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The Pro-5 by Jackloc is a key locking cable window restrictor, providing great versatility in domestic and commercial environments. The restrictor can fit most window sizes and types, including uPVC, Timber and Aluminium frames. The lockable key provides flexibility to allow the window to be fully opened if required. The Pro-5 by Jackloc key locking cable window restrictor is incredibly strong, with a reinforced cable, security screws and heavy-weight body. The restrictor is tested to withstand a force of 3,600 newtons, exceeding all relevant standard requirements. The product comes with hardened and zinc coated grade four security screws to help keep homes safe and is also available in a range of bespoke RAL colours.

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The Jackloc Reviews

Product Tested By Jayden Price – Bobby 6 Years

Jayden Awarded the Jackloc 4.5 /5

The Jackloc is perfect for families who have mischievous kids or pets! We have a little Puppy who likes to explore the window ledges of our house, so I thought this was ideal for him as well as Bobby and the safety of the house too. It was very easy to install but I’ll admit that the instructions were a bit long. I was impressed with the range of colours the website has to offer, to suit different styles of windows. I am impressed with the quality and safety that the Jackloc can provide, and even though it is pricey I would definitely recommend because you simply can’t put a price on safety and security of your family or your home. Jayden Price – Bobby 6 Years

Product Tested By Sue Bones – Caroline & Jason Ages 10 & 8 Years
Sue Awarded the Jackloc 4.5 /5

I thought the Jackloc sounded like a great idea, it looked very simple and tidy too so I was happy to have it in the house. My husband fitted the Jackloc easily to my children’s bedroom window so it allows us to open them at night but still have peace of mind that there is some level of safety and security. They will be great for the summer too and I think the price is worth it, considering the level of safety that you get with this product. We have UPVC windows and my husband had no trouble at all fitting them, they are really sturdy and reliable too. I will most definitely be purchasing more for the summer as they are fantastic! Sue Bones – Caroline & Jason Ages 10 & 8 Years

Product Tested By Louise Woodham – Ava 2 Years

Louise Awarded the Jackloc 3.7 /5

The first thing that comes to mind when we look at this product is that we would need in excess of 10 of these restrictors in order to protect our home and this is of average size. Therefore, the cost would be quite high. However, the product looks neat and tidy and claims to be easy fit so I remained optimistic. The product is easily seen and no parts are hidden under packaging that needs removing. As a DIY-er this provides you with confidence that you could fit it. The packaging isn’t bulky or over packed to such an extent that you would need heavy duty scissors to open it, so it’s rather safe. We read the instructions and felt that there was one main point to make. The instructions over complicate the installation process and leave you feeling that you need a professional to come and install the locks. I was immediately concerned about doing the drilling incorrectly and therefore damaging my window frames. A certain amount of competency and understanding of technical information (such as screw sizes etc) is required to install this product and I’m not sure that I would be happy to install it myself if it wasn’t for the fact that my husband is a builder! The instructions are ok for people who are happy with written aids however for visual people, there are no pictures to help you understand what they are trying to instruct you to do. For professionals or competent DIYers, this is an easy product to install. The anti Vandal screws can be a bit of a fiddle as you only have one go at putting them in place but the idea of having them to prevent break-ins is great. The Jackloc is incredibly easy to operate once fitted. The key only needs turning to one side and then the bolt comes out very easily. It states clearly in the instructions that the key should always be kept away from the lock. This is incredibly important as we gave the key to our two year to test whether she could undo the lock with our supervision and with very little effort she was able to insert the key in to the lock, turn it and remove the bolt, thus leaving the window unsecured! I suggest a two part opener to free the bolt such as turning the key and pushing a button on the side in order to release it. That said, with the keys well hidden, the Jackloc is safe. We will not be purchasing further Jacklocs because we did not feel that they offered any more protection to our daughter than the current hinge restrictors that are installed by the manufacturer on our windows. Our timber double glazed units were installed 3 years ago and this safety function came as standard on them. It would be interesting to see if the Jacklocs would be cheaper than the manufacturer’s price to add this safety mechanism. The product is well made, it looks aesthetically pleasing and is compact. The screws and fittings included are of a good standard unlike many other products where you end up buying bigger screws or better fixings. The locking mechanism appears secure and tamper-proof in the event of an intruder trying to get in. I personally feel that the cost per Jackloc is too high. Given that it would cost me around £200 to fully secure my house, I would have to seriously consider whether there were cheaper products on the market of a similar standard. To people who do not have the existing safety function on their windows like us, I would definitely recommend trying this product. The Jackloc offers piece of mind that your child is unable to climb/fall out of an open window in your home. It gives you the freedom to have fresh air in a room where this may not have been possible before without constant adult attention. The Jackloc, although a little expensive is well manufactured and would be a welcomed relief for hot summer days and nights. The Jackloc would be ideal for families living in high rise properties. It would also be good for use in nurseries/childcare centres. Overall, we were pleased with the product and would consider buying more if we did not already have a safety function on our existing windows. Thank you for allowing us to trial this product for you. Louise Woodham – Ava 2 Years

I would definitely recommend because you simply can’t put a price on safety and security of your family or your home.


Jayden Awarded the Jackloc 4.5 /5

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