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The Penguin Thermometer

Multi-use Thermometer – The Penguin. Designed with younger children in mind, this curvy shaped thermometer looks just like a penguin less intimidating to a child

  • Use it against skin or in the ear
  • Totally silent operation why wake your child up when they have a fever?
  • Fast readings just one second – and a ten temperature memory LCD screen
  • Fahrenheit and centigrade readings you choose
  • Automatic power shut off to conserve power
  • Long life AA batteries, disposable probe covers and a travel pouch included


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£29.99 Available to purchase online or click online for local stockist

The Penguin Thermometer Reviews

Product Tested by: Kelli Flanagan - Lily-may & Ruby-Ann Ages 6 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Kelli Flanagan – Lily-may & Ruby-Ann Ages 6 & 2 Years

Kelli Awarded the Penguin Ear Thermometer 5/5

I loved the design of the thermometer; it looked nice, bright, eye-catching and fun. I liked the packaging too, it’s colorful and recyclable. The instructions are easy to read and follow the diagrams were a very useful point of information. The instructions also included a quick guide with an area for you to record your family’s normal temperatures. The thermometer takes the temperature quickly and I had no hassle with it. My 6 year old loved the design and wanted to play with it and take the temperature of everything in the house. She was more than happy for me to point the thermometer in her ear, and my 2 year old was too after seeing her sister use it too. I was able to monitor my 2 year old over a 24 hour period without having to make manual notes which were very handy. The result was almost immediate and they were clear to see even when the thermometer was in her ear. I would definitely consider purchasing this without a doubt; we did have an old fashioned mercury thermometer previously which was hard to read so this is an essential item for any first aid kit. At first I was concerned that the thermometer wasn’t any good because it is so lightweight, but after being handled by my 6 year old I can confirm that it is very solid and well made. A good value for money product once the benefits were realized. Loved the product and cannot find any faults with it but I do think the price will be too high for most families to pay. Kelli Flanagan – Lily-may & Ruby-Ann Ages 6 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Fiona Langley – Annabel 4 years

Fiona Awarded The Penguin Ear Thermometer 5/5

Looked a good quality product to have.  Well made and easy to use and looked like it would last.  Design very good and easy to hold.  Instructions are very easy to follow, and include diagrams which always help. The information given also highlights how to record your family’s temperatures.  This thermometer is easy to us and takes reading quickly.  Annabel did not mind me taking her temperature and was easy, so that was a big plus for me.  You can monitor your child’s temperature over a period of time and also if they do suddenly have high temperature easy to use without any discomfort to your child.  I really loved this and have used it on all the family.  A very well designed thermometer, effective, easy to use and very sturdy.  I would purchase and have already recommended.  The price is high but quality is superb so well worth the investment.  We would not be without ours now.  Fiona Langley – Annabel 4 Years

Product Tested By Sheena Francis – Hilary 12 Months

Sheena Awarded The Penguin Ear Thermometer 4.5/5

Was pleased to have this sent to review as you always need a good thermometer in the home with a young family.  Looked very nice design, liked the colour and looked well make.  The instructions were easy to follow and helped with having diagrams available too.  I was a but nervous at first using this and sticking in Hilary’s ear, but I should not have worried she was fine and found this so easy to use.  Very Hygienic and safe to use on baby and the rest of the family.  Yes as you can guess we have all used this.  Reading is easy to take, clear view of temperature reading and like the fact you can save and monitor your baby’s temperature.  This has come in handy on so many occasions.  I would purchase this item as brilliant quality, a little bit expensive but will last so at the end of the day a good investment.  Have already recommended.  Would have been top marks if the price had been lower.  A very high quality thermometer which is easy to use, gives accurate readings and the only one we use now.  Sheena Francis – Hilary 12 Months.

A good value for money product once the benefits were realized. Loved the product and cannot find any faults with it.


Kelli Awarded the Penguin Ear Thermometer 5/5

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