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The Dodo Book For Gardening

Our garden journal contains ten beautifully illustrated dividers each with a deep pouch in which to file all manner of lists, notes, cuttings and ideas. They are durable and wipe clean ensuring only your fingers remain green.

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The Dodo Book For Gardening Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Rogers

Product Tested By Samantha Rogers

Samantha Awarded the Dodo Book for Gardening 4.2/5

I thought it was a high quality item that was well presented. The layout is good and the finish of the pages is robust. The website was easy to follow and move about on. The fun aspect of the rooms in the house was unusual and made me spend more time looking at it. The products were grouped well and presented well on each page. For a beginner or organised gardener the concept is good. It is also good for an allotment holder. But I think you have to be of a certain mindset to use the book to its full potential.  The book has been broken down into useful sections and the anecdotes and phrases are fun. I used the planner section and the spring months to write down when I planted seeds. I don’t think the winter month sections are very useful as you don’t tend to do anything from Nov – Jan. Maybe these could be condensed and spring and summer months made bigger. The planner was good to draw out the allotment beds and plan for the season. You also have a record from year to year to organise crop rotation. The little pouches were good for keeping seed packets in but need to be much bigger for March – Sept. Perhaps full size sleeve inserts would be better. Year on year the planner will be good to use as a reference point and knowing the dates when certain crops were put in, depending on the weather the previous year will be good. The paper quality and the laminated feel to the cover and section dividers are excellent. I like the quirky colours and different texts used. Initially I think it seems a little costly, but when you realise that it can be used over many years and is also very durable, it seems good value. It is an ideal present price.  For the right person I would recommend this product, but I think it needs to be someone who is organised and keen. A high quality product that will enhance the fun of planning and growing your own plants throughout the year and will ultimately create a lasting record of your achievements. Samantha Rogers

Product Tested By Jo Heard – Mason 10 Years

Jo Awarded the Dodo Book for Gardening 3.7/5

Durable and quite arty, old fashioned pictures and big! The website looks really good and colourful, most of the products look of some use to me. The concept of the Dodo book is great if you remember to fill it in. I like the little quotes on the pages and pouches to put snippets but I have not used every section because it if for the year so I have only used the first few months. I managed to put some gardening ideas that I cut out of a magazine and put it in the pouches in the book; I am finding the book quite useful to me now. It will be more useful in the summer when most of my flowers are in bloom, I will take photos of my garden and put them in the month appropriate. The quality is great and if you know that you will use it religiously then it is good value for money. The point of the product is to be passionate about gardening and fill to book to its maximum. Jo Heard – Mason 10 Years

Product Tested By Jaime Willans – Callum & 36 Weeks Pregnant

Jaime Awarded the Dodo Book for Gardening 3.4/5

Initial Impression I was really excited to receive the book, I enjoy gardening and have a small veg plot and greenhouse growing basic stuff for pleasure.  Had high expectations and thought that the book would be extremely useful. Website is a little bizarre, not too hard to follow and they seem to have a book for just about everything, as well as other products such as wipe clean memo boards, magnets, mugs and diaries. I think the idea of the Dodo book is fantastic! However the overall contents was very disappointing lots of space to write and plan stuff, with quotes and pictures on just about every page which was great but some what pointless a diary or scrapbook would have done the same job at a fraction of the price. I already use my everyday diary and can’t say a single thing that the dodo book offered that my diary doesn’t. I loved the fact That it was dedicated just to gardening, but if the book had hints, tips basic planting calendar etc instead of pointless quotes and pictures it would have been far better.  Quality is brilliant, hard wearing waterproof cover, thick pages that won’t tear easily off the ring bind, pages fold over easily because of the ring bind so no creased or broken spine, and quality really is superb. I really wanted to love the product but I didn’t feel that it reached my expectations, it’s a lovely looking, hard wearing book that looks the business, but unfortunately the contents lack imagination. growers hints and tips would have been a welcome addition (instead of the quotes) and maybe a basic calendar of what months to plant what etc  jobs to do around the garden in certain months etc just basic and brief pointers to head you in the right direction as you make notes and plan your garden. Jaime Willans – Callum & 36 Weeks Pregnant

 A high quality product that will enhance the fun of planning and growing your own plants throughout the year and will ultimately create a lasting record of your achievements.


Samantha Awarded the Dodo Book for Gardening 4.2/5

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