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The PG UK Pregnancy Countdown Book

No other book on the market uses this countdown approach. Practical and entertaining advice in easy-to-read format makes this an ideal addition to pregnancy and childcare sections. It is a great gift for mums-to-be and keen dads-to-be! The average pregnancy lasts 280 days – and the suspense can often be excruciating! This book begins on "Day 280" and counts down the biggest milestones every step of the way – with one page of helpful information for each day of your pregnancy. Here are tips from doctors and midwives, amusing anecdotes and quotes, and plenty more. Categories include: At This Point…(an update on your baby’s growth and development); Doctor’s Orders (suggestions from doctors); Advice from the Trenches (quotes from new moms); How to…(practical skills to help you along); To-Do List (what you should be doing, planning, etc.); and The Whole Truth and Nothing But (secrets other books won’t tell you). Illustrated throughout in two-color, the book will be based on a normal, 40-week, 280-day pregnancy, with an additional 14-day countdown at the end for overdue moms. The days will count down from 280 to one. The perfect gift or resource for the mom-to-be, "The Pregnancy Countdown Book" will offer real info in an entertaining format, and is sure to be a hit with moms- and dads-to-be.

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The PG UK Pregnancy Countdown Book Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Canning

Product Tested By Lisa Canning

Lisa Awarded The PG UK Pregnancy Countdown Book 4.2/5

It was great having daily information on progress, easy to navigate to the correct day or week of my pregnancy. The quality of the book was great.  The fold over part of cover creased easily but otherwise good. The look of the book was excellent.  It is a nice size, easy to carry around, nice cover and easy to navigate via the colour coding.  I have not seen anything else with a daily break down, it gives an efficient way to navigate to correct day etc.  this is quite unusual.  There was a good amount of information to refer to; good websites to refer to although some were inactive or American, something that can’t be updated in a book when already printed which is a shame.  Good to keep track of my pregnancy and to find out what is going on with my body and if it’s normal :).  I especially liked the navigation, easy to get to week/day ofpregnancy.  I would personally want to spend a bit less on a book of this nature given the amount of free information you can get via registering to various weekly email services online.  I will continue to use this book and I would recommend it to others too.  It is a good book, easy to pick up, bite size information rather than too much in one go.  It’s easy to navigate through, great to be broken into weekly or daily information as it doesn’t become overwhelming, that’s my favourite thing about the book.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting a simple book with a daily bite of information about their pregnancy. Lisa Canning


Product Tested By JennaHarris

Jenna Awarded The PG UK Pregnancy Countdown Book 4.5/5

I thought the look and style was great and it fit in my handbag great so I could read on the go. The quality of the book was excellent and I really like the look of it too.  This is really good compared to other books I have seen.  I really enjoyed using this book as a reference guide. I especially liked how handy it was to put in your bag.  I think if offers excellent value for money, I really liked it.  I would consider buying this now as it was very useful.  I have already recommended this book to my friend. I think the day to day read is brilliant therefore you can take 5 minutes out of your day to read it.  Jenna Harris


Product Tested By Geeta Ruparelia

Geeta Awarded The PG UK Pregnancy Countdown Book 3.5/5

Its compact size makes it appear as a good potential gift for mums and dads-to-be.  Good colour and design on the cover so it attracts the eye.  Easy to read and follow.  However, not very comprehensive and some of the points made are not in logical order.  As a supplemental book on pregnancy, it is a good and easy read and I was able to read this book in a couple of days.  The book is small and compact.  Attractive colour and design on the cover. The two colour arrangement in the inside is quite quirky.  There are thousands of pregnancy books on the market.  This book is not as comprehensive in content as some of the other books – this is obvious merely from comparing the sizes ofthe books.  I liked the section on each ‘day’ on "advice from the trenches”.I t was light but relevant reading. I  like that it is an easy read, but for me I did not find this to be a reference guide.  For its price, it is probably just about right although you  may need to supplement it with a more comprehensive book with more details.  It is a cute novelty gift for a mum-to-be.  It is easy to read, great novelty gift, but not a comprehensive guide to pregnancy in my opinion. Geeta Ruparelia

 I would recommend it to anyone wanting a simple book with a daily bite of information about their pregnancy.


Lisa Awarded The PG UK Pregnancy Countdown Book 4.2/5       

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