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The Insider Bag

A fantastic invention. Keeps your essential bits & bobs brilliantly sorted.  This clever little handbag ‘liner’ keeps phones, purse & pens all together neatly. You can then move your things from one bag to another (from work bag to baby bag to evening bag), saving precious time. Particularly useful for new mums (for nappies and wipes) but a great gift for anyone who likes to keep things organised & anyone who loves their bags…Two brilliant benefits: a) Avoids ‘The Scrabble.’ You know that horrible feeling when you search around in the black hole at the bottom of the bag thinking ‘I know it’s in here somewhere…’ With the Insider you can immediately find things in the same place (with your eyes closed!) b) Makes the most of your bag collection. Means you can choose whatever bag you want & change over easily.

Designed with lots of useful pockets & a clever key clip. Made of a soft durable and washable nylon material.

Dimensions: 26 x 20 x 8 cm


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The Insider Bag Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Rachel Cunliffe

Rachel Awarded The Insider Bag 4/5

A very useful thing!  The concept of the insider bag is brilliant and the contents very useful.  Some pockets seemed too small for things I take with me.  Yes and No, it was very useful but it was army green so not particularly pretty! In a different pattern it would be pretty and practical! I did find it helpful to put my things in but it was so small it got lost in my giant changing bag so I ended up just chucking things in my bag as I struggled to find the pocket again! To be honest all aspects of my life are interlinked so I can’t/don’t separate them!  I know this has a diary insert as an extra accessory, but I do not personally use a diary.  It is really useful to keep things neat but only things I don’t use often! It’s expensive but very useful.  It was too small for my bag but I think it would be brilliant for other people.  Very useful but I’d like it to be bigger! Rachel Cunliffe


Product Tested By Mary Masters – Jennifer 3 

Mary Awarded The Insider Bag 4/5

Certainly something different.  Had never thought of having insert inside bag to keep everything safe and easy to get. Looked like it would be very useful.  Packaging was beautiful, and as this is an insert for your main bag you do not need to worry about colour.  However checked on website and a variety of colours available.  It was effective, and used all the pockets.  Nice idea and for me it did help keep everything accessible.  I am one of those people who love huge bags so always loosing things.  A good idea for when out with baby as you can keep certain nappy items and baby items in a seperate compartment.  I also think this is a great idea to have when travelling.  A good idea, slightly on the expensive side for me.  Woudl not be something I would purchase as feel price too high for what it is.  However, would be a nice present and is useful.  A practical item.  They also offer diary for this as extra accessory but would not be something of interst to me personally.  It was helpful keeping things in one place. Quality is good and is useful. I am also a very organised person so did not change my organisation skills or lifestyle at all.  Just did not loose so many things in my bag.  Certainly useful to keep things tidy in your bag. For me the price was an issue.  Mary Masters – Jennifer 3


Product Tested By Sinead Regan – Aine Aged 2

Sinead Awarded The Insider Bag 3.5/5

The packaging was gorgeous but when I opened it the product itself looked cheap.  Good idea in theory.  But in practice it wasn’t always practical.  It was quite small in size. I received a yellow insider bag. This bag had a lot of compartments for everything and did not use them all.  The product looked OK and inside a very practical item.  I would not say it helped me become more organised as it was quiet small in size so didn’t fit everything I would usually transfer with me in my handbags.  I personally felt this was a little bit too small for my needs.  The packaging was stunning and made me feel really special when I received it, the personalised letter was a lovely touch, the product however for me did not live up to my expectations.  In theory it is an excellent idea but I didn’t feel that it benefitted my lifestyle much.  Sinead Regan – Aine Aged 2

Very useful.


Rachel Awarded The Insider Bag 4/5

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