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Greeting Games: Send a fun personalized game for any occasion -Want to let somebody know that you’re thinking of him or her, right? Or you want to congratulate a friend with a birthday.We offer you a fun and personal way to surprise a friend or loved one. Here you can send a Greeting Game, which is simply said a combination of a greeting card and a casual game. You can send a Greeting Game for any occasion. You can use them as greeting card for Valentine’s Day or as birthday cards. You can send the game greeting cards as get well soon wishes, congratulations, or party invitations or just to say thank you to someone. Greeting Games include very popular casual games, such as gem blasters, matchers, bubble shooters, slicers, mahjong, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, word search games and many others. How does it work?
Well, it’s very simple! First, you choose the occasion for which to send a greeting card. After that, you choose a combination of a story and game that fits your friend or loved one best. Then you can personalize the Greeting Game by e.g. changing the title, setting the difficulty, and adding a personal message. When your Greeting Game is finished, press ‘send’ and you’re done. The first two are always for free. We’re sure the receiver will enjoy it!How do I play a Greeting Game?
Receiving and playing a Greeting Game card is even easier and just as much fun! Your friend or loved one receives a nice email with a personal invitation from you to play the Greeting Game. With just one click they’ll be playing a fun casual game on thier smart phone, tablet, or PC. After a few minutes, if they’re playing the game well enough, they’ll win the ultimate prize… a personal message from you!If she wants, the receiver can reply with a Thank You message. She can also share your creation on Facebook or Twitter to let others enjoy the same experience.

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£3.99 per month Available to purchase online

The Greeting Games Reviews

Product Tested by: Sharley Phillips


Product Tested By Sharley

Sharley Awarded The Greeting Games 4.2/5

This is a good idea for people who often send e-cards. The
company has a simple to use website, basic but nice format. The instructions
were clear and easy to follow, not sure I would have them on the home page; maybe
as a separate tab to select or a help button. My receivers found the games to
be a little boring (but maybe that was just the people I had sent it to weren’t
the right audience). This product does offer value for money; I think it’s a great
price if the subscriber sends a lot of ecards and people they know like ecards
and online/PC games. Otherwise I think people are unlikely to subscribe or use.
I would not consider buying it because it’s not the kind of product I would use
or my friends or family as a whole, but would recommend. It is a good idea so
would recommend; it’s just not for me. Might be good to have an app for smart
phones and tablets (ensuring games can be played on smart phones or tablets). I
think the home page for the website could be more exciting. I wasn’t really
sure what the ‘final product’ would look like to the people I sent the greeting
game to, it might be worth having a preview email that you can send to
yourself. Sharley Phillips

Product Tested By Wendy
McKeegan – Finlay 5 Years

Wendy Awarded The Greeting Games 4/5

Overall I was not quite sure what the main use of this site was.
It sounded like a fab, unusual idea to send to someone as an alternative to a
birthday card. It had quite an enticing website, attractive layout and eye catching
too. Instructions were easy to follow and let you follow through the process
without any problem. Not too sure how usual this product is as feel it may only
appeal to those people who enjoy playing online games. Games however do seem to
be of a good quality and I can imagine people would be impressed. If you
enjoyed playing games, puzzles etc. them the annual membership offers value for
money. I can’t see myself using this product as I don’t know anyone who would
appreciate receiving a game greeting from me. I would possibly mention it to
friends but would need to choose specific people. I was excited when I heard
the name of the website that I was asked to review. I originally thought that
it would be a real alternative to sending a card for any occasion as I like to
have something different. After looking into it I haven’t used the site to send
to others although I did test some of them games myself. The games are quite
addictive but again I think this website is for a particular market i.e. those
who enjoy games such as candy crush etc. Not for me but sure it would be loved
by games enthusiasts. Wendy McKeegan – Finlay 5 Years

Product Tested By Helen
Cope – Jemma 4 Years

Helen Awarded The Greeting Games 4.4/5

I thought the concept of this was great. The website is very
good; it’s colourful and bright and easy to navigate. The instructions were
very clear and easy to follow too. The quality is great; all of the games
played were fun and easy to work out. I think it offers excellent value for
money; especially to those that like playing games online. I am not sure I
would get the yearly subscription but I have recommended it to friends who I
know would love it. It was a great experience to test this product out and
offers great value if you love your online games. Helen Cope – Jemma 4 Years



This product does offer value for money; I think it’s a great price if the subscriber sends a lot of ecards and people they know like ecards and online/PC games. 


Sharley Awarded The Greeting Games 4.2/5

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