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The Dodo Book For Cooks

The Complete Dodo-it-Yourself Kitchen Companion for Gourmet Snacks, Scraps and Banquets is divided into Ten Sections from Soups and Starters to Festive Fare. Each of the laminated tabbed dividers has a pouch to store your favourite cuttings and recipes. In between there is oodles of space to scribble or stick your culinary collations.

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The Dodo Book For Cooks Reviews

Product Tested by: Sejal Shah – Sahil 19 Months

Product Tested By Sejal Shah – Sahil 19 Months

Sejal Awarded the Dodo Book for Cooks 4/5

A nice brightly coloured recipe book – liked the fact that it felt like a wipeable cover – a must for any book in my kitchen with a hands on toddler! The company’s website is easy to understand and navigate, I had not heard of Dodo products before this book so it was great to see all of the products they had to offer. There are a great range of products that can support different aspects of family life which I really liked. I think that this is not a unique concept – but it does improve on some of the other recipe holders in my kitchen as it is bigger brighter and wipeable! It has a sufficient number of divider sections so that I can store my recipes in a sensible place for me – and I like the little pouch at the front of each section to store loose papers in.  The measurements at the beginning of the book are also a handy reference point. If I had not had another recipe book already then this would definitely have helped to organise my menus. It is a great way to keep my menus organised and a quick reference point for my husband when I am away – which is fantastic for him and my son! A great product with lots of space so you don’t have to squash a recipe into tiny writing onto one page!  I think this book is a little on the expensive side given that there are no actual recipes in the book – and the pouches are a little small to be able to hold too many loose sheets – thought given its size and what feels like it will be a sturdy addition to my kitchen I think it may be worth the investment! Sejal Shah – Sahil 19 Months

Product Tested By Tracey-Ann Walpole – Zachary 5 Years

Tracey-An Awarded the Dodo Book for Cooks 3.5/5

An attractive and quality looking journal. The company also has a great website which accurately reflects the quirkiness of the product range. The book has a great concept as most cooks love to keep their favourite recipes in one place. The section titles were what I would have chosen. I found the contents to be fun and quirky but not particularly relevant to me or in particular to my son and what he likes to cook. I also didn’t like the graph paper in each section and would have preferred lined paper to write out my recipes. I was able to file away all my loose recipes in each section, so my kitchen is now a much tidier place! I would not consider putting a diary insert in a cookery book as I keep my diary in my handbag. The book is printed on nice stock and has sturdy wire binding. The product offers reasonable value for money although I feel that lined paper would make it look nicer and more useful. The graph paper reminds me of French school journals! If I had a choice I would buy a more modern-looking Recipe journal or something more suitable for young children. The Dodo Book for Cooks is definitely a Dodo product in its look and quality but I do not think that the brand lends itself to a Recipe Journal as much as to the Diary etc. Tracey-Ann Walpole – Zachary 5 Years

Product Tested By Nicola Faulks  – Samir 19 Months

Nicola Awarded the Dodo Book for Cooks 4.5/5

A really nice ideal and was eager to try this out. Also looked like it was easy to keep clean.  The website is easy to use and navigate and they have a vast range of items on offer.  Had never heard of this company before, but so glad I am aware of them now. Good idea to look online for Christmas as some unusual items which would make the perfect gift. These sort of books have been around for a while, but this is well made, good size, bright and colourful and has wipe clean cover (all us cooks need this!).  Has a good selection of pouches to store your recipes safely (no more excuses to say I have lost them).  Oh and they also listed measurements at the front which is so handy to check when reading other recipes. At last I can organise my recipes as mum always giving me new ones and few freinds jot them down on paper.  Now they are safe at last!  I am a bit more organised now and older daughter can look through this too and find something easy to cook if I am out or even Hubby could follow some of the recipes in this book.  A really good quality book, and one that now has permanent place in our kitchen.  We all get those special recipes from our parents and grandparents and friends and now they can be safe and you are organised.  A bit on the expensive side but so pleased I had the chance to review this item. Helped me tremendously and great idea for gift.  Thank you. Nicola Faulks  – Samir 19 Months

It is a great way to keep my menus organised and a quick reference point for my husband when I am away


Sejal Awarded the Dodo Book for Cooks 4/5

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