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The Jungle Bunch DVD

Join Maurice, the penguin who thinks he’s a tiger (voiced by John Lithgow), and his misfit friends as they embark on an adventure they will never forget.Full of laughs and quirky characters, the whole family will enjoy The Jungle Bunch as the story follows a group of animals on a mission from the Jungle to the South Pole.
Actors: John Lithgow Directors: David Alaux  Universal Pictures UKDVD – Run Time: 58 minutes
Certificate U

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£6.99 Available all major retailers and online Amazon

The Jungle Bunch DVD Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Scott - Isobelle 4 Years and Florence 2 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Scott – Isobelle 4 Years and Florence 2 Years

Sarah Awarded The Jungle Bunch DVD 4.3/5

The cover was bright and cheerful which made us eager to watch it.  It looked like the film was going to be great family fun. The film had a lovely story about a group of friends trusting in each other and working together.  It also covered the issue of bullying.  It taught some valuable lessons as well as being great fun to watch.  The film was funny enough for adults as well as children.  My 4 year old has watched it twice and my 2 yearold has watched it once (although it did not keep her attention all the way through).  My 4 year old fully understood the storyline when questioned on it. She really enjoyed the film.  It is very reasonably priced. It also had 6 mini films to watch at the end as an added bonus.  I will definitely continue to use it and I would recommend it to others.  The Jungle Bunch was a lovely film with a nice storyline that appealed to adults as well as children.  Sarah Scott – Isobelle 4 Years and Florence 2 Years


Product Tested By Charlotte Bell – Cassa 2 Years and 5 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Jungle Bunch DVD 4.5/5

I thought this product was bright and inviting.  The cover was lovely.  The content and the theme of the DVD were excellent too.  My daughter has watched it once in full and a couple of times she has part-viewed it.  She did seem to understand and enjoy the story.  I think the price for this DVD is very reasonable.  We will continue to use it.  I will be recommending it to family and friends too.  It is a good story with bright lovable characters, I would highly recommend it.  Charlotte Bell – Cassa 2 Years and 5 Months


Product Tested By Lisa McNeil – Hugh 3 Years and Eilidh 2 Years

Lisa Awarded The Jungle Bunch DVD 4/5

The characters on the front of the DVD look varied and interesting. T he idea of a movie at 55 minutes long seems a little long for the little ones but I am glad of the possibility of enjoying something that lasts longer than a few minutes with them.  I think the back of the DVD cover is perfect; really well done and professional. However, the front just seems to be missing something and I know I am being really picky but the top of the front cover just lacks something.  I think I would have liked to have seen the title a little further down and either the phrase ‘Fantastic Family fun’ at the top (right at the sky) or possibly some other information in that spot.  I think it is a great movie, but something that slightly older children may enjoy.  Good family friendly movie that appeals to adults and children.  The varied animals in the DVD lead to good discussions with the children and I do feel as if they learned something from the movie.  I had difficulties with the length of the movie keeping their attention and also the family Disney fanaticism meant that although I could put the DVD on and let it run, it was never given either of their full attention and once over they always asked for their shows to be put on.  They both found it hard to grasp the concept of a penguin pretending to be a tiger and I think that is what caused a lot of issues with interest over a long period of time.  I think this movie does offer some value for money, more so for older kids as I think there is enough good things for children to watch on television now and although my family tend to stick to Disney movies (for children and adults) I do think that the DVD would be good value for money for most families.  My children prefer Disney shows and movies as they are characters they have been familiar with all their lives and we will stick with that.  I think this is a good family friendly DVD, but would perhaps be of more interest to the kids in a year or two.  I found it a little hard for my younger kids to follow but lead to good animal questions and discussions.  Over all it is a family friendly DVD enjoyable overall and lead to good discussions about animals and their habitat and introduced some less familiar animals to kids. Lisa McNeil – Hugh 3 Years and Eilidh 2 Years



The Jungle Bunch was a lovely film with a nice storyline that appealed to adults as well as children.                 


Sarah Awarded The Jungle Bunch DVD 4.3/5 

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