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The Pods Book of Fun & Happiness

Our book is a compilation of our favourite jokes and quotes, guaranteed to brighten your day and make you smile – perfect for children and adults alike. Book size 297mm x 210mm

CEO Alison Bateman founded Meet The Pods in 2017, with the intention of creating a safe working environment for everyone. After her son Roman was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, Alison became highly aware of the daily challenges autistic people face, and inspired by this, she decided she wanted to create a company with an all-inclusive attitude to employment – whether this be as an artist, writer, illustrator or reader.

To kick-start her mission of creating an environment for everyone, she started to collaborate with lead artist, Patrick, to bring her vision for ‘The Pods’ to life.  Patrick was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum as a child.  He is a very talented cartoonist who has an exceptional ability to create characters and through his expressive drawing can instantly convey emotions and feelings. With his talent he worked closely to Alison’s specific brief and the eight individuals that make up The Pods – each with their qualities and quirks came to life.

Inclusion is at the core of the business, right down to the company’s font which is a fusion of both Roman’s and Patrick’s handwriting.

The team are very hands on with Alison actively posting daily on social media – with an array of content ranging from jokes, motivational quotes, positive thoughts and ‘The Pods’ own very interpretation of world events the channels are a must-follow for a daily dose of positive inspiration!   For the younger audience, The Pods also has an interactive channel on POPJAM, which sees thousands of fans a day, interacting with the antics of the much-loved characters.   With children enthusiastically engaging with the content, Alison is on a mission to fill the gap in the market for a fun and focused venture that through the diversity of character personality, caters for all children, spanning from mainstream to those with special educational needs.

Now firm social favourites, The Pods are set to venture into new developments across consumer products, toys, apps and webisodes.

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Price: £10.00 (£12.95 in presentation box)

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2021 Children’s Book Category 

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The Pods Book of Fun & Happiness Reviews

Product Tested By Kerry Brown – Evelyn 3 Years

Kerry Awarded The Pods Book of Fun & Happiness 5/5

Nicely presented,  bright and colourful with a simple design, felt nice to hold. Good concept to get children listening and thinking. The front cover certainly inspired Evelyn to want to read the book. I think she is a bit young to understand the jokes but the way they can be read makes it fun and interesting.  I don’t think she fully understands the quotes and what they mean just yet, but will in time.  We read this 4 or 5 times as she likes to be read to all the time.  She loved the illustrations and her favourite thing was finding the Pods when they were hiding.  She really enjoyed the characters, bunny Pod made her jump and grumpy Pod is her brother. I would not say this booked helped her realise all people are different but equal as she sees people differently anyway. My daughter loved finding the Pods hiding with other characters.  It’s a great book to read with the kids and keeps them sitting still and entertained. I do agree this is good value. Quality is very good as  it is well presented and easy to go through. I would buy this as would make a great gift. I would recommend this book. Top marks from me as I really liked the simplicity and quality of it.  Lovely product that my daughter enjoyed, great quality, would make a fantastic gift, fun jokes that make the children laugh, made me smile when reading it. Kerry Brown – Evelyn 3 Years

Product Tested By Hayley Topley – Zoe & Alexander – 7 & 2 Years

Hayley Awarded The Pods Book of Fun & Happiness 4.4/5

Pleasantly surprised by the lovely presentation box it came in. It’s a lovely fun book, though wouldn’t say that it massively stands out as different from other kids’ joke books. Alexander (2yr old) wasn’t interested, though wouldn’t expect him to be at his age. But Zoe (7yr old) immediately wanted to know what it was and get cracking reading it. The book pandered completely to Zoe’s 7yr old humour and was full of the kinds of jokes she loves to hear and tell others. The quotes went a little over the top of Zoe’s head and she preferred to skip ahead through all of the jokes instead. Within the first week she gradually worked her way through it all, then has revisited it a few times for the purpose of telling us jokes or because she fancies a laugh. Zoe quite liked the simplicity of the characters (as she likes characters she can draw as well), but Alexander wasn’t taken by them at all. Again, the  element of the Pod characters and their personalities went a little o er the top of Zoe’s head and she preferred just to concentrate on the jokes. I think in the long run the book may help to reinforce the fact everyone is different but all equal  (as it’s a concept we talk about with her at every appropriate opportunity), but right now she hasn’t really clicked that’s what the intention of the book is. Zoe loved the funny jokes on her wavelength. I thought it was beautifully presented, and a great range of jokes for kids without being too groan-worthy! As it is a large book and with the sturdy presentation box, it seems a pretty fair price point for it. Great quality – from book material / paper type, to its presentation box. I would buy this but only if it came in a smaller / more normal book size. I would recommend as it is a sweet book and would suit a lot of kids of a similar age to Zoe. Content quality and the quality of the book’s production are great, more just the size of it that puts me off a little. Overall this was a lovely book and one that our 7yr old could enjoy, both with us or on her own. As mentioned, I feel the size of it is quite cumbersome given that it fundamentally is a joke book – kids of that age want something portable they can take to their family / friends to re-tell jokes, not a big heavy book that will stay at home. The characters seemed on point for the age range and trying to get across a nice message in the book was good, but feels that it lacks something a little. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the design was perhaps almost too simplistic / not as engaging as it could’ve been, and the nice sub-message could’ve been more strongly put across to be a little more obvious to slightly younger kids. Also, the placement of some jokes on some pages meant that they almost ran into others, so some pages were a little trickier to read and work out where the punchline was for a particular joke, etc. Hayley Topley – Zoe & Alexander – 7 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Xanthinia Singer – Edeliana 3 Years

Edeliana Awarded The Pods book of Fun & Happiness 4/5

I thought it was sweet. The presentation was lovely in the box. My daughter loves books more than anything and we have a story and two jokes before bed each night. I knew she’d love it! She was initially intrigued by the box but wasn’t very interested when she saw the cover. I think it was a little too ‘busy’. She loved the jokes! Even when she didn’t understand them she laughed because she enjoys a joke set-up! The quotes were not particularly accessible for my daughter. This was read twice but only when presented to her. She didn’t ask for it. She was only briefly interested in the illustrations of the Pod characters. This may build up as she ages. Unfortunately she was not interested in the characters and their personality. My daughter enjoyed joke time with mummy.  I liked that this book was easy to flick through and choose a joke. Unfortunately I think it missed the concept it was aiming for a bit. It needs a couple of tweaks. However, the book length, quality and presentation were value for money. The physical quality of the book is nice. I would not buy this as unfortunately it didn’t excite me that much and my daughter didn’t repeatedly ask for it which is a typical sign she loves something! Maybe I would recommend, but it depends on the recipient really. It’s a nice idea but I think it is targeted too young for the children who would find it a valuable resource. If it was more interactive with areas you can add your own thoughts it might be better for children ages 7+. Nice product but not for me! Xanthinia Singer – Edeliana 3 Years


I do agree this is good value. Quality is very good as  it is well presented and easy to go through. I would buy this as would make a great gift. I would recommend this book. Top marks from me as I really liked the simplicity and quality of it.  Lovely product that my daughter enjoyed, great quality, would make a fantastic gift, fun jokes that make the children laugh, made me smile when reading it.


Kerry Awarded The Pods Book of Fun & Happiness 5/5

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