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The Irish Fairy Door

Wooden Irish fairy door created in Ireland and sprinkled with real magic, ready for your fairy to move in!Each Irish fairy door comes with a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the Family / FairyLease Agreement, a notepad for your fairy and the Fairy Welcome Guide – all you need to help settle your fairy into their new human home! Once you register your fairy’s name on The Fairy Workplace Log on our website, you and your child will be able to enjoy a magical interactive journey with exclusive stories and play ideas delivered direct from Fairy Valley on a weekly basis.All you need to do is believe!INCLUDES SECRET CODE TO REGISTER YOUR FAIRY’S NAME!Each door is approximately 12 cm in height. All Irish fairy doors are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. (If you are placing your fairy door outside we recommend painting your door twice a year with a layer of exterior varnish to ensure your door stays as bright and magical as the day you bought it!)

Available in Pink,  Purple, Blue and Red 

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£19.99 Available to purchase online

The Irish Fairy Door Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Hayley Gibson – Amani 3 Years

Hayley Awarded The Irish Fairy Door 4.9/5

When this first
arrived I was intrigued, excited to see how my daughter found it. Loved the
packaging, bright, appealing and would catch any little girl’s eye. Instructions very clear. I loved the concept of this toy. My daughter loved it goes to the door every
day. The quality is excellent. A great
product could be a little cheaper. I
would recommend this. My daughter enjoys
the item great for her imagination good item. Hayley
Gibson – Amani 3 Years

Tested By
Sharna King – Summer 2 Years

Awarded The Irish
Fairy Door 4.5/5

When this arrived I
thought how cute the product was. This
was well packaged and lovely colours used.
The instructions on how to use were good. I think the concept of this toy is lovely as
my daughter loves fairies. My daughter
really liked this toy. The quality is
very good. Reasonable value for money. I would recommend to those with children
who like fairies. My daughters loved
this product. They are amazed at all the
naughty things the fairies get up to at night time. Shame it does not come with
anything to fix to the door to the surface your using. Sharna King –
Summer 2 Years

Tested By
Laura Pearce – Taylor 29 Months

Awarded The Irish
Fairy Door 3.8/5

Well packaged and looks inviting to use, was looking forward to
opening the product and explaining it to my child. Once opened, the quality was
very good and I like the way the item was explained within the guide. Packaging
is secure and inviting to use. I like that you have a clear front so you can
see everything included without opening the box. I also like how the items are
presented separately and specifically wrapped or individually packaged within. The
guide was easy to understand. My only concern was that there were handoffs to
apps – at 29 months I don’t let my child use iPad/laptops so was unable to show
him these features. Good concept – fairies is a very general concept, so could
be more specific to certain times in a Childs life, like the tooth fairy/room
cleaning fairy for example. To be honest, I think my child was too young for
this product. He enjoyed the initial opening and first set up, but once we’d
done that he lost interest quite quickly. I think an older child might
understand better about the continuation of the fairy door, however my child
didn’t. I was also concerned about giving him some of the smaller parts e.g.
the key. I think its brilliant quality, well-made and beautifully presented. I
think that for an older child you would get much better value for money,
however for the content the price point is fairly high. I would buy this as a
gift if I knew for certain that someone understood and enjoyed imagination
games. I would definitely use if you could get different guides for different
types of fairies. I think it’s fairly niche and might not be enjoyed by all
children. I also think it needs to be marketed at slightly older children.
However it is fun, very well made, lovely to look at in the box and overall a
nice toy. I think the product, in terms of packaging and quality, is brilliant.
I think it needs to be marketed at an older age group and would have preferred
the addition to specific guides for specific types of fairies rather than just
a general guide (could be downloadable rather than specific packaging and
toys). Laura Pearce – Taylor 29 Months

he quality is excellent. A great product could be a little cheaper. I would recommend this. My daughter enjoys the item great for her imagination good item. 


Hayley Awarded The Irish Fairy Door 4.9/5

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