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The MuTu Focus Program

MuTu Focus is the alternative to our MuTu System 12 Week Program, designed especially for women who want to avoid all intensive exercise, whether out of personal preference or for medical reasons. MuTu Focus is ‘just the core and alignment part’ of our main program, and deals purely with restoring core and pelvic floor function, narrowing a diastasis recti through alignment adjustments and gentle reconnection and strengthening of the core muscles. You won’t break a sweat and it won’t directly help you lose weight, but it is gentle, safe and effective.

**Since this review was carried out MuTu have now replaced the Facebook page with a MuTu connect forum and this provides constant support 7 days a week for all MuTu Mamas**

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The MuTu Focus Program Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Amber Stevenson

Amber Awarded
The MuTu Focus Program 4/5

Positive, I
like the idea of it and I think videos are a brilliant way to understand and do
the exercise programme at your own convenience. The website looks bright and
fresh being white, makes it easy to read and see. It is split up into easy to
follow sections. The only criticism is that it can look a bit bland at
times. I think the instructions are
helpful and very informative. The only thing I didn’t like is at times more so
with the science class I found it slightly patronising. I did feel better for
participating in the programme. Once I got into a routine with the programme I
found it easy to stick to and quite enjoyed participating and exercising. I did
notice that my stomach did feel more toned. I think it is value for money,
considering how much money would be spending going to the gym etc.; however
this is not something that I would ordinarily purchase as I would find this
expensive. I did enjoy participating in the programme and it was specifically
tailored which was nice. It is a good programme which is easy to stick to and
specifically targets the problem areas ‘mummy tummy’! I would definitely
recommend the programme as I am sure quite a few of my friends would benefit
from the programme. Good programme, informative, overall positive thoughts
about the programme. I think the programme is good and I did enjoy
participating in it. I like the science behind it and how it is explained and I
also the different phases, demos and workouts. I think videos are easy to watch
and it allows you to do it in your own time and convenience and progress when
appropriately. Being able to watch the videos also helps to ensure you are
doing the exercises correctly. Amber Stevenson

Tested By
Mary Carter

Mary Awarded
The MuTu Focus Program 4.5/5

interesting and have been looking for an easy to follow and use exercise
programme since having my baby. Loved
the fact you could carry out the routine in your own time (when you get a
moment to spare). The videos are well
presented and easy to follow. The
website is informative, easy to use and details lots of information on exercise
programme and diet etc., found this very helpful. Being a busy mum it was not always easy to set
aside time for my routine, but once I got the hand of it I did manage to stick
to the routine and carry out the programme on a regular basis. I feel better in myself, my posture has
improved and most importantly my stomach looks and feels more toned. This is good value as my husband goes to the
gym every day and the monthly membership fee is a bit high. I would much prefer to spend my money on this
as worked well for me. This is a good
easy to follow programme and I feel much better in myself now. I will continue to carry on with this and
have already recommended to friends and family.
The videos are very helpful and show you exactly how to carry out the
exercise programme which is a great help.
Not always easy to find time when you are a new mum but this is
definitely worth the investment and I feel fitter and more confident in
myself. Mary Carter

Tested By
Suzann Mason

Awarded The MuTu Focus Program 4/5

Easy to use
website, the program sounds appealing and ideal for a post-natal mum. Really
easy to navigate with clear menus and a good search facility. It is great that you can cast the videos to
the television from your tablet, laptop or phone and can also download a cheat
sheet in PDF format. I found this useful once I knew the routines well as I
could use it as a quick reference. Wendy who is the instructor in the videos
was good and her instructions were clear. However it was slightly annoying that
she did the repetitions so quickly on the video as when you are first learning
this means having to pause the video, which means getting up off the floor and
then getting back down into position to repeat the rest of the set at your own
pace. The background noises are sometimes irritating and can make it difficult
at times to hear exactly what Wendy is telling you to do. Lots of information about diastasis recti on
the website and the instructor is very informative. She is clearly very
passionate about helping mums and I really liked her approach. I think the
diastasis recti gap has improved and it has helped more with my posture. It is
a lot more expensive than a DVD box set which would offer a similar package as
the programme is delivered via videos which you can watch online. However, you
do also get some online support and there is lots of information on the website
too. However, it is cheaper than having to attend a class. I completed the 12
week programme. The main reason I wouldn’t recommend this is that I felt the
first two stages were a little too easy for me but I gave it the two weeks as
suggested. This was a little demotivating because it meant repeating the same
exercises without feeling any benefit at first. However it did give a sound
foundation for moving on to the other exercises. I think this programme works
but could be more interesting. The movements are very gentle and you have to
complete each stage for at least two weeks before moving on. I did look through the Facebook page but it
was mostly other people following the programme chatting to each other rather
than on-hand support. It would be great to have a MuTu person on the page to
offer support. I did see some progress
across the 12 weeks but it felt very slow and, because the exercises build on
each other, became very repetitive. Also
some of the exercises involved using a step or other equipment so that meant
then having to get everything out each time. This meant that you couldn’t do
the exercises if you were away from home. However the exercises only took about
15 minutes each day and that’s really good when you have a young family to look
after. Also, the exercise was gentle so that would make them ideal for a
postnatal mum. Overall, it is a good idea but I think it could do with some
minor adjustments. Suzann Mason


I think the programme is good and I did enjoy participating in it. I like the science behind it and how it is explained and I also the different phases, demos and workouts. I think videos are easy to watch and it allows you to do it in your own time and convenience and progress when appropriately. Being able to watch the videos also helps to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. 


Amber Awarded The MuTu Focus Program 4/5

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