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The Piggyback Rider

The Piggyback Rider – A fun and effortless way to carry a child on your back. Children love the extra height (and the rest for their legs), while you get to walk in comfort and free up your hands; the shoulder-mounted foot-bar distributes child’s weight so as to enable a natural upright posture. Features: Four grab handles; safety harness; padded shoulder straps and sternum strap. One size, fully adjustable. Suitable for children from 2½-7yrs, up to 60lbs/27kg.

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£65.00 available to purchase online or click online www, to find local stockist for your country

The Piggyback Rider Reviews

Product Tested by: Gavin Donn – Sofie 4 Years

Product Tested By Gavin Donn – Sofie 4 Years

Gavin Awarded The Piggyback Rider 4/5

Nice overall design and very lightweight. From the initial inspection and after using the Piggy Back Rider I felt the quality of the fabric was very good, seems quite strong and durable.   Putting it on for the first time and adjusting only took five minutes or so. It was very easy to put on as simple design and easily adjusted to suit your child.  Getting my daughter on to the rider was easy enough if you are use to giving piggy backs anyway. Might be more difficult for someone with bad knees as you do need to be low enough for the child to step onto the bar.  I felt that she was sturdy on her feet but there is still an element that you are relaying on the child not to let go. The safety straps would only pull the parent back if the child slipped. Overall I would say safe as long as used properly by both parent and child.  I don’t think I would want to use for long periods but the rider was used with a four year old so I am not sure if any discomfort was caused by the child’s weight. Neck and shoulders were a bit sore after a while.  My daughter loved being on the rider, it gave her a great view of everything and she said she felt safe enough when I was moving about.  This is not really weather proof, although if it was raining the child would be wearing a coat. I’m not sure you would want any extra cover for the rider as ultimately it would be more to carry and prepare. The price does seem a little high but the rider’s good quality materials and design make up for this.  I feel the padding in the shoulder straps could be improved and I would have made the standing bar non-slip. I think it something I would use again but not regularly. It is easy to have in the bottom of the pram or boot of the car ready if needed I think I would recommend, especially those parents with more than one child. The rider gives you hands free carrying and that is always a good thing.  I gave this score as I was pleasantly surprised at how simple the design was and how easy it was to use.  A very good edition to the sling family for when your little one is no longer a baby. Gavin Donn – Sofie 4 Years


Product Tested By Richard Chandler – Jimmy 3 Years

Richard Awarded The Piggyback Rider 4.3/5

Very intrigued when this arrived as had never seen anything like this before.  Came in carry case and the design looked simple and of good quality.  Very light. The quality of the fabric is good, strong and durable and very simple to put on.  Just put on adjust straps to suit you and your child.  I thought initially the bar would hit back of legs but when we were out walking I felt OK and Jimmy felt safe.  A very simple design idea which is effective.  We love walking and are always off on hikes and this was ideal to use as certainly ensured I had hands free and certainly felt more comfortable than giving piggy back rides to Jimmy. I felt confident, was easy to wear and Jimmy felt safe and enjoyed being able to see everything all around him.  The straps did dig in a bit but we soon remedied as put own padding on.  Instructions are easy to follow and we found it very easy to use.  Personally I think this is a very innovative product, good design, lightweight and easy to use.  If you love walking. hiking and getting around with toddler without any hassle this is ideal  The Piggy Back Rider is open design. Jimmy really enjoyed being on the rider and will serve us well for our daughter who is only 3 months old.  Great idea to take on camping holidays too as comes in easy to transport carry case.  I would suggest making the bar non-slip by putting some form of rubber strip on and also padding on the shoulder straps.  Overall a high quality product which offers great form of transport for your toddler and will last.  Price is high, but when you take into account this can be used for many years then a good investment.  I must thank you for giving us the chance to trial this item as it has been a winners with us.  Have recommended and we will continue to use for many years to come. Richard Chandler – Jimmy 3 Years


Product Tested By Marcia Gurlin – Jasmine 4 years

Marcia Awarded The Piggyback Rider 4.4/5

First impression what on earth was this!  Had not seen this item before and was not really sure what I had let myself in for!  This comes in a very durable carry case and when you open it you had straps and a bar which strap onto your back.  Very simple design and looked good quality.  Instructions are easy to follow and after a few tries very easy to put on adjust to suit me and Jasmine and very easy to use.  I like the idea of having item you can use on your back as so many times when we are out walking Jasmine gets tired and wants to be carried so this offered a perfect solution.  Jasmine also liked being high up and being able to see everything around her.  She was nervous at first but after using this a few times she felt a lot more confident.  You can also see video on how to use properly online and their website is very informative and easy to navigate.  I would keep this in the car and we would use on days out when we knew Jasmine would get tired.  Both me and my husband enjoyed using the Piggy Back Rider and the quality is very good so will last.  I will probably pass this onto my sister when Jasmine gets too big to use it.  Good idea to have hands free while walking as gives us all so much more freedom and lightweight.  I personally think this would be good item to take on camping trips and hiking trips also a good safety product to have as if someone got injured you would not have to carry them on your back just fit them into the Piggy Back Rider.  My only suggestions for improvement would be the straps as we both found they dug in a bit and could not use for long periods.  Also Jasmine was nervous about standing on the bar as just metal, maybe this needs a colourful no-slip strip to give extra peace of mind and stop it from being slippery when wet.  You also need to take along a rain Mac (well with out UK weather you do) as this is not a closed in carrier but that is easy to pop into a bag.  A really innovative design and has made life a lot easier for both of us.  Price is high but when you take into account you will be using for a long while then a good investment. I would also suggest looking online to see the video and read all about this item so you can make your own mind up about it.  For us it was a great addition to our family products and we will continue to use and have already recommended to others.  Marcia Gurlin – Jasmine 4 years

A very good edition to the sling family for when your little one is no longer a baby.


Gavin Awarded The Piggyback Rider 4/5

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