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The Original Konfidence Jacket

The Original Konfidence Jacket was first released in 1998. Since then it has become a best selling and firm favourite with parents and swimming teachers in over 25 countries world wide. Made from hi-grade soft neoprene offering superb lateral and longitudinal stretch allowing a snug, comfortable fit, the Jacket incorporates 8 internal float pockets which position the buoyancy around the wearer’s torso, and, most importantly, below the water line. This provides the stability to give the wearer confidence and freedom in the water, whilst crucially allowing their arms to be free and unencumbered, to learn and practice swimming strokes. As the wearer’s ability progresses, the floats can be removed in pairs, to reduce the buoyancy, and encourage further development. Eventually all floats are dispensed with and the user is a fully independent swimmer! It is the attention to detail that sets the Original Konfidence Jacket apart from its imitators and ensures you are purchasing the best available;- hi grade neoprene that provides the most snug and secure fit, and reduces the ability of the jacket to move independently of the wearer – soft Lycra binding throughout the Jacket to minimise possibility of chafing from rubbing – Chunky YKK zip to maximise security and parents’ confidence – High neck jacket design to maximise thermal properties and UV properties ( 100% UV Protective ) when worn outdoors. – Trademark Hi Visibility Yellow back as standard on all jackets to increase visibility on beaches or crowded pools.

Winner Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2011, 2013 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 


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The Original Konfidence Jacket Reviews

Product Tested by: Amelia Yeomans – Taylor 3 years

Tested By Amelia Yeomans – Taylor 3 years

Awarded The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket 4.3/5

Lovely colour
and appeared to be good quality. Very good instructions on how to use it. Step
by step instructions of the different stages. My son is 3 and the vest was very
tight on him. He is an average weight for his age and this was disappointing. This was too tight for my son so was not
comfortable wearing this. It helped him
to practise his swimming and meaning that I didn’t have to hold him up the
whole time. Very easy to adjust the buoyancy of the jacket. Simple process that
anyone could do. Dried very quickly due to the material used to make it. I
thought that the design was very eye catching and pretty. My son loved the
design which helped with getting him to wear it. Very good quality, the
material is very strong so should last a long time. Only problem I had was a
couple of loose threads on it when it arrived. The product is fantastic. I just
feel that it is a bit over priced for what it is. The price is a little bit too
high and the sizing is way off. It is a very good product that is easy to use
and effective. Very good product that does a brilliant job. I just feel that the
sizing is a real issue. Overall the product is of brilliant quality that will
last a long time. Amelia Yeomans – Taylor 3 years

Tested By Faye Timmins – Lola 3 years

Faye Awarded
The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket 4.7/5

This looked
bright and colourful and Lola could not wait to try it out. Instructions are very clear and easy to
follow with helpful diagrams. This just
about fitted Lola, but I would have liked a bit more room for growth. Lola wore this for her swimming lessons and
she loved it and said felt comfortable and we also took it away with us on
holiday. Could clearly see her at all
times on the beach as so bright and colourful.
This really did help build her confidence in the water and I was happy
as I did not have to hold her all the time and she has come on in leaps and
bounds using this. Very easy to adjust
the buoyancy. This dried quickly
enough. The quality is great, loved the
design as bright and lovely to look at.
Lola loved wearing this. This is
very well made, hard wearing and does the job very well. Cannot fault the quality. For what you get the price is very
reasonable. Cannot put a price on your Childs
safety in the water. I will but another
one for Lola and will get the next size up so she has room to grow. I have already recommended this to lots of
mums in her swimming class. A great swim
jacket that helps build your childs confidence in the water. We loved it.Faye Timmins – Lola 3 years

Tested By Amy McMichael – Hal 4 years

Amy Awarded
The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket 4/5

Looks really
nice, brightly coloured, definitely catches the eye. Feels good quality. Really straight forward,
easy to follow instructions with helpful diagrams of the product. My son wasn’t
very keen on wearing this; I found it quite difficult to zip up. When it’s actually on it’s quite bulky. We
tried the swim jacket a few times and each time my son wanted it off pretty
quick. It is quite bulky when it’s on.
We tried it with a few of the inner floats removed and he felt it a bit better
to wear. The jacket looks really good; it’s very colourful and caught my little
one’s eye, so he was excited to wear it.
The jacket was helpful as it encouraged my son to try different things
in the pool as his arms were free, as opposed to when he had armbands on. The buoyancy
process was simple enough when we tested it in the living room, but a little
more troublesome when it came to using in the pool, as the unneeded floats had
to be taken back to the locker. We rinsed the jacket after swimming and hung it
to dry and it seemed to dry pretty quickly, it doesn’t seem to retain the water
much anyway. It’s nice and bright, which made it more fun for our son to wear,
as well as making it easier to keep an eye on him. The zip however is really quite chunky and a
little difficult to pull up. Overall the
quality of the product was good. The jacket is very well made and sturdy. The jacket has a high quality feel and is
really bright and fun to look at. Only
issue was the fit of the jacket, it felt really bulky and was quite difficult
to zip up so my son didn’t want to wear for very long in the pool. The jacket
is very reasonably priced and seems very well made. If we were going on holiday, I think I would
buy this product. For everyday swimming
pools its okay but I think in somewhere like a waterpark with lots of slides
and attractions it would be great for extra reassurance. I’d probably buy a size bigger if I was
purchasing the jacket, for a little extra room and comfort. I’ve already said
to a few friends and family taking young kids on holiday that it would be a
worthwhile buy. There were good points and bad points with the jacket. Good points, it’s very colourful and eye
catching, it’s well made, and it encouraged my son to try different things in
the pool and gave us extra reassurance in the pool. Bad points were comfort and fit weren’t
great, the jacket was difficult to fasten and my son found it quite
uncomfortable as it was quite bulky.
Nice product and a nice price would be a great holiday purchase. Amy McMichael – Hal 4 years





Overall the product is of brilliant quality that will last a long time.


Amelia Awarded The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket 4.3/5

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