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The MuTu System 12 Week Programme

Thousands of Moms worldwide have experienced the benefits of MuTu System, the amazing 12-week postpartum fitness program with an incredible track record for building body confidence inside and out, for restoring core function, aiding fat loss and improving strength, tone and fitness. This proven, post-baby coaching program can help you! ✢

**Since this review was carried out MuTu have now replaced the Facebook page with a MuTu connect forum and this provides constant support 7 days a week for all MuTu Mamas**

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The MuTu System 12 Week Programme Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Stephanie Wright

Awarded The MuTu System 12 Week Programme 4.4/5

My initial
impression of this product was the website was really well thought out and very
clear on what you need to do. When I
watched the first couple of videos I was slightly confused as it talked about a
food diary and I did not know where to find that. But after sending a quick email I was soon
told where to find it. I found the
programme very informative and the instructions were very clear and easy to
follow. I was unable to do all the
activities due to having joint problems.
I struggled with some of the exercises but the ones I was able to
complete in the 12 weeks of doing them I have found I am improving with those
and my core muscles are improving. For a
12 week programme I think the price is good compared to other 12 weeks
programmes available. This is
competitively priced and you get a lot for your money. This is not something I think I could do on a
long term basis because walking bare foot constantly is not good for my feet or
joints. I understand the concept and it
makes complete sense, but I am extremely flat footed so I have to wear
supported shoes and insoles as much as possible. I would recommend this programme to anyone
who does not have pain in their feet or joints. I think the product overall is
very good. It is clear and simple to
follow and explains the process well. This programme is so easy to follow, it
is informative and makes you understand what will help and why. I personally struggled but that is due to my
own problems. I believe if I had not had
these problems I would have seen a major improvement. I am really pleased I got to try out this
programme as it made me think more about what I do on a day to day basis to
improve my health and wellbeing.Stephanie Wright

Tested By
Hayley Topley

Hayley Awarded
The MuTu System 12 Week Programme 4.5/5

and different approach to helping mums tone up. I found it a little difficult
to navigate at times. The science videos and explanations for why exercises are
done and how they help are great. Unfortunately I haven’t moved past the first
couple of weeks of the programme as life and work are very hectic at the
moment, and I’ve been trying to take some time out for myself to relax in
amongst it all rather than throwing in time during the day that I have to
exercise. It’s just not been the ideal time for me to work it through to
completion I’m afraid. I think it offers very good value for money considering
the extensive videos and workouts offered, plus the fact that the membership is
for life and can be returned to at any point. I would definitely recommend. I
have many friends with young children who have had varying issues whilst trying
to get back into shape and would really enjoy trying out MuTu. I would likely
give a 5/5 if I’d finished the course, but can’t give the full score without
having been through it all to be able to comment. Overall I’ve enjoyed the aspects
I was able to use so far and think this is a great and empowering programme for
mums who want to reclaim a little bit of how their bodies used to be. The
online community is brilliant and very supportive from
what I’ve seen also – Wendy Powell has created a brilliant thing! Hayley Topley

Tested By
Samantha Jones

Awarded The MuTu System 12 Week Programme 3.5/5

My first
impression was looked complicated. Very
easy to use the website. Plans and videos were very easy to navigate using the
menus. I found the instructions easy to follow at first but when I was trying
to put into practice I found it very difficult to connect the muscles being
discussed in the video. I only managed to complete week one and kept repeating
this as life just kept getting in the way as well as a 1yr old that is very
clingy and does not sleep. I didn’t see or feel any changes as I did not follow
the programme long enough. Even though I didn’t complete it, I would say yes it
does offer value for money from my experience with the information from the
first week on diet and exercise. Now things have calmed down at home I would
try and complete this programme. I wouldn’t recommend this product as my family
and friends would not buy into it because of how much commitment is needed. My
friends would not give up their heels and wear flat shoes for the rest of the
life! I am an organised person but the commitment I felt was needed to
invest in using this product was too great for me being a first time mum. If my
little girl slept well, I would have had the energy to really make a go of it
but I just couldn’t so I only got as far as week one. I felt that it was all or
nothing with this product and while I was prepared to exercise and adjust my
diet, I was not prepared to spend money on special flat shoes that would help
my posture. Samantha



I am really pleased I got to try out this programme as it made me think more about what I do on a day to day basis to improve my health and wellbeing. 


Stephanie Awarded The MuTu System 12 Week Programme 4.4/5

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