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The Original Cuddledry Handsfree Baby Bath Towel

The perfect new baby gift this Multi-award winning – voted 9 times Mumsnet Best Apron-style – keeps hands free for bathing and lifting and keeps you dry. Long and luxurious – cocoons and cuddles baby quickly dry. Pure unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibre. Safe and secure – makes bathing a stress-free, natural, bonding time. Silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying. Unique double-layer system with hood – draws water away from baby’s skin and hair

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2018 Bath Time Accessories Category

£29.99 Available online

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Bathtime Accessories Category

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£29.99 Available online

The Original Cuddledry Handsfree Baby Bath Towel Reviews

Product Tested by: Fiona Craig – Reece 7 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Mollart – Teddy 10 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Cuddledry Hands Free Towel 5/5

The towel came in a box, which I wasn’t expecting. It made the towel a bit more special having it presented that way. The style is very unique and a brilliant idea. It would be helpful if there was an option to have the hood part of the towel on either side. My husband struggled using it as he is left handed and prefers to carry our son in his right arm. Instructions are easy to read and understand. Very straightforward.I found it easier to use than my husband did, due to him being left handed. It was great; my son is at an age now where he splashes in the bath so I’m normally soaked at the end of bath time. The towel protected my clothes perfectly.The towel is lovely and big; it kept my son very warm and snuggly after his bath. Much better than a normal baby towel. The hands free aspect was a help sometimes. I struggle to hold a normal baby towel up and get him out of the bath without dropping the towel. Having the option to keep the towel fastened around my neck was a big help. Dried a wet baby up really quickly, even when he was trying to crawl away! He was warm and toasty as soon as he was lifted out of the bath. The towel covered his whole body and his head, much better than normal baby towels. The towel was perfect for my needs. My son was covered beautifully. The material was soft and snuggly. It felt very luxurious and kept my son warm after his bath. I would use this every bath time which was 4 times a week. Very easy to launder just popped in the washing machine and dryer with no issues. The towel is amazing quality. Lovely materials used. Superb value as it is a brilliant idea and the materials used make the towel a must have item for new parents!I loved the fact that it kept me dry while my son was splashing away and I could get him out of the bath and wrap him up straight away without dropping the towel on the floor or in the bath. I would purchase this. It’s a brilliant product. An amazing idea and really helpful to parents of newborns all the way up to wiggly infants. I would certainly recommend. It’s a lovely item and a really good idea. We have enjoyed testing it and will definitely be recommending it to all my new parent friends and family. The product is amazing. The materials were lovely, the packaging was great. The idea behind the towel is a very good one. Fabulous experience. My son was kept warm and snuggly and I was kept nice and dry at bath time! If an option to have a choice with the hood orientation was possible it would make the product completely perfect. Kirsty Mollart – Teddy 10 Months

Product Tested By Natasha Dowling – Blake 4 Weeks

Natasha Awarded The Cuddledry Hands Free Towel 5/5

My first impressions were that it was a professional company. The towel looked and felt like great quality. I was very eager to use it. Great style. Extremely helpful when trying to get a newborn out of the bath. Both hands are free. Instruction were clear and simple with pictures to demonstrate exactly how to use the towel. Very helpful. Product was very easy to use, very easy to understand. The apron style was my favourite thing about the towel. It made taking my newborn out of the bath and drying him so much easier. Totally stress free, baby was instantly warm and close to me after being taken out the bath and I was kept dry. The side of the apron that goes against my clothes/skin was extremely soft and comfortable. My baby was extremely comfortable especially being able to be so close to me without me worrying about getting wet. The towel is a nice size and wraps around baby so he feels warm. The hands free aspect of the towel made bath time totally stress free and relaxed. I was not worried about having to juggle holding the towel whist taking baby out of the bath along with getting all wet.The absorbency is fantastic as baby was mostly dry before I even unwrapped him, I didn’t need to rub him too much. The towel also wasn’t soaking wet after drying him. Baby was happy and warm whilst wrapped in the towel.Towel is a great size, bigger than most we’ve used. Wrapped baby up completely with extra towel left over.The towel was super soft on both sides. The side facing me was so soft, warm and comfortable. The towel side was also very soft and absorbent. Soft for baby’s skin and not at all harsh on his skin.We used this 3-4 times a week at the moment, will definitely be using it daily when baby starts being bathed daily.Very easy to launder just follow washing instructions. Towel was still in brand new quality after several washes.Amazing quality really impressed. The towel is soft and comfortable. It washes really well and is still as soft as when I first opened it. Definitely value for money. I’d happily pay the price of the towel if I knew how great its quality is and how useful and helpful it is. I like how soft the towel is, perfect for my newborns delicate skin, the quality and durability of the material is second to none.I would 100% buy this product, I absolutely love everything about this product.I would recommend as it makes bath times stress free and totally relaxed, especially if you’re a first time parent, bath times can be quite daunting so having a hands free towel takes the stress away from transferring baby from the bath to towel.Absolutely love this product and will use it until my baby has grown out of it, I will also keep it for any future children. I am totally impressed with the quality of materials used. Natasha Dowling – Blake 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Sarah Murphy – Iliyas 5 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Cuddledry Hands Free Towel 5/5

I was impressed with the quality and professional look of the packaging and amazed at how big the towel was. The quality of the towel was beautiful,it felt luxurious and very high end. I was sceptical of the price at first until I felt the towel which was so thick, warm and soft. The added neck and button feature was an excellent destiny feature. The size was so generous that I can see it lasting my new born and further as he grows into a toddler so well worth the money. The colour and material was very luxurious and felt expensive, almost like a plush rug! The added corner hat was good but already a bit small to go over my new born head. The neck feature with button fastening was a brilliant design but the buttons needed a good tug to undo with one hand.Instructions very clear and straight forward. Did exactly what you needed to get the most out of the product. Due to the size of the towel yes it was excellent to drape over and carry my baby whilst completely covering him. I did find the buttons on the neck feature were difficult to undo with just one hand whilst holding baby in other.I loved the apron style it came in so handy and was further complimented by the generous size of the towel. Only downside is the corner flap to cover babies head is too small now and he is only a newborn. Also as mentioned above the buttons were secure and sturdy but perhaps a little too much as they were difficult to undo with one hand. Maybe Velcro or just one button would be better? My baby was very comfortable in this towel. This made him feel snug, secure and warm again due to lovely soft material which stayed soft after washing but the head covering was too small. I can’t believe no one else has thought of this idea until now. I felt more prepared, in control and safe handling my baby and keeping him warm with the added bonus of keeping me dry.Definitely super absorbent. The quality was amazing and dried my baby very quickly whilst also acting as a blanket to soothe and warm him when he got distressed coming out of the bath.It was great peace of mind especially bathing a new born in the cold weather and being anxious to keep him warm. It also acted as a greater soother to swaddle him and even feed him in whilst relaxing him before dressing which is upsetting sometimes for my newborn.The size is a big plus for me and something which impressed me right away. I thought the size was very generous and made the product worth the price tags. It wrapped well right around my newborn and I can see it lasting him when he grows bigger.Quality of material is outstanding. It was evident high quality materials have been used and as mentioned worth the price tag. It was warm, soft for my new born and washed and drifted very well keeping its luxurious soft feel.We used this every other day for bath and underneath baby when washing him top and tail. Very easy to launder I put it on a normal cycle using baby friendly detergent. I was sceptical about it becoming a little thinner or rough but it washed amazing and came out dry like new.It felt and looked expensive. The size, design, colour and feel made it like a luxury item and perfect gift for a new mum. I believe it will last a very long time due to the quality of the materials used and design.I was sceptical at first whether I would spend this amount on myself for a towel but after using it I most definitely would. It now feels like a must have item and I haven’t bothered to use any of my other baby towels I just keep re washing this one. I also believe it would be my first choice in a gift for a new mum due to its size, design and quality.I loved the material and size. It felt like a real treat for my baby to be dried and cocooned in this after his bath. I don’t normally buy high end products and this felt like one for a reasonable price.I would purchase due to its design, size and quality of material. I would certainly recommend. I will definitely keep it in mind also to buy for friends and family as a gift when they have a baby due to its clever design, size and quality of material.Loved the size, luxurious material and ability to dry keep baby warm and maintain its quality after washing and tumble drying.Loved this item and the luxurious soft touch material. It benefited me and my baby very much. It made me feel more prepared and confident at bath time and kept my baby warm and dry making an initial daunting task a more enjoyable one. Sarah Murphy – Iliyas 5 Weeks

We have enjoyed testing it and will definitely be recommending it to all my new parent friends and family. The product is amazing. The materials were lovely, the packaging was great. The idea behind the towel is a very good one. Fabulous experience. My son was kept warm and snuggly and I was kept nice and dry at bath time!


Kirsty Awarded The Cuddledry Hands Free Towel 5/5

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