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The Mumpreneur Guide

You can be sure that this book will help whether you are wondering about starting a business or have a definite business idea. Claim your copy NOW to find out: 4 types of business that work well when you are a parent -33 great business ideas and how to make them succeed when you have a family -7 indispensible resources to get your business off to a great start.The 12 essentials of business planning. Plus a step by step guide to create your plan. Plus you’ll learn: -7 simple ways to find customers –The 19 ‘must haves’ for any website –9 great ways to raise your business profile online –7 essentials to help you get to grips with business finance basics –5 key elements of getting a great work life balance –10 ways to grow your business and take it to the next level. And you’ll receive:-12 practical exercises to help you take action in YOUR business -42 inspiring case studies of mums and dads with great businesses.

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The Mumpreneur Guide Reviews

Product Tested by: Donna Kirk – Leon & Matilda Aged 2 Years and 1 Year

Product Tested By Donna Kirk – Leon & Matilda Aged 2 Years and 1 Year

Donna Awarded The Mumpreneur Guide 4/5

Good looks clear and informative.  Quality is good overall but for price could be hard cover. Looks good, easy to understand and not to busy cover so easy to view.  Enjoyed reading the book and it was easy to follow and informative. This book featured good tips for new business and advertising ideas.  Really liked the fact that this book was easy to understand.  I had already started business but gave me some ideas.  A good book and useful but slightly over priced for a paper back.  Full of loads of ideas and would certainly recommend.   Great book simple but useful a little expensive.  Donna Kirk – Leon & Matilda Aged 2 Years and 1 Year

Product Tested By Sarah Brampton – Maisie Aged 2 Years

Sarah Awarded The Mumpreneur Guide 3.5/5

Not an amazing cover, but interesting topic for me. Book is a bit on the large side (my personal opinion) and cover flimsy.  If this book was in A5 size format then could take with me anywhere as would be perfect fit for my handbag.  I enjoyed reading this book as featured lots of good tips.  Was very methodical, raised many concerns.  I liked the style of writing, easy to grab bits out of it.  It has helped me understand more about setting up your own business and helped to highlight areas of concern.  Content better than appearance.  Maybe slightly pricy for mums on a budget in current climate.  Would recommend to Fellow mums definitely! Everyone looking to earn more money these days.  Not my usual sort of book I would buy, but has given me food for thought. If it was handbag sized with a more appealing cover would be more up my street!  Sarah Brampton – Maisie Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Wan – Oliver 5 Months

Sarah Awarded The Mumpreneur Guide 3/5

It looks good; I was keen to read it.  The book is nicely printed.  The book looks appealing and is well laid out. The books I have on the subject of setting up your own business seem to be a lot bigger with more info.  I found that it didn’t really tell me anything new, and that good, hard advice was thin on the ground – there were too many stories about how other people did it – its good to have a few but this made up most of the book!  I will refer to this, but I did find it very basic.  The idea is great – the book just needs more meat on its bones – to me it felt very bulked out.  Personally I did not feel it taught me anything new. It’s a great idea, just needs to be less basic.  For the price I would choose a more substantial book not just aimed at mums.  I will keep flicking through it now I have it.  This is a really great idea – I have my own business which I am hoping to grow now I am a mum – I am hoping to be a WAHM and not return to work. I have some knowledge or setting up and running a company but I was disappointed with this book. There are too many stories of how other people set up their company – and not enough hard facts. I feel that the book was bulked out – it needs to be more substantial. It’s a really great idea, but it just needs more content. For the money I would sooner buy a generic business book – it might be harder to get through but I would learn something! A really, really good idea though – to me it just needs more work.  Sarah Wan – Oliver 5 Months

Full of loads of ideas and would certainly recommend.


Donna Awarded The Mumpreneur Guide 4/5

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