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The Cot Mattress Co Bamboo Sheets

100% Bamboo Fitted and Flat Sheets
100% Bamboo – the fabric of the future Largest selection for your baby in the UK100% Bamboo is a gorgeous soft fabric for your baby’s sensitive skin. Our bamboo flat and fitted sheets are made from 100% bamboo and have no polyester or cotton mixed with it. Please read all the features and benefits of our bamboo flat and fitted crib, pram, and cot sheets, just so perfect for your baby.

SafetyNaturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating so perfect for babies extra sensitive skin100% Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties, which remain even after 50 washesIdeal for asthma and allergy sufferers as no bacteria can breedNatural UV protectionBed bugs and dust mites will not live in 100% BambooBamboo fabric will also resist yeast, mould and fungus cultivation.

The Cot Mattress Co Stock a rane of sizes to fit your prams, cribs, cots and cot bed mattresses. 
4 Sizes of fitted sheets (pack of 2), 3 sizes of 1 fitted sheet and 1 flat sheet, 2 sizes of flat sheets (pack of 2)

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£12.99 for 2 Available to purchase online

The Cot Mattress Co Bamboo Sheets Reviews

Product Tested by: Amy Anderson - Baxter & Atley Twins 6 Months

Product Tested By Amy Anderson – Baxter & Atley Twins 6 Months

Amy AwardeThe Cot Mattress Company Bamboo Fitted Sheets 5/5

I don’tthink the packaging does the product any favours- just personally I think the branding looks a little cheap when the product is such a high quality product that it’s doing it a bit of a disservice. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. Fitted perfectly for both the cot and cotbed and really lovely material. These were a perfect fit and stayed in place all night long. The material has a lovely weave and stretch to it so it fits the mattress really well.  Also just has a nice clean feel to it- seems like a nice product to have next to baby’s skin than absorbent cotton. My babies are currently suffering silent reflux so the sheet unfortunately had no bearing on the sleeping!  These sheets are lovely and smooth. The quality is excellent. For a pack of 2 and for such High quality yes they are good value for money. I would only suggest changing the packaging to be more appealing. The product itself is perfect for what it is. I would purchase these and would recommend without hesitation. Overall very pleased with the quality and happy to have discovered that bamboo is such a great fabric!  Amy Anderson – Baxter &Atley Twins 6 Months


Product Tested by Flora Hope –Ellie 7 Months

Flora Awarded The Cot MattressCompany Bamboo Fitted Sheets 4.5/5

These arrived well packaged. Packaging is simple but it is the sheets I was interested in as had heard Bamboo was good but never tried it before. Instructions clear and precise.  These were a really good fit. The material is so soft and feels comfortable to sleep on. Also this material is stretchy which surprised me and it is hypoallergenic. Once fitted they stayed in place which was really great. These feel so soft and I knew they were natural and gentle on my babies skin. Ellie sleeps really well so not sure these made any difference, but they were so soft I knew she was comfortable at night using these sheets. Superb quality and I must admit I was surprised at how lovely and soft they are. I am now looking at more Bamboo products as was really pleased with these. The price is high but the quality is worth every penny. Easy to care for too. I really did love these sheets and would love some for our bed. A great product such high quality and so soft. I would definitely purchase again and have already recommended. I would keep eye out for when they are on special offer though. I know just how good Bamboo sheets are and my baby slept well.  Flora Hope – Ellie7 Months


Product Tested By Lillian Hunter- George 5 Months

Lillian Awarded The Cot Mattress CompanyBamboo Fitted Sheets 4.6/5

Looked like any other sheet. Packaging sufficient for the item. Instructions easy to follow. And also advised you how to wash on low temperature and also you do not need to iron these which is a great bonus for me as hate ironing. These fitted very well on our cotbed. The material is lovely it feels so smooth. Bamboo is breathable and the weave on these sheets was stretchy so ensured they were a good fit. I also read these would keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Amazing what you can find out and the details on the website are very informative. Once fitted they certainly seemed comfortable as no complaints from George. He is a fairly good sleeper and the sheets never bothered him and he slept well. The quality of these sheets are fantastic. They are also very easy to wash just pop in at low temperature, dry fold and ready to use again. The quality means they will last so even though a bit expensive they are long lasting and this does make them a very good investment. I would purchase this item and my sister is having a baby in the New Year so I will be buying her some as a present as I think they are superb. Loved the quality, fitted well and were so soft and easy to care for, plus natural as bamboo so kinder to your baby. Lillian Hunter – George 5 Months



Overall very pleased with the quality and happy to have discovered that bamboo is such a great fabric!   


Amy Awarded The Cot Mattress Company Bamboo Fitted Sheets 5/5    


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