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A card game that helps children have fun while picking up the language and rhymes from the story. Players follow rhyming patterns but have special cards to help them out. There is an additional, bonus card game inside where the characters in the story are collected and the first player to have the set, wins.
Age: 4+Number of players: 2-4
£6.99 Available to purchase online Tesco, Amazon, Waterstones or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Katie Prince – Joshua 4 Years

Katie Awarded The Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game 4.8/5

This looked very bright and attractive with Gruffalo on the front so my son loved it immediately. Packaging makes it easy to take on car journeys etc. and just pop into handbag and very bright/ colourful- also separates the two games. The concept of the game is easy to follow and understand. My son also got to grips with this game very quickly. Some of the words were perhaps a bit too complex. For example lake as my son uses the pictures to help guess the word too and he would say pond or water. This was a good game and certainly kept my son’s attention and helped with imagination. This game really did help with development, recognition, words, word building, counting and patience. My son would lose interest after a long period of time but a quick 5 min game is fine. I sometimes only played with half the cards. The quality is very good. Represents good value for money. I would purchase this and highly recommend. Easy to play and kept my son entertained- fun for all! Katie Prince – Joshua 4 Years

Product Tested By Jodie Fisher – Freya 5 Years

Jodie Awarded The Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game 4/5

When this arrived the cards looked good quality and brightly coloured. Packaging stands out as bright and catches your attention. I had to read the instructions several times before I could even begin to explain to my 5 year old. When playing the game it was quite simple and the game finished very quickly. This game required us giving Freya a lot of help when playing the game. The age is not appropriate, my rather intelligent 5 year old struggled and once playing the game was over pretty quickly. The game is fun to play but it doesn’t last very long. It’s a great game for a few minutes of down time. My daughter did learn new rhyming words. Some of the games were simple
enough for my daughter to play but did not hold her attention for long. We used these cards to play snap and pairing games. The quality of the cards is great as they are thicker than normal playing cards and less likely to bend easy. This does represent good value for money.
Overall we are quite happy with the game. It offers a quick spurt of entertainment. It isn’t something I usually buy and would make a great gift for Christmas or birthday. I would recommend. We had great fun playing this game and it was a good time to bond. Jodie Fisher – Freya 5 Years

Product Tested By Lucy Jenkins – Tom 4 Years 

Lucy Awarded The Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game 4/5

I had previously considered buying this game, so I was pleased to receive it. I had high expectations. I liked the box it came in – it was compact and attractive. Having played the game, I think there should be two different places to put the two different types of cards. The concept of the game is straightforward although I think the Gruffalo tradable card was confusing and unnecessary. It was also confusing that some of the cards are needed for some games and others for other games. It was annoying to have to separate them every time we played as they invariably ended up mixed together. We have played card games before so they found it straightforward once we stopped using the Gruffalo card. They just about understood the Mouse card concept. I thought the instructions were quite wordy and thought that the text could be in larger font or spaced out more. It was good that the rhyming cards were also the same colour, this meant non-readers could join in. They enjoyed playing it and kept their attention, although on the occasions that we played it they didn’t ask to play
again straight after as they do with some games. It helped with colour recognition, reading, taking turns. I thought the writing on the cards should have been in standard case rather than all capitals as most preschool children are encouraged to learn lower case letters first. The choice of games is good, although the one we played the most was the rhyming one. My son grouped the cards together by colour, then spread them out on the floor and chose his favourite animal/picture from each group. Nice quality cards with vibrant pictures. Good value as offers a variety of games to play. I like – clear pictures and the fact that non-readers can join in by matching cards by colours. I dislike- the fact that the two types of cards are stored together- it is annoying to have to separate them. The instructions seemed unnecessarily long and wordy – the Gruffalo card concept it not needed. This game is good but there are better card games available. Well-made game linked to a favourite book, but could be improved. Lucy Jenkins – Tom 4 Years



The quality is very good. Represents good value for money. I would purchase this and highly recommend. Easy to play and kept my son entertained- fun for all!


Katie Awarded The Gruffalo Word Rhyming Game 4.8/5