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The Oopsie

The Oopsie headguard has been designed as a safety aid, to help protect babies who are crawling and learning to walk.  It is not guarangeed to prevent injury.  Materials – Non toxic E.V.A foam filling to absorb shock and cushion impact.  Polyester/Cotton Cover.  Hand was, or gentle machine wash.  Dry in shade.

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£19.99 Available to purchase online or click online for stockist details

The Oopsie Reviews

Product Tested By Janice Porter – Baby Alex 10 Months

Janice Awarded The Oopsie 3.8/5

When this arrived thought what a good idea as I have an active inquisitve baby boy who has just started to walk.  Website OK, only features this item, but easy to use. Packaging good and you can clearly see the product you are purchasing.  Instructions are easy to follow as fairly basic product to use.  I did have a bit of trouble at first getting it onto Alex’s head as was not keen to wear this.  However, we persevered and eventually Alex got used to wearing this indoors (he could pull it off easily though). It was a reasonable fit, but did fall off a few times.  Was useful as Alex is into everything now and just starting to walk so not too steady on his feet and this did prevent a few knocks on the head for sure.  I feel this is a good idea, but maybe need to improve the fitting as did fall off a few times and also not something I would use when we are outside as really more for home use. The quality is OK not amazing but the price is far too high.  If this was around the £6-£7 price range would consider purchasing it, but feel £19.99 is too expensive.  We will use it at home and it has helped prevent a few nasty knocks due to Alex being into everything so worth considering purchasing if you have an active baby on the move. Also easy to wash and comes in a variety of colours.  A good idea, helps cushions a few knocks and bumps with active baby, but feel quality does not match the high price for this item. Janice Porter – Baby Alex 10 Months  

Product Tested By Amy Orsini – Baby Francesco 11 Months

Amy Awarded The Oopsie 3.3/5

Good idea, let’s see if it works. The website is basic as there is only one product but gives all necessary information about the Oopsie – what it is made of, the inspiration for it’s creation, instructions on it’s use, stockists, contact details and the option to buy it now online.  Packaging recyclable which is good- it comes in a cardboard box.  There is a picture of a child wearing the Oopsie so you have an idea of its purpose and instructions are included.  The instructions are fairly straightforward as there are only a few pieces to fit together.  I found it hard to get the Oopsie to stay on my son’s head – partly because he kept pulling it off and partly because he wouldn’t stay still long enough to allow me to get it to size!  I don’t know that the bottom strip is necessary – I couldn’t get it to stay on very well but again, my son is a wriggler!   I think the concept is a good one.  Children are always falling over or bumping their heads on corners no matter how careful and attentive you are as a parent.  However I also believe that is how they learn.  I am obviously in favour of protecting my child from bumps and bruises but while I did attempt to use this at home I can’t say that I would use it in public.  I think I may have considered purchasing it looking at the product and then I would have changed my mind having seen the price!  In my opinion £19.99 is far too much for what it is (3 terry toweling strips with Velcro at each end and foam inside) and considering that my son wouldn’t wear it, for me it would not have been good value for money.  I can see the benefits of using the Oopsie if your child concedes to wearing it and if you are consistent in using it.  As I mentioned above, I don’t think it is something I would use in public even if my son were happy to wear it.  In theory I would use it around the home but I would not class it as an essential item.  My son would not keep his Oopsie on.  I can see how it would in theory work and protect them from bumps, but it does leave parts of the head uncovered.  The quality is fine and I like that it is machine washable.  In my opinion £19.99 is far too much money for what the Oopsie actually is (terry toweling stuffed with foam with Velcro at each end).  I appreciate that there may be overheads to meet and you could argue that your Childs safety has no price, however, when you consider that you can buy a stairgate for less, which, in my opinion, is an essential item for mobile babies, I can’t say that the Oopsie offers value for money.   A sound idea but expensive and not an essential item.  Amy Orsini – Baby Francesco 11 Months. 

Product Tested By Emilly Lloyd – Baby Elizabeth 11 Months

Emilly Awarded The Oopsie 4/5

Had seen these at the baby shows so was interested to try one out.  Looked a good idea. Website just has this item on offer, but is informative and tells you about the history of this product. Good packaging easy to see item you are purchasing. Instructions are a breeze as fairly simple to use.  Like all things trial and error getting them to wear this, but once they get used to it they tend to keep on longer each time. It can be adjusted, but did find every so often Emilly managed to pull this off.  This did cushion fall and near misses into chairs and doors, so has some effect.  The overall design and idea is good, just needs a bit of tweeking to ensure a good fit for all head sizes, and I am sure then it will perform really well.  Ideal to use at home, but feel bit too soft for outdoor use, would need something stronger especially if they fall on hard pavement.  Did prevent a few nasty knocks, price could come down as rather on the high side but well worth giving this item a trial.  If it keeps your baby safe at home and is soft and easy to wear then that puts your mind at rest.  We will continue to use at home only and must admit it is also easy to wash so can keep clean at all times.  Emilly Lloyd – Baby Elizabeth 11 Months

Good idea, helps cushions a few knocks and bumps with active baby.


The Oopsie Stockist Information
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  • Tel: 01373 301220.
  • Address: Baby Bumper Ltd
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