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The Dodo-Pax Diary

The original Dodo Pad diary is now also available each year in this hand-crafted ring-bound format; instantly downloadable into the DodoPOD binder.

Unlike his esteemed ‘many rings-bound’ competitors, Lord Dodo grudgingly accepts that you may prefer to place it in a binder of your own choosing, but recommends his own as being the perfect fit.

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£18.35 Available to purchase online

The Dodo-Pax Diary Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah-Jane Campbell – Due 21st July

Product Tested By Sarah-Jane Campbell – Due 21st July

Sarah-Jane Awarded the Dodo Pax Diary 5/5

The diary is of very good quality with a slightly quirky feeling, which I loved. Website is very interesting and packed with so much information and products that it can seem initially confusing at first. Great if you know what your after, but otherwise you may get a little lost. Superb concept! As someone who is much organised and constantly writing lists, having a diary such as the Dodo has meant I can keep everything in one place. I also love the fact it’s not just a bog standard diary which would be boring. This is a little different which its biggest selling point is for me. Excellent contents and I particularly love the way the dividers have pockets so you can store bits of paper etc that you might otherwise lose. The paper is a superb quality and the drawings on the calendar itself just add to its interest and make you want to use it even more. It didn’t help me to become more organised in itself, as I couldn’t be more organised if I tried without sending myself barmy! However, it gave me a base for everything I wanted rather than having lists, notepads scattered everywhere. It’s quirkiness of design, makes it stand out from an ordinary organiser and won it for me. It has become part of my daily routine to use my Dodo pad and will continue to be so. I use it to write down everything I have to do, shopping lists, important dates, keep important paperwork that I have to work on etc. It’s always to hand! Excellent quality. Lovely weight paper and the amount of interest on the pages are amazing. It may seem a little expensive if you have never got your hands on one before and really seen what it’s all about so could be off putting in that sense. However, after using it and seeing its quality I would be happy to pay for it again. Overall it’s quirky, fun and makes organisation a breeze! Sarah-Jane Campbell – Due 21st July

Product Tested By Emma Butler – 6 Months Pregnant

Emma Awarded the Dodo Pax Diary 4/5

This is a great product that allows you to safely store all the information you need to keep handy whilst giving you space to indulge in any scribbling you may desire! Whilst it has a similar functionality to a filofax, it seems much more user-friendly for families with space to keep track of what the kids are up to and keep things like vouchers and recipe ideas. The website was fun and informative. All the information about the different products was easy to find and it seemed easy to place an order. I like the concept of the diary and think it will be invaluable for people needing to keep track of several people. The extra space in the diary means it becomes much more functional and can easily be used as a note pad as well. The diary insert, pouches and blank paper were really all that was necessary and these work really well. Some people may miss information that is included in filofax, e.g. tube maps, conversion charts etc. all was useful both as a diary and for my planning of things to get for the baby. It has been great to get away from lots of little scraps of paper and keep everything I need in one place, from lists of things to do, to recipes and ideas for our new baby’s name. The informal style and standard hole punch size means it is very user friendly. I am quite happy to scribble away in it and get away from lots of scrap paper, keeping important information in one place. I found this very useful, with lots of space to keep track of everything I needed to, without important information getting lost in the muddle! It is perfect for what is needed for. The folder is sturdy and has lots of capacity to keep information securely. The diary pages are informal enough and have lots of space so I was happy to scribble away notes, whilst keeping important appointment information distinct and separate. Possibly a little on the expensive side for the people who would benefit the most from it – families with several children – although comparable to similar products such as filofax. It is not a product I would currently consider buying as I am soon to become a stay at home mum, however, I think this product will come more into its own when my child starts school and I need to start taking note of what activities they are involved in. I would definitely recommend this for people like my sister-in-law who has 3 kids to keep track off. This would be an invaluable aid to her. This is a fun and useful organiser for families, allowing mum to keep track of everyone’s activities and important information, whilst still be able to scribble away those odd reminders that usually get lost on scraps of paper. Emma Butler – 6 Months Pregnant

Product Tested By Catherine Wenn

Catherine Awarded the Dodo Pax Diary 4/5

I thought that it seemed like a good organiser but it didn’t strike me as being specifically designed for mums or pregnant women. The concept of the diary is a good idea if you are good at maintaining a diary/planner. There are plenty of sections for separate occasions/ideas/events etc. I’ve never kept a diary or planner and find it easier to put events on the calendar where I can always see them. The diary is Nice to look at, liked the different sections for note paper, planner.  But I have never kept a diary, or had a desire to. The plain paper comes in very handy when I need to write something down or make a note of something. I wouldn’t consider buying one as I am not very good at maintaining a planner/organiser but it’s a very good product if you are in the market for a planner/organiser. Catherine Wenn

Overall it’s quirky, fun and makes organisation a breeze!


Sarah-Jane Awarded the Dodo Pax Diary 5/5

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