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The Haramaki

The haramaki is a traditional Japanese garment worn to maintain warmth and well-being. 

Our modern interpretation fits snuggly, and its double, ridged layers ensure your warmth.

Wear at home to relax, in bed for more restful sleep, or during sports and outdoor activities to avoid chills.  Our haramaki uses only the softest cotton, gentle enough to be worn directly against the skin, or as a stylish outer layer.

Keeping the abdominal organs warm helps the body distribute warmth and energy all-round. Circulation is improved, so even hands and feet feel warmer. Wearing the haramaki can also:

– Aid digestion
– Ease menstrual cramps
– Give support during and post-pregnancy
– Soothe common abdominal ailments

Available in 9 colours and 2 sizes to fit all

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£19.99 Available to purchase online or click online to find local stockist

The Haramaki Reviews

Product Tested by: Jennifer Slater – Baby Alice 2 weeks

Product Tested By Jennifer Slater – Baby Alice 2 weeks

Jennifer Awarded The Haramaki 5/5

Thought it was funky and stylish but was unsure of its health benefits.  Packaging very compact and modern. The packaging quality was standard the product quality was very good.  This did help me wear my normal clothes as gives your bump a nice outline – be careful what colour you pick though as bright pink doesn’t always look good under a white shirt!  I felt comfortable but not restricted wearing the Haramaki.  Very comfortable to wear except it can get very hot during the night.    Washes very well and dries quickly.  Can also be tumble dried.  Certainly did give me added confidence wearing this with my normal clothing. Very good quality of material used.  Good value for money and I wore this product almost for my entire pregnancy – particularly at night in bed and lounging around the house.  I would certainly consider purchasing this item and recommending.  Very comfortable and provides a sense of general relaxation and good health.   Gives you a great sense of wellbeing and added confidence to show off your growing bump.   Jennifer Slater – Baby Alice 2 Weeks.


Product Tested By Lynda Brett – Sophie 10 years

Lynda Awarded The Haramaki 4.5/5

Was not sure what to do with this.  Supplied in a neat round holdall very snazzy and inside was the item.  The instructions explained all about the Haramaki and very detailed and informative.  Was not really sure if this would benefit me at all.  I suffer from very bad period pains and mentioned this could help.  So I thought give it a go you never know.  Was very easy to put on and could wear it easily with my normal clothes.  I would wear this mainly at the weekend and certainly felt like it kept my stomach area warm.  Normally if I have bad pains use tablets and something warm on my stomach to ease the pain.  Wearing this daily when suffering certainly seemed to help.  Did not solve the problem but I did notice a difference.  Also this is a nice little fashion accessory and good to wear with jeans and a little top.  A very versatile item and easy to put on.  I took this on holiday with me and was great little accessory.  Lots of information on the website and a superb range of colours available.  I must admit considering buying one for Sophie as she keeps using my one.  The quality of this item is superb, well made and washes very well.  Mine has been washed so many times and still looks good and maintained colour and shape.  Also easy to dry quickly which is a bit of a bonus.  This is good value for money as so versatile and you can wear all year round.  Will be purchasing a few more colours and have already recommended.  I had never heard of this product before and I must admit did not believe some of the claims, but does make you feel healthier.  However, it is a good clothing item and one I am now a fan of.  Lynda Brett  – Sophie 10 Years


Product Tested By Julie Parker – Baby Simon 3 Weeks

Julie Awarded the Haramaki 4.5/5

What a neat packaging idea arrives in a tube.  Minimal, easy to open and kept product well protected.  Looked online and have a wide range of colours on offer and always good to have a choice of lots of colours (mix and match).  I had not heard about the Haramaki before so had no idea what it was supposed to be used for.  Instructions were easy to follow. Easy to put on and you could wear with your normal clothes.  I actually had green one and this is my favourite colour so I was happy. This fitted round my bump easily and felt very comfortable, even though I do say it myself made me feel more relaxed.  I would wear this during the day as versatile so you can wear with skirt or trousers easily.   I really liked this item and it was so comfortable to wear.  The quality of the Haramaki is superb and washes easily.  I just felt comfortable and at ease wearing this and fitted my bump perfectly.  Was comfortable and confident wearing this item.  Just makes you feel nice.  I wore this during the latter part of my pregnancy, but must admit I am still wearing this now as not just for pregnancy a nice little fashion accessory.  Price is reasonable and I have already recommended.  Was nice to try something new out and I would buy this item.  Quality good and also perfect to wear during and after pregnancy.  Julie Parker – Baby Simon 3 Weeks

Very comfortable and provides a sense of general relaxation and good health.   Gives you a great sense of wellbeing and added confidence to show off your growing bump. 


Jennifer Awarded The Haramaki 5/5

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