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The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper

The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper provides the following:100cm Firm Foam Wedge*Safe Solution For ALL bedsEasy To Fit – No AssemblyFits Under Most Standard SheetsDiscreet, Cosy & SecureLightweight Bed Guard Ideal For TravelSafe To Sit On At Story Time.
Product Details
100cm (L) x 12.5cm (H) x 13.5cm (W)Protects 71% of the open side of a cotbed & 53% of a standard single bedMade of 100% new polyurethane foamFully safety tested and certified to meet all necessary UK Safety StandardsSupplied in re-usable high quality grey flexible plastic tubing. Perfect for product storage/transportationNon-slip texture keeps it in place all night longPale yellow colour which sits discreetly under all bed linen with no show-throughNo ‘baby-ish’ high sides on the bed meaning your little one really does feel ‘big’ nowStop duvets, dummies, teddies and all other bedtime ‘friends’ from falling on the floor*All non UK orders will be shipped in 50cm pieces

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The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper Reviews

Product Tested by: Amanda Woodall – Kianna 2 Years


Product Tested By Amanda Woodall – Kianna 2 Years

Amanda Awarded The Original Bed Bumper 4.9/5

I thought this looked very basic. The packaging was great and the instructions were very easy to follow. The size of the bumper is great and is not bulky at all and very easy to use and put on the bed. It takes up very little space when in use and doesn’t affect the comfort of the bed. My daughter kept very safe and comfortable throughout the night and she has not fallen out whilst using this. It looked very basic but a good price. I would prefer it if it had a washable cover that could be removed. I would consider buying it now that I have tested it. I would also recommend it to others who have younger children. Overall, I think it is very basic but does the job and not too bulky either. Amanda Woodall – Kianna 2 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Akehurst – Ollie 18 Months

Joanne Awarded The Original Bed Bumper 4.6/5

I thought that this Bed Bumper looked good. The packaging was ok. It just came in a plastic wrapper, could do with a reusable travel cover/case for it. The instructions were very easy to follow. The size of the bumper was great and was very easy to put on my sons bed. It is quite soft so when my child is leaning on it he is quite comfy, only thing is that it does make the bed quite a bit smaller, even more so if you were to use 2. He was comfortable throughout the night and didn’t fall out while using the bed guard. He was able to get out of the bed while this was in use, with other bigger bed guards this might be a problem. This product offers great value for money. I would consider buying this now and have already recommended it to friends and family. I think that overall the bumper is really good but when using with a cot bed it does make the sleeping space quite small & this is just with using one bumper, if you were to use one either side there would hardly be any sleeping space at all. Joanne Akehurst – Ollie 18 Months

Product Tested By Emily Turner – Tru Age 2 Years

Emily Awarded The Original Bed Bumper 4.7/5

It seems a very simple but useful idea. The packaging was very minimal and little to encourage you to buy the product. Very clear how to use the product although it’s not a difficult concept anyway. Lovely size if your child is in a standard single bed and the quality of the foam is very good.  Very easy, simply place under the sheet and make the bed as normal. I found my daughter quite liked to cuddle upto the bumper; perhaps it made her feel more secure. Again no problems as far as comfort the foamis very flexible and soft. We had no accidents whilst using this product although I would say it would be extremelydifficult for the child to fall out when using on a cot bed as it almost covered the entire length.  The problem with this is that it struck me that perhaps to use this on a cot bed is almost no different to leaving the cotsides on. Although quite bulky the foamis so soft that my daughter could climb over it into bed no problem, in fact it was part of the fun. Much cheaper than standard bed guards with the added bonus you can squash the foam into your suitcase to use away from home so very good value for money. As my daughter is still in a cot bed I think this product almost defeats the point of me removing the sides of her cot and we actually use a rolled up pillow in the same way that this product is intended to be used. Having said that I do think it’s a great product to be used on adult sized single beds. I would recommend this to friends and family if they were intending on purchasing a bed guard as I think it is a much more versatile product and better value for money. Simple idea behind the product but well-made and good value formoney.  Emily Turner – Tru Aged 2years




Overall, I think it is very basic but does the job and not too bulky either.


Amanda Awarded The Original Bed Bumper 4.9/5

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