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The Dodo Book Of The Big Bump

The Dodo Book Of the Big Bump is ideal for expectant mums to record their pregnancy.

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The Dodo Book Of The Big Bump Reviews

Product Tested By Paula Aspinall – Megan Aged 3 years

Paula Awarded The Dodo Book of the Big Bump 3.2/5

This is a nicely thought out baby book. It is a very basic site, which in many ways is a bonus – however not the easiest to navigate your way around. I don’t feel it ‘sells’ the products as well as it could – a bit too ‘quirky’. Very good concept, although I think they have missed a trick in making it a bump – baby book – it would be nice to record from bump all the way through the babies first milestones too – then a really nice keepsake. Personally I did not  like the ‘hospital’ section – this could be called something else – like pregnancy planning or pregnancy developments???? Loved that there is a complementary therapies section – this could be expanded upon. I adapted my ‘hospital section’; as I am not planning a ‘hospital’ experience.  Was useful but could not say it helped me to become more organised.  Was just nice to have something to record the little things in that I didn’t with my first baby as her baby book didn’t prompt to record them. I may buy the note pad inserts to record my baby’s milestones after it’s born. – want to keep it as record of the baby not a day to day calendar. Very nice quality. If it was a baby book as well, I would say it is good value for money – but as you would want to buy a baby book too, or the note pad inserts, you are having to pay out more to get what you want from it. A lovely concept that can record those special times during pregnancy. Paula Aspinall – Megan Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Anneliese Taylor – Pregnant

Anneliese Awarded The Dodo Book of the Big Bump 2.6/5

The book doesn’t seem to offer anything that you cant live without. This is a good idea in theory, but they don’t manage to pull it off as it contains nothing out of the ordinary. This is a very big book to lug around with you when attending all your appointments.  Maybe come up with something smaller which is easier to carry.  For me personally I did not find this book a great benefit, but for others it could be suitable.  Personally I feel this is quite an expensive item. The concept is good; it just needs rethink. This book is very large and did not find it a major help during my pregnancy. Anneliese Taylor – Pregnant

Product Tested By Katy Godfrey – Tyler Shinner Aged 2 years

Katy Awarded The Dodo Book of the Big Bump 4.8/5

The initial impression of this book is a good one its detailed specific on where things are, it looks organised and something that has definitely helped with the memory that’s disappearing with the pregnancy. The book is accessible, easy to use, very informative, and pretty much idiot proof. Clever concept a lot of thought, effort, and quality has gone into this book, an excellent present for a baby shower or even just a gift or treat for yourself, after all pregnancy deserves a treat. The contents are clear, concise, and user friendly. It is definitely easy to use, and amazingly helpful. The book has a section for everything. It helps you organise and keep everything you need in one place, something that will be amazing to look back over in future years. The quality, not at all flimsy it helps you be that tiny bit more organised, which is what everyone needs at such an amazing and important time. The book quality is absolutely excellent, sturdy and bomb proof. Is a little bit over priced I think around ten pounds would be better as not a lot of people are looking to spend that much on a detailed organiser for pregnancy. It could use a bit more colour and the graphics could be slightly friendlier. It is definitely something every expectant mum should have, clear, organised, easy to use with quirky quotes on parts of the pages, its funky and cute but slightly over priced. Katy Godfrey – Tyler Shinner Aged 2 years

A lovely concept that can record those special times during pregnancy.


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