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The Cot Mattress Co Ambassador Microfibre Crib Mattresses

Ambassador Microfibre Crib Mattresses with Square corners
The Ambassador Microfibre Crib mattress provides a luxury healthy sleeping surface for your baby.
The cover is just pure luxury, top quality padded microfibre
Available in 6 popular sizes listed at bottom of this page all with square corners. All these Crib Mattresses have Square corners (Moses basket mattresses are available in this design with oval ends) CMHR28 kilo foam for good support. Full Zip cover easily removed for washing. Luxury soft cover – 100% Polyester microfibres, which is fire retardant, has an anti-microbial finish. It has good air permeability. shable at  60°c. – cm deep to give Luxury and support.
Benefits: cover is a luxurious microfibre fabric is 100% Polyester microfibres, which is fire retardant , and has an anti-microbial finish (Clarient).  It has good air permeability and is washable at 60°c. (the temperature needed to kill dust mites)   The fabric is quilted with polyester wadding,The cover is the key component of this mattress and you can buy an extra cover for just £8.99. really usefull to have one for the wash.
MHR28 kilo foam for good support for head back and neck. The cover has a Full Zip so it is easily removed for washing- the zip goes around three sides of the mattress so it is really easy to remove the cover
This unique design provides a genuine dust-mite free environment for your baby – helping to prevent the harmful build-up of allergens which are known to aggravate childhood allergies such as asthma and eczema.
The use of microfibres gives much higher volume for the same weight. This explains the particular advantages of microfibres: Textiles made from them have very high thread density. This means they have a much higher number of air chambers and tiny pores, allowing the skin to breathe and the body to regulate temperature more easily.


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£15.99 Available to purchase online

The Cot Mattress Co Ambassador Microfibre Crib Mattresses Reviews

Product Tested by: Sam Suthers - Riley 2 Months

Product Tested By Sam Suthers – Riley 2 Months

Sam Awarded TheAmbassador Crib Mattress 4.7/5

Good qualityproduct compared to other crib mattresses that I have looked at buying. Basic packaging, of plastic covering, but fit for purpose, don’t really need anything better. No instructions came with the product but pretty self-explanatory. This mattress is of high quality, at £15.99 this is only £3 more that the basic foam mattress from Mothercare. From first sight you can tell the difference. The cover is very easy to removed & replaced, unlike some covers where you have to squeeze the mattress back into the cover. This was very easy to keep clean. The underneath of the cover is water resistant & prevents dampness running right through to the base of the crib. But with the cover being simple to remove, it can be removed and washed with ease. My child did sleep well as the quilted cover gives the foam mattress a more comfy feel. Compared to similar products I think this product offers a more luxurious feel giving more comfort, which encourages a better sleep and a happier baby. Definitely good value for money. Similar mattresses can be up to double the price, this product is only a couple pounds more than the basic foam mattresses, and these mattresses don’t have the removable cover like this mattress or the luxury feel. For the price I feel the mattress ticks all the boxes, the mattress fitted perfectly in the crib, had easy removable, washable cover. When looking for a crib mattress before being offered to test this one, I felt that the higher priced crib mattresses on the market were too expensive for what they were and the basic mattresses were too basic for what I wanted. I feel like the ambassador crib mattress gives the quality feel but at a basic price. I would purchase this and highly recommend. Quality, luxury mattress at purse friendly price. Sam Suthers – Riley 2 Months

Product Tested By Celestina Edwards – Amber 6 Months

Celestina Awarded The Ambassador Crib Mattress 4.9/5

On first feel of the product the foam felt very firm. The mattress cover is quilted and very soft. The product didn’t feel cheaply made as some do at the same RRP price. It came in a clear plastic bag that sufficed to its need. It came with no instructions but I took it out of the packaging and left it to ‘air’ out for 24 hours before my first use. I found that my daughter slept better on this mattress than the one I had purchased!  She seemed to settle quicker and her sleep had improved. I also noticed it almost acted like memory foam around her head and I felt this is what made her feel secure and comfortable. The removable cover had been removed and washed and once washed had not shrunk. The feel of the cover had not changed much either. As the cover is fully removable it was easy to take off to put in a wash. She has slept so well on the mattress that I will be considering buying an Ambassador mattress in a cot bed size for when she moves into her own room. I know comfort wise the mattress has improved her sleeping as she is a less restless and the attempts to put her down in her crib at night without waking up have lessened. I find now that most of the time I put her in and she stays asleep. I had spent around £20.00 for my crib mattress. The Ambassador crib mattress can be found cheaper than £20 online and I think is definitely worth the money and more. This product ticked all the boxes in what I’d ask for in a mattress. Comfort, durability and the added bonus of being Anti-allergenic makes it a good product. I am looking into buying this brand but in a cot bed size for when my daughter goes into her own room. I won’t be looking elsewhere as the improvement I’ve personally seen with my daughter is a good enough reason not to try something else! I have told my friends who are expecting to get this mattress. I’ve even taken it out of the crib to bring to show them as I found when pregnant that I wished I had a friend who had tried things previously to tell me if they were good or not and show me as it would have saved me a lot. Overall the product succeeded my expectations. I didn’t think a mattress could improve a baby’s behaviour until using this one. I couldn’t recommend the product enough. I will be getting a cot bed mattress from Ambassador as I really think the quality is very high for the price you’d pay for it. Celestina Edwards – Amber 6 Months

Product Tested By Charlene Berwick – Skye 11 Weeks

Charlene Awarded the Ambassador Crib Mattress 4.8/5

Very soft, looks very comfortable. Arrived in basic packaging, Clear bag. Instructions not really needed.  Feels very good quality, well stitched. I always use a mattress protector and sheet so never got soiled. My daughter has slept perfectly on the mattress. It helped her start sleeping through the night. This is good value for money as good quality, great mattress and very reasonable price. The design is perfect as it is no improvements required. I would definitely purchase this item. I shall be recommending to any new mothers at the maternity group I run. Overall an excellent product, great value for money! Helped restore sanity to our family when we were at the brink of sleep deprivation! Charlene Berwick – Skye 11 weeks



I feel like the ambassador crib mattress gives the quality feel but at a basic price. I would purchase this and highly recommend. Quality, luxury mattress at purse friendly price.     


Sam Awarded TheAmbassador Crib Mattress 4.6/5     

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