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PlayTRAY – Sensory Play Tray with Removable Compartments & Lid

The ideal container for messy, creative, and small world set-ups. This sensory play tray with removable compartments and lid was designed to help you create sensory play experiences at home and support the learning and development of your baby, toddler or young child. No more attempts at lugging a tuff tray around the house or putting off messy play altogether!
With a deep tray, shallow tray (that doubles as a lid) and handy removable compartments, this versatile play tray gives you multiple ways to use it for activities and storage. Suitable for wet and dry play, it’s even safe for edible play – and great as a giant picnic tray.
Plus, it’s easy to clean, easy to move about, and easy to store. Designed to keep your sensory set-ups safe to be used again or act as an organiser for your play bits and craft resources.
The PlayTRAY is stackable too. Meaning you can have several on hand for a variety of activities.

Whether you’re new to sensory play or a seasoned pro, the PlayTRAY is the perfect tool to create a playful home. The ways to use your PlayTRAY are endless!
Deep tray
Shallow tray/ lid with silicone seal
6 removable compartments for play items
39cm/15.5″ internal diameter, 43cm/17″ including rim,
9cm/3.5″ tall
Premium quality, white food-grade ABS plastic
Non-slip silicone feet on both trays
Contents not included

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Price PlayTRAY £49.99 Available online
Price Sensory Play Activity Cards £13.95 Available online

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PlayTRAY – Sensory Play Tray with Removable Compartments & Lid Reviews

Product Tested By Anna Hazel – Robin 15 Months

Anna Awarded The PlayTRAY 5/5

When the PlayTRAY first arrived I was very impressed with the slimline packaging that it arrived in. The PlayTRAY itself is the perfect size. It is big enough for activities, yet compact enough so that it can be stored away when not in use. I was pleasantly surprised by the sleek and modern design of the product. It is a beautiful, white, yet durable finish. I love the little compartments and it’s really useful that they can also be removed, so you can make what you want of the tray, and design it to best suit your needs. There was no need for any set up of the product and it was very easy to use straight away. My son took to the tray immediately and absolutely loved the sensory experiences that we created. It’s very straightforward and easy for baby to get to grips with. He even loves when the tray is empty, and he can pop the removable compartments in and out. I used this tray for a variety of different activities, from setting his colouring book and markers in the tray, as any mess is easily cleaned, to water play and messy play with jelly and ground up Weetabix to make different creative scenes. The removable compartments and lid for the tray meant that after messy play was over, I could pop the lid straight back on and run up to the bath with my son without the fear of my cat eating our creations. I only used this tray at home throughout the duration of my test but think it will be amazing in the garden for summer. With the lid on I can pop his snacks on it as a makeshift table and with the lid removed it can make a beautiful water tray and even a sandpit! I used the compartments in the tray to hold crayons, sensory shapes and letters, colourful small toys for him to sort into each compartment, for example, red dinosaurs in one compartment and green in another, etc., to work on his organisational skills and association of colours. I used the tray itself more, rather than the compartments, but feel that they will be used more and more for ideas as time goes on and he gets older. This really is an item that can grow with baby and has potential to make things different with every use. With the lid on the product, I found this so easy to transport between rooms. I pop the sensory toys in the tray and pop on the lid so that it can all be moved into another room easily and without multiple trips. Sometimes I even have the tray in one arm and my son in the other! So, it’s a fantastic addition to have a lid as it makes things so much easier to transport. I found that the variety of uses for this tray and the fact that it can be used for both wet and dry play makes it extremely versatile. The tray is so easily cleaned as the material is glossy, so things like food colouring and crayons etc, don’t stain it. I used the tray for edible play on a number of occasions as my teething son puts absolutely everything in his mouth. He loved getting to play in ‘dirt’ (crushed Weetabix) and run his toy mini tractors through the ‘swamp’ (jelly), etc. The non-slip silicone feet on the tray meant that it remained firmly on the ground, and it didn’t fly across the room when my son leaned on it etc. Was great for peace of mind. For water play, I put the tray on my splash mat to avoid water soaking into my tiles and this was great when paired with the non-slip feet, as it firmly held the tray in place. The tray is stackable, so you can buy multiple trays to use for different activities. To be honest, this isn’t something that I would consider purchasing more than one of, as the versatility and easily cleaned material means that I can just Dettol wipe or wash the product out between uses. I think maybe when my son grows and wants to do more things at a time, there is a possibility that I may invest in another play tray, but for now, my son remains very happy with the one tray. I work full time, so this tray is used only on the weekends. During the Christmas break, though, my son and I used the tray daily. Even with this, it still looks brand new. I mostly use the PlayTRAY in my living room as a source of fun activities when the weather is too bad to go outside. I used the PlayTRAY in a variety of different ways. As a table to put snacks on, as a contained area for colouring and painting on, as a storage facility for sensory items when it’s not in use and as a play area for both water and food-based fun. So far it’s been used in 5 different ways, but the possibilities are endless as he grows. I believe that this PlayTRAY will continue to be used all year round in a variety of different ways. From water fights in the garden, to sensory fun indoors. As my son grows, we will be able to make playdoh shapes in this and explore kinetic sand and toy farms in the little compartments. This is the perfect tray to grow as my son does. I believe that the tray was perfect for my sons age at 15months as I will really get the use out of it now, and as time goes on. The tray is aimed at ages 6 months through to toddler years and I think that this is a correct assessment. I wish I’d known about it sooner. It has provided endless entertainment and is great for both educational and fun playtimes. My son most likes the PlayTRAY when it’s filled with edible sensory foods such as the jelly and Weetabix. He loves running his toy tractors through it and exploring with his hands, mouth, and mind. I most liked that the PlayTRAY is easily stored and cleaned and that the lid means that the mess can be left until after my child’s bedtime to clean, without fear of drawing any unwanted bugs or pets to it. I feel that the price of the product is reasonable as its extremely durable and really amazing quality. I would love to have seen some accessories included for the price, instead of the option to buy them separately, but I still feel that when considering cost per use, this tray will get its money’s worth in no time at all. The quality and style of the tray is amazing. It feels much more expensive than it is and it’s a very durable and hardwearing material, so it even survives the odd throw across the room of one of the compartments from an eager toddler. I found that the easy sensory play cards were a lovely bonus. They gave me some great inspiration and ideas! I would love to have seen them organised into age ranges (based on child friendly ingredients and ability levels), so that I could easily search for ideas best suited to my sons age and capabilities. I would definitely buy this product. It is so, so versatile and full of endless ideas and options. I am so impressed with the product that I plan to buy the additional accessories from the brand to enhance my sons PlayTRAY experience even further. I would recommend this product to my friends and family. I already have recommended it to ladies in my baby group as it was the perfect Christmas present. I give this product an overall mark of 5/5. It is versatile, baby friendly, grows with baby and no play time need ever be the same with it as it has endless creative options. I love how durable it is and how easy it is to wipe down. It’s easily transported and a fantastic way to store items. Overall, my experience with the product has been extremely positive. I absolutely love to watch as my son plays and learns through each activity in the tray. My son knows the tray and gets so excited when he sees me getting it ready. Lifting the lid and watching his big eyes widen in wonder as he sees the day’s activity makes everything worth it. I think this is the most lovely and well thought out PlayTRAY for exploring little minds and I highly recommend it. Anna Hazel – Robin 15 Months

Product Tested By Sapna Kotak – Hirwa 22 Months

Sapna Awarded The PlayTRAY 5/5

It was a little bigger than I expected. But loved the compartments and the lid. It is very sturdy. It is great the tray can be used without the compartments. Due to the airtight lid, it’s easy to move the tray around the house or between the garden and indoors. I originally felt the size was quite big but since playing with it I think it’s perfect. It’s not that big and I store it under my daughter’s table. Instructions easy to follow though we did not use them. It’s a little heavy for her so she doesn’t pick it. But she can push or pull it around. She loves removing the compartments and putting them back. We use this for dry play as well as messy play using compartments and just the tray. Things like colour sorting, transfer from tray to compartment, finding things in water etc. Absolutely ideal to help create sensory play experiences. As mentioned above we use it for a lot of sensory play activities. I also put homemade paint in it and it’s easy to clean. My daughter is learning colours currently, so we use it a lot for sorting pom poms, and different coloured balls, arranging the compartments back in tray (trying to fit them). Sometimes we use them as little cots for my daughter’s baby unicorns. The lid is fantastic as it is airtight. Can use compartments for different colours or textured items, remove the compartments for water play, use homemade paint in them etc. The tray is very easy to clean and so we use it a lot. We haven’t tried it yet for edible play. But we shall have a picnic in it soon. Good idea. The non-slip silicone feet are very effective. We only have one tray but good to know if we get more easy to stack and store. This is used a few times each week. This is kept in the play area. We use it for colour sorting pom poms, sorting different textured balls, as mini cots for toy unicorns, hide our medals, Water play, painting tray etc. Absolutely great product that can be used all year round. It is one of the best activity items/toys we have at home. Age suitability was ideal. We started using it at 21 months. But I imagine using it before too if we had it. I think we will use it for many more years to come. My daughter loved the compartments. I loved how easy it is to store, easy to clean, versatility and the compartments. It is one of the best items for open-ended play, sensory play and learning. We use it a lot indoors due to the weather but can’t wait to use this outdoors for summer. Excellent quality. Airtight lid. It was a lovely surprise to receive the Sensory play cards. Thank you. We use it to get inspiration for our plays. I would buy this. I initially thought it was a bit expensive. But it is value for money considering its usage and will last a long time. I have already recommended to friends. We love it a lot here and use it a few times in the week. It’s of great quality. Love the compartments and the air-tight lid. It is easy to clean and store. Fits under and on my daughter’s table. We use it for sensory play and for learning new things. Also for imaginary play like hiding things in it, using them as beds for toys. I was considering buying a tray like this so was so excited to receive it to test. Sapna Kotak – Hirwa 22 Months

Product Tested By Maariyah Patel – Aafiyah 19 Months

Maariyah Awarded The PlayTRAY 4.5/5

I was expecting something a little smaller initially but I loved how well it was packaged; very minimal and environmentally friendly and was not damaged. I found the design very beautiful and simple, I could quite easily imagine how I could use the tray with my daughter. The tray itself is quite a simple item and I think the instructions weren’t the most detailed but the tray is still quite self-explanatory. The QR code to the sample activities was quite handy as it meant that it was always easy to access the book. My daughter didn’t need to be told what to do or how to use the tray. She got stuck in and spent a reasonable amount of time having fun with the tray (using additional items to aid play). I understand the product is a play tray and we have used it for just that at the moment. It is very effective as it’s quite portable which makes setting up activities and tidying up a lot easier which helps me to do this more often. I have a table with a similar concept but I struggle to make the most of it. I did not think initially of using this for sensory play until I saw a few ideas from the inspire my play Instagram and Facebook page but It’s really quite handy that the compartments fit quite tightly on the lid and can be used as part of different play activities. I also quite like the grips on the tray and the lid. I find this quite useful as I can put different items in the different compartments and use it as part of a bigger activity. It makes things a lot easier in terms of setting up, organising and tidying up too. I’ve not yet tried to transport any liquid materials but when I’ve taken things like pasta, rice, small toys etc, it has been quite easy to transport.When items aren’t safe for wet play, it restricts the possibility of what you can do with the item and also the clean process too. As this is suitable for both, I don’t need another tray to use for wet play and dry play. It saves space and money too. I haven’t currently used it for edible play but it is something I am considering to do over the summer months in the outdoors. It would be very handy to have lots of snacks in one tray as it would save having lots of small containers and make everything quite easy to access. This has been a game changer for me as I have hard floors which generally means that toys tend to slide around. Having the non-slip feet has meant that I don’t need to worry about this and it also makes it a little challenging for situations where my daughter may want to kick or move something which shouldn’t be. I have not used it in this way yet but I am slowly starting to build resources for sensory and messy play and will be intrigued to see how this goes regarding stack ability. We use this 2/3 times a week. Used mostly at home in the living room. I have used it for water play, dry pasta/ rice, animal set ups, messy play with paints, sorting different Christmas accessories. This is definitely something you can use all year round. Although, I have not been able to use it outside just yet, I have taken the tray to my parent’s home with ease and have been able to do some fun activities with my daughter there. I can definitely see myself using it over the summer months. I think it is a little challenging to make use of the tray for younger children, especially those under 1 years old. I would probably say it would be more suited to children aged 12 months or even 18 months plus. I can imagine it being useful for other uses beyond the toddler years. My daughter loved how versatile it is. It could be used on a table, on the floor and she is still able to reach in and take part with what I have set up for her. She is also quite keen on helping me tidy activities away. I quite liked how easy it was to tidy up after an activity. Everything cleans up quite well. The nonstick grips are also another bonus as I have hard flooring so I thought it may slide around on the floor. Although it is a little on the expensive side, you can see the thought that has gone into creating the tray. It is also of great quality and safe for kids which is an important factor especially when using it for edible play. Beyond the toddler years, I can still see my daughter finding other uses for the tray, storing stationery, hair items etc, so I would be quite happy to invest in it. The quality is excellent. We were also sent the Easy Kids Sensory Play Activity pack and there were some great ideas in the pack but I felt like they were mainly catered for older children which made me turn to social media for ideas on what I could do. I have another sensory table and was always quite reluctant when it came to making use of it. In the time I have had this tray, we have used it at least 2/3 a week and I have found it a lot more convenient for myself and my daughter so I would definitely consider buying it. I would recommend as I can see this being used by kids of a range of ages. It allows kids to take part in activities that they may not have previously done at home with limited preparation from parents. Although I love the item itself, I think it would be even better if a few of the accessories were supplied with the box like a “starter kit” I ended up purchasing the scoops, pots and droppers set but it would have been better if this was already included. It is a lovely tray for sensory and messy play which doesn’t limit where you can play. It can be taken out and about and all over the house. My little girl has had hours of fun playing with the tray with different set ups from water play, painting, sorting etc. I have also loved seeing what others have done with the tray on the Inspire my play Instagram and Facebook pages. A great investment or present that will be used for years to come. Maariyah Patel – Aafiyah 19 Months

I give this product an overall mark of 5/5. It is versatile, baby friendly, grows with baby and no play time need ever be the same with it as it has endless creative options. I love how durable it is and how easy it is to wipe down. It’s easily transported and a fantastic way to store items. Overall, my experience with the product has been extremely positive. I absolutely love to watch as my son plays and learns through each activity in the tray. My son knows the tray and gets so excited when he sees me getting it ready. Lifting the lid and watching his big eyes widen in wonder as he sees the day’s activity makes everything worth it. I think this is the most lovely and well thought out PlayTRAY for exploring little minds and I highly recommend it.


Anna Awarded The PlayTRAY 5/5

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