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The Newborn Sensory Box

The Award Winning Newborn Sensory Box has been specifically created to introduce you and your new baby (or babies) to the world of sensory play. It focuses on supporting your babies visual development; which at birth is pretty fuzzy, as well as supporting their other senses and providing comfort and encouraging bonding in those important yet precious first few weeks.

Contents of the box includes:
🔸️ 1 x black and white board book
🔸️ 2 x hand-painted monochrome wooden blocks
🔸️ 1 x monochrome sensory ribbon wand
🔸️ 1 x tag blanket
🔸️ 1 x soft rattle
🔸️ 1 x white or black sensory scarf
🔸️ A guide detailing your babies development as well as ideas on how to introduce the items.

All the items included serve a purpose and will grow with your baby as they start exploring the world around them. The Newborn Sensory Box makes the perfect gift for a mom to be at her baby shower, or to send directly as a gift to a new born baby. Just let us know if you require a gift note to be added.  Suitable from newborn – 3 Months.

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Price £39.87 Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2020 Baby Toys, Christmas Gifts & Gifts Categories 

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The Newborn Sensory Box Reviews

Product Tested By Kirstie Awan – Adam 6 Weeks

Kirstie Awarded The Newborn Sensory Box 4.6/5

The box arrived well packaged with a personal hand written message inside the box, the package was a little bigger than i expected, the items inside were well presented with tissue paper lining the inside of the box. The box also contained an ‘instruction’ book giving information on the stages of development and how to use the contents. The concept is great, giving people everything they need along with the information on how to use the items and the reason behind it means that it can be used as a one stop resource for baby. I would think this would be even more beneficial to a first time parent . The items contained within the box all seem to be of a good quality and all have specific developmental purpose, the items are easy to use following the instructions included. The items are varied and are gender neutral. Having used the items in the box over a few weeks I can see that my baby’s reaction to each item has started to change and he is now able to fix and follow the different items and tries to grab at different items. It is difficult to say how much the sensory box has changed/supported what would have happened developmentally anyway but we have certainly enjoyed using the items and it has focused our play more. We used all of the items included in the box. I liked the book and being able to talk to him about the different animals and include his big brothers when they were present. His favourite item was the ribbon wand, my son loved looking at the different strands and feeling the ribbons running on his skin. We used the items most weekdays whilst my 2 older boys were at school/nursery. All of the items were useful and had their own purpose. This was totally age suitable for my newborn and we will continue to use the various items in different ways as he grows. I think this would make an excellent baby gift and one that is more unique than the usual gifts as well as being more practical. I had seen all of the individual items previously but never together as a set for this specific purpose and never with a guide of how to use them. I think you could buy/make the items in the box cheaper but for the quality and the information you also get, the box is good value and as a gift the box is ideal. For me the booklet of information in a well set out format giving pointers about using the items was most valuable. Having this kit gave me a much better idea of more focused play and also gave me the information about recognising when my baby had had enough. the products were all lovely the only one I would love to see improved is the comforter blanket, it is quite plain compared to the visual impact of the other items, some bolder pattern on the ribbons would look great. The box is a little expensive but the information and quality are great. I would buy this as a gift for a close friend/family member. I would recommend as the developmental information and play ideas are excellent and the items included are very user friendly and appropriate. this box is excellent but maybe a little expensive. My son and I have enjoyed using this box and I have been able to use the items in the ways describe in the information booklet to give him an enjoyable sensory experience. Kirstie Awan – Adam 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Sarah Culley – Maya 3 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Newborn Sensory Box 4.2/5

well presented in a nice delivery box that matched the black and white theme and looked smart. I think sensory activities are very good for babies and thought the idea of one box with all of the useful activities and toys in it together was a really good idea. The ribbon wand, sensory scarf and textured tag blanket got my attention straight away as I knew they would be ideal for a newborn baby. I was unsure about the blocks and book as I was not sure if Maya would respond to them at such a young age. I think that it all being in black and white is ideal and matches the developmental stage of a newborn. I have not yet used the wooden blocks or the book as Maya is still not alert enough to focus on these. I do however think they are a good idea to have in the box because it will ensure longevity and means that I can continue to use the contents as she becomes more alert and aware of her surroundings. The ribbon wand was my favourite because it was good for sensory touch and also the visual purpose of the floating black and white. It was delicate enough to run through the fingers of a newborn baby. She has started to focus on the ribbon wand when it is hung in front of her and reacts the sensory scarf also. The ribbon wand is definitely a favourite for both of us. The items that have been used I would use almost daily. I have found 3 of the items useful so far, but I think all of them will be useful in time. I think I have only found 3 useful so far due to the age of Maya. Birth to 3 months is a good age range because I can definitely see Maya continuing to respond to all of the items until she is over 3 months.  This would definitely make and ideal gift for new parents and a baby shower gift. I had not heard of the blocks before but was happy to be introduced to them. I have not priced up the items individually. Initially it seems quite expensive but the items are all good quality and the instructions that come with the box are really useful so I think it would be worth the money as a gift.  I really liked the instruction book as it had really useful tips in it. The quality of the products in the box are all good quality and durable.  Value for money really depends on what you want the box for. As a combined gift with the tips and instructions it makes it worth the money. If you just want the items then you could probably get them cheaper individually. I would buy it as a gift for someone else but probably not for myself. I would recommend if they were looking to buy a new baby gift and were happy to spend that amount of money. I have a not given full marks because I have not had the opportunity to use all of the products yet.  It has been a positive experience and I found the tips and explanation book very useful to help me to use the items in a way that would be most beneficial to my baby. Sarah Culley – Maya 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Jemma Louise Williams – Rory 12 Weeks

Jemma Awarded The Newborn Sensory Box 4.2/5

I was very impressed with the packaging and contents and thought it would make a lovely gift. Having ran Baby Sensory classes a few years ago I thought the concept was brilliant. I also thought if the company could sell through baby sensory they could potentially sell hundreds of boxes. I was really impressed with the contents especially for the money. The handmade wooden blocks were a lovely addition however I possibly would switch these for fabric versions as I felt they were too hard to have round a newborn in case they accidentally hurt them, especially with a toddler who also took a liking to them. The strong contrast between the black and white contents definitely helped with Rory’s vision. He was tracking the ribbon toy which we attached to his play gym and he followed it when moving it from side to side. The black and white book allowed him to focus on the different animals and this was a great addition for tummy time.  We did use all the items in the box, however we did put the blocks away just because we were worried that our toddler may throw them and possibly hurt Rory.  Our favourite item was definitely the book. This kept Rory entertained for short periods of time and he was fascinated by the contrasting pictures. Rory interacted with all items, however he is now using the chiffon scarf as a comforting and so this was definitely a favourite of his. I can honestly say bar the blocks we have used the items every day. Every single item was useful bar the blocks. The box contents provided such a variation of toys with different play values that enabled us to include black and white experiences in every aspect of Rory’s playtime. I fell the age suitability newborn to 3 months is ideal for this box. I will definitely be buying this as gift for friends and family who have newborn’s. The packaging and contents are just lovely and the booklet included helps guide those who may not understand the importance of the contents and how to interact with it with their baby. I was aware of all the branded products supplied in this box. This is definitely good value.  I liked the fact all of items I felt were important for newborn’s were packaged so I didn’t have to search and try to order individual items. Items ranged from handmade wooden items to good quality chiffon scarfs. We have had chiffon scarves with our previous children and I have used them whilst running baby sensory classes and once thrown in the wash they usually don’t survive. However this scarf supplied has survived several washes already. The items brought individually would amount to a lot more than the box costs. I would buy this box as I feel the box is good value for money and has a wide range of toys that my son has thoroughly enjoyed playing with. I would recommend as it is very informative, supportive of baby’s visual development and great value for money. I have not given full marks only due to the fact that the contents contained wooden blocks which personally I feel are just not suitable for a newborn box especially with parents who have other small children. This to me felt such a shame as the blocks were hand painted and looked lovely but If I had paid for the box I would have felt like I had wasted a bit of my money as I wasn’t able to use them.  We have thoroughly enjoyed testing the newborn box. The contents have been fun and stimulating for Rory and have helped him with his visual development. The book has helped him with tummy time and kept his focus long enough for him to not worry about being on his front and we are massively grateful for the chiffon scarf which he enjoys running through his fingers as a comforter whilst  drinking his milk and when feeling sleepy. Jemma Louise Williams – Rory 12 Weeks

The box is a little expensive but the information and quality are great. I would buy this as a gift for a close friend/family member. I would recommend as the developmental information and play ideas are excellent and the items included are very user friendly and appropriate. this box is excellent but maybe a little expensive. My son and I have enjoyed using this box and I have been able to use the items in the ways describe in the information booklet to give him an enjoyable sensory experience.


Kirstie Awarded The Newborn Sensory Box 4.6/5

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