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The Day That…Photograph

There can be no event more awe-inspiring and important than the birth of a child. For every parent, this is the day their world changes forever. The depth of emotion and the huge significance of the event is something that defies words. A beautiful framed photograph of dawn on the day the child was born can symbolise and mark the occasion better than any other new baby gifts.

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The Day That…Photograph Reviews

Product Tested by: Danielle Parker – Baby Mark 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Danielle Parker – Baby Mark 6 Weeks

Danielle Awarded the ‘The Day That’ 5/5

I was amazed at the quality! It looked a lot better in real life than what it did online. I didn’t upload any pictures because you have to use the ones already on the website but it was very easy to use. The quality is outstanding, much better than what I had imagined! The quality of the images is also fantastic and it is so special to me. The idea of seeing the morning your child is born is great. I gave birth in the early hours and this sunrise was the exact same one that I saw when I took my newborn home for the first time. I would buy one of these as a gift for anyone who has a baby, regardless of occasion. It would suit a new baby gift, christening, Christmas or birthday! It is a little pricey for a photo, but it is outstanding quality and of high emotional/sentimental value. If I have more children, I will definitely buy another! A very special product that has really captured our hearts. Danielle Parker – Baby Mark 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Patricia Smith  – Baby Roksana 6 Weeks

Joanna Awarded the ‘The Day That’ 4.4/5

At first I was skeptical because I wasn’t sure that I would need it but once it arrived, I thought it looked lovely on the wall. I found the website very simple when uploading the images and the quality of them was great. I personally would not buy this product for myself, but I can definitely see the appeal to other mums. I think the product is expensive but it’s of very good quality. A beautiful and professional product with a personal touch, great for those who can afford it! Patricia Smith  – Baby Roksana 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Ali Wren – Baby Ashleigh 12 Weeks

Ali Awarded the ‘The Day That’ 4.1/5

Good quality product, well presented and packaged. The website is suitable for its purpose. It’s easy to follow and is intuitive. I found the order process good but unfortunately no code could be entered to action the free delivery, this should be easy to rectify if required. I thought for a long time about what should be written as a ‘personalized message’ on the product but when I came to click to add the message it only allowed for the name of the child. It would have been better if this was obvious in the first place to save wasting time. Having just looked back I could have got around this by choosing the ‘Other Occasion’ option allowing for up to 50 characters. Perhaps a default and customized option may have made it more obvious. 50 characters isn’t much, 150 better? The image quality is extremely good; I did not upload a photo I bought a stock picture instead. I thought the concept of the product is lovely. I would buy a smaller version for a christening, new baby or wedding gift if it was at a more reasonable cost (£30-£50) and if the picture for that day was good/interesting (largely dictated by the atmosphere and weather on the day). It is a unique idea/gift, personalized for a special occasion. Unfortunately my baby was born on a dull day otherwise the product would have been much better; as I result I would have preferred a smaller version. However the product is of high quality, well packaged and very quickly delivered. Ali Wren – Baby Ashleigh 12 Weeks

A very special product that has really captured our hearts.


Danielle Awarded the ‘The Day That’ 5/5 Full Marks!

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