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Essential Storage 
Save Space…and keep your treasured memories 
It is not usually too long before baby has more belongings and day-today essentials than their parents, and as your child grows up, storgae space can become and increasingly difficult problem.  

That’s why we’ve designed the crib section to convert easily into an attractive storage space, ideal for a nursery or bedroom, providing vital space through one shelf and two baskets. This useful storage unit can be freestanding or wall mounted.We know that The Multy will hold many memories for parents through its years of use as a crib, highchair and child’s chair, and by converting it into lasting storage, it means those memories will never be lost, whilst The Multy will continue to add value to your life.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2016 In the Nursery Category 

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£199.99 Available to purchase online

The MULTY Reviews

Product Tested by: Josipa Setka – Jay 2 Years

Tested By
Josipa Setka – Jay 2 Years

Awarded The MULTY 5/5

When I got
invitation to review this product I was so impressed just by looking at the
video and couldn’t believe my eyes when the postman delivered it. I have got all in one that I ever wanted for
my son. Very impressive. Very good and secure packaging makes it easy
to carry and assemble. Instructions very
clear and easy to follow. I think it’s
very good quality product. Quite heave
and makes it appear like its expensive coloured oak. I personally think that they could charge
even more than £200 for this product.
Definitely worth it. If I was
about to get a second baby and I didn’t have this already I would have
definitely purchased it without hesitation.
To be honest I was a bit confused how such a small box would make 4
different products. But guess what, it’s
possible. Very, very impressive. I would definitely recommend this product to
my family. I have not seen anything so
innovative in a long time. When I got
the product I originally thought of making it as a highchair, because my little
one is 2 now, so couldn’t use as a cot bed.
I have made highchair in approx. 15 minutes and was really easy to
assemble it. Unfortunately my little one
was a bit too big for it and his legs could not go through it so I had to
change it to a normal chair. It was really east to do that. I have just removed a couple of items and
that was it. He was so happy to sit on
it and finally was able to eat from our dining table and being able to see what’s
on the place. He can go up and down by
himself too, without anyone’s help. So
pleased with it. After I made the
highchair I wanted to see if I could build the shelf with other parts and I
managed to get this done and I am using both now as chair and storage
shelf. Storage shelf is beautiful and
goes well with my little ones room décor.
We are using it for his plush toys and books next to his bed. This is a fantastic product and I am one very
pleased and happy mum. Thank you so much
for choosing me to review this fabulous product. Josipa Setka – Jay 2 Years

Tested By
Julie Hannon – Jack 22 Months

Julie Awarded
The MULTY 4.5/5

modern, good colour. Good packaging. Flat pack. Kept the product safe from any
damage. Instructions were easy to understand. Clear diagrams and written instructions.
I found the product relatively easy to assemble. A sturdy and high quality
product. Seemed to be good quality materials used. If you can use all the
functions then this is worth the money. I couldn’t use the cot because my son
was too old. And he was too big to use the high chair with table attached
(essential to have table attached if you are to use harness, which he would
need). So I look forward to using the chair in a year or so when he is old
enough to sit without the harness. The storage unit is innovative and fits in
with our nursery furniture. It’s good that the product can be rebuilt/re-used
once some functions are obsolete. I only say no I would not purchase this
because my son is too old to use some of the functions. If I was pregnant or
had a newborn baby then yes this product would be a good buy. There are some
ages between birth and 10 years when parts of the product cannot be used (my
toddler too big for Highchair but he will fit into the normal chair in a year
or so). It is definitely versatile and sturdy. I would recommend this product
to pregnant friends. Sturdy. Versatile. Good colour. Modern design. Innovative
design. Good value for money because product can transform into other items. Julie
Hannon – Jack 22 Months

Tested By
Chantelle Noakes – Loki 2 Years

Awarded The MULTY 4.4/5

Good solid
set up, very good value for rrp price. Easy to put together, instructions were
clear and easy. Packed into a good size box although very heavy. It was
enclosed with protective material to stop any breaks or markings. Instructions
were clear and easy to understand making the assemble of the product quick and
easy. Initial impression of the quality was excellent until the gripper from
the bottom of the highchair come loose exposing a staple looking metal poking
out. The material it’s made from is solid so will take a lot to wear down. The
highchair gap is not very big so if someone had a bigger baby they would have
trouble fitting them in but otherwise a great product. Certainly great value
for money. Starting with a crib then to a highchair and storage unit saves a
great deal of money and space! I would consider buying a product like this as
its saving money on buying 3 separate things. It saves space and just great all
round! I think the only bit which would last that long would be the storage
unit as you would only use crib for x amount of time as you would the
highchair. Yes it can be changed into a chair for older ones but it would end
up being very bulky as a chair. I think this is a fantastic idea for new
parents to not have the worry of buying a highchair or storage unit and
possibly paying more so I would recommend.
I think the product is great as explained above only things that let it
down was the highchair. The gap is pretty small, could probably do with having
an extender for it. Also the gripper coming away revealing the big staple wasn’t
too great. Overall great product that I
would recommend to friends and family. Only a few minor points let it down but it’s
nothing really significant. The highchair gap could be bigger or extendable to
suit age ranges and make the grippers a bit stronger. Material is very solid so
will be durable. The white finish is beautiful and easily cleaned. The assemble
of the product was quick and easy to follow. The material baskets for the
storage unit are Strong and hold a lot. So saves space for toys or nappy’s and
wipes etc. Chantelle Noakes – Loki 2 Years





I would definitely recommend this product to my family. I have not seen anything so innovative in a long time. 


Josipa Awarded The MULTY 5/5


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