit big for Hannah at the moment, but I did request a 6/9 months to get the most use out of it, and I am glad I did, as very happy with the quality. I have used this in my Buggy and car seat; it can be used with anything as very adaptable. We have had Rain, hailstone and major winds, this product has been great, keeps Hannah nice and snug. I used this with coats, Hannah is a very long baby, and snowsuits are difficult to get as for her length they are extremely large on her, so this product was good for us. Very easy to wash dry and use. This is good value for money; the only thing I would look into is that the wrap could do with covering more of the body – higher to cover chest area. I would purchase this product and would certainly recommend. Very Good adaptable baby rug with many uses. Sandra Webster – Hannah 16 Weeks

Product Tested By Louise Goakes – Ruben 17 Weeks

Louise Awarded TheBug in a Rug Extreme 4/5

The feet idea is great and the wrap but if your child like mine does not like arms covered it may not suit you. It is suitable for the age range. Great fabric, waterproof and easy to clean. I felt I was always adjusting my child in it. He hates his arms tucked in so made it awkward to wear. I used it in a sling, I didn’t like it. Was too bulky and slippery. Was great for the car seat but not buggy as I needed another layer to cover babies’ arms. The fabric is really good quality and definitely waterproof. I would use thing alongside my buggy rain cover. Very easy to clean just wipe down with damp cloth.I personally would not spend more than £15 on this product. I would recommend if child likes to be wrapped up. It is a great. Product wasn’t suitable for us as we use a carrier a lot and found it too bulky but was great for car seat and great if your baby loves to be wrapped up. Louise Goakes – Ruben 17 Weeks

Over all it’s a good clothing product and I can see me using this a lot and if my baby grows out of over winter, I would by a size up.


Jacqueline Awarded The Bug in a Rug Extreme 4.3/5

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