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The Hug Pot

A colourful, designer gardening pot. Our gardening products are made from recyclable expanded foam which helps retain moisture and protects roots from temperature extremes. Available in Blue, Stone or Green colour.

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The Hug Pot Reviews

Product Tested by: Molly Gray – Hannah & Alfie 5 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Molly Gray – Hannah & Alfie 5 & 6 Years

Molly Awarded the Hug Pot 4.6/5

My first impressions of the Hug Pot were good. I thought it was a great improvement when compared to the usual planting pots. They are very cute and look very fun, and we were all excited about using them! My children’s first impression of the hug pot was also positive. Hannah and Alfie knew what they were for and told me straight away what they wanted to plant in the Hug Pots; Peas and Tomatoes! I was instantly surprised that my children engaged that quickly and knew that using the Hug Pots was going to be a lovely experience. We had good fun buying the seeds to go into the pots and I realised that them being made from polystyrene is a great idea because I think this makes them safer to use for younger children. I myself actually prefer them to the standard planting pots too because they are fun looking. We have used the hug pots outdoors because I feel they will grow better that way, but this doesn’t make my children less interested in them at all, infact, they now love going outside to tend to their Hug Pots! The seeds that we have planted are doing well in them too, it is still early days but it’s looking positive, and my children are more than happy to be patient with them. I think the Hug pots would make a lovely gift for children of the suitable age or even for mums and dad’s who enjoy planting too! The quality of the product is 100% satisfactory; it’s safe, fun, hardwearing and original. Great value for money, we all love the Hug Pots and will continue to use them for a long time! Molly Gray – Hannah & Alfie 5 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Pierrepont – William, Ellie & Katie-Jayne 5 & 3 Years & 21 Months

Joanne Awarded the Hug Pot 4.3/5

On arrival we thought the Hug Pots looked great fun but didn’t look as sturdy or hardwearing as I would have expected, they were however much better quality than they looked and survived the Katie test (Katie is well known for being rather destructive!)  I loved the packaging for the product, it looked contemporary and eco friendly and explained the product well it was also recyclable so fitted in perfectly with the company’s values. All three children were very interested but unsure what they were actually for, once they realised we were going to make a trip out and buy fruit and plants to go inside they were really excited and couldn’t wait to start. They liked the faces on the hug pits and liked the idea of them being three; they had a lovely chat about being the three bears with William having a big pot Ellie a medium pot and Katie a small pot. We all had great fun buying plants and soil and then planting the hug pots and have since had great fun watering them and nurturing them. I personally can’t wait to pick our first strawberries and tomatoes. Each child picked their own plants to go inside which was lovely too and even Ellie who is an extremely fussy eater is looking forward to trying new food! I can see the hug pot being used more outside as the theory behind the Hug Pots will work better outside. We were all very excited about the Hug Pots and thought they looked great fun; they definitely met our high expectations! William was actually off school when we received the Hug pots due to a broken arm and they cheered him up a lot and added a bit more excitement to his time at home. It is still early days to report on how the plants are doing but we put fruit and veg into them and they look promising. I think they would make a great gift and I am already considering purchasing some for my granddaughters. It would be brilliant for them because the whole family can get involved and everyone can enjoy planting and also learning! The Hug Pots proved to be much better quality than what I originally thought when we opened them at first. They are made from polystyrene and I didn’t think they would last 5 minutes but they have and they still look brand new! Product is great value for money but bare in mind you do have to buy soil and seeds to go into them too. We love the hug pots, thank you for giving us the chance to test these; I can’t wait for summer now! Joanne Pierrepont – William, Ellie & Katie-Jayne 5 & 3 Years & 21 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Douglas – Luke & James 3 & 5 Years

Fiona Awarded the Hug Pot 3.7/5

My first impressions were a little negative because I have a fear of polystyrene; I do not like touching the texture as it makes me feel a little sick. But I did think it was very good use of the material. The packaging for the product was quite basic with little instruction, which is preferable because the use of the product relies on ones common sense to use it. Prior to receiving the hug pot I was not aware of the benefits of EPS in gardening products. My child’s first impression was ‘why has it got arms and eyes mummy?’ and ‘is it going to hug me?’ I found it lovely to explain to my children about planting and growing and to also have some messy time together! The hug pot is used outdoor because of my dislike for the material and my cat also enjoys shredding it! After using the product, my first impressions haven’t changed much because I still dislike the material but its great for planting and it looks much nicer than boring planting pots. Since I have put the hug pot outside the plants are growing much better in them than they actually do in the house! I would buy this product as a gift for the grandparents or as a present for friends with children too, it would be great during the school holidays. The quality of the product is good but personally I am not a lover of polystyrene products. The product is a little expensive when compared to other planting pots but it does look a lot more attractive. Good product, it filled in an afternoon with the children nicely with no fighting because they had a pot each! Overall, it’s brilliant to teach and entertain children in a fun way. Fiona Douglas – Luke & James 3 & 5 Years

The quality of the product is 100% satisfactory; it’s safe, fun, hardwearing and original.


Molly Awarded the Hug Pot 4.6/5

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