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The No Tray High Chair

The No-Tray High Chair is the iconic children’s chair, perfect for both home and restaurant use.
Letting Your Little One Join In. While it can be tempting to just "get Baby fed”, don’t you agree that mealtimes are an essential element to any family environment? And shouldn’t that mean including the whole family?
If you’ve used traditional plastic high chairs with trays (or at least know the ones we mean), you’ll know how much room they take up. They also push your child away from the table – but the No Tray High Chair brings them up close, so they can learn from watching you and feel that they are joining in with the family.Award-Winning Design
The No Tray High Chair has won Best Value in Mother & Baby magazine’s 2010/2011 Awards for High Chair category. The Silver Award 2010/2011 from Practical Parenting in High Chair category and has just been short-listed for Best Highchair in the upmarket Junior magazine. Read entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den winner Neil Westwood’s comments and all the rave reviews in the press and from customers here.Safety
Your child’s safety is of primary importance. While some wooden high chairs on the market have proven to be prone to tilting, the "A-frame” design centralizes your child’s weight and completely removes the risk of pushing it over.
With the compact footprint of a standard dining chair, our high chair’s streamlined appearance belies its rock-solid stability. It fully conforms to current safety standard BS EN 14988:2006 parts 1& 2 and comes with a wraparound buckle to keep your child strapped in. For those more restless "phases”, an optional 3-point harness is also available. Easy to Clean The No-Tray High Chair’s simple wipe-clean surface means no little crevices to scrape out food from. Proven Performance With over 25 years’ service in the UK (many of which are still in use today!), the No Tray High Chair is elegant, practical and built to last. A standard feature in restaurants nationwide, including the Pizza Express, KFC, Las Iguanas and Barracuda groups, you and your child are probably already familiar with the No Tray High Chair!Quality of manufacture. Made in the EU from hard-wearing birch wood, each chair is hand-sanded to ensure smooth, rounded edges and a bespoke feel you’d expect from a much more expensive piece of furniture.
There is no compromise on quality. While most other chairs are now made in the Far East, to varying degrees of quality, we’ve stayed true to the original look and feel of the chair, using the gorgeous, hardwearing birchwood, still sourced and manufactured in the Baltic region.  Retaining the coloured balls is also key to maintaining the No Tray High Chair’s identity and setting it apart from the competition. Why settle for a cheap imitation?
Environmentally friendly 

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The No Tray High Chair Reviews

Product Tested by: Lauren Searle – Emily & Lilly 3 Years & 9 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Searle – Emily & Lilly 3 Years & 9 Months

Lauren Awarded The No-Tray Highchair 5/5

Great sturdy, really easy to put together! Simple instructions. Yes safe for my 3 year old & was perfect for my baby at 4-7 months when weaning, at 8 months my baby could get out & as there was no harness she found this quite easy, but it clearly doesn’t come with a harness so isn’t really suitable for escaping babies. Really easy to clean. The seat unit fitted perfectly under our dining room table. I found this highchair to be very versatile. I think this is superb value for money. I would consider purchasing for my eldest daughter. I would recommend due to just how simple it is and makes the child feel grown up sat at the table whilst safe at the same time. Again as stated my youngest does stand up in this chair, but for my 3 year old who can safely climb in & out herself it is excellent, it’s really sturdy and looks like part of our furniture. Lauren Searle – Emily & Lilly 3 Years & 9 Months

Product Tested by Vicky Hunter – Leo 15 Months

Vicky Awarded The No-Tray Highchair 4.2/5

Packaging was very plain but on opening the box the highchair parts looked very sturdy and good quality. I was a little concerned when I saw the instructions as they seemed very minimal but they really are all you need. The instructions were very easy to follow and the highchair was quick to assemble. The seat is wooden so probably not as comfortable as the padded type. This could be easily solved if the manufacturers made a compatible seat cushion. Leo could easily climb out of the highchair if not strapped in. The highchair is completely wooden so very easy to keep clean. It’s the perfect height for our dining table and means Leo can be part of family dining, as its solid wood it is not really portable like the folding highchairs and it does not convert to a low chair like some of the other wooden ones do. However, it should be suitable until Leo is old enough to use a dining chair with a booster. It is a similar price to other wooden highchairs and very sturdy. Leo enjoys dining at the table rather than beside it. However, I would suggest not getting it in blue because the paint does come off if you use anything other than water to clean it. We very much enjoyed using this product as it enabled Leo to actively participate in mealtimes. I felt that it was a really well made and aesthetically pleasing highchair. I do worry that the seat is not the most comfortable for Leo as it is just wooden but he doesn’t seem to mind! Vicky Hunter – Leo 15 Months

Product Tested By Julian Sheering – Heidi 2 Years

Julian Awarded The No-Tray Highchair 4.6/5

Looked good quality, well-made and good design concept. Instructions easy to follow and very easy to assemble. Heidi looked comfortable and seemed safe enough in this highchair. She did wriggle a bit at meal times but was pleased to be part of the family and see us all sitting round the table and join in. Would not use this highchair for a younger baby. Easy to wipe clean. Fitted perfectly round our dining room table and perfect height. Will last for years so good value for money. I would purchase this item as well designed and sturdy. Have already recommended. Well-designed highchair that enables your child to join in the fun at mealtimes with all the family. Julian Sheering – Heidi 2 years


Lauren Awarded The No-Tray Highchair 5/5

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