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The Pretty Company Belly Band

Award Winning BabyBeMine Maternity Belly Bands from the USA, available exculsively in the UK from The Pretty Company These are superb quality 95% cotton, 5% elasthane, great length, thickness and in 4 sizes for a great fit, fantastic range of colours, keep their shape. You just know you’ll wear your belly band non-stop through pregnancy and afterwards for breastfeeding, Thats why we make these built to last. BabyBeMine Belly Bands hold their shape, extend your wardrobe, since you can have your trousers unbuttoned under one of these. Cotton next to your expanding skin wont irritate. The cream of the belly band crop!

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The Pretty Company Belly Band Reviews

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Product Tested By Meghann Morris –Ffion 2 & pregnantwith No.2

Meghann Awarded The Pretty Company Maternity Belly Band 4.5/5

First impressions were good.  The product looked to be made of thinner material than other products on the market – however it was the width of the product that caught my attention the most.  It seemed to me to be much wider than others I have seen – which is a bonus as I am 6ft tall and expecting a rather large baby!! The product is simple in design. The fabric isn’t doubled over like many other products you see, so it is slimline and looks very sleek.  There are no labels to stick into you as the product information is printed onto the fabric. Very comfortable to wear.  The combination of materials meant that the belly band did not overheat the wearer, but offered an appropriate level of modesty covering down over the hips and up over the bump! The Belly Band definitely enabled me to wear non-maternity tops for longer.  I wasn’t as confident in the Belly Band’s ability to hold up non-maternity trousers.  I did test the band out, and found I was constantly pulling trousers up as they hadn’t been held in place.  I did feel that this may have been due to the lack of elasticity in the product?The products length is by far the best I have seen and personally worn.  The length was perfect as it accommodated my enormous growing tummy and it was still sufficient to reach the top of my "mountain” right over my hips ensuring modesty and no cold tummy!! The band accommodated my growing bump very comfortably. I  am having a very large baby and my bump reflects this, however the band is still very comfortable to use, stretches over the bump (I’m due in 3 weeks!) and maintains it shape when not being worn. The Belly Band was very discreet under clothing; you couldn’t obviously see it due to the body length of the band which was great, as it was long enough to cover the bump without leaving any tell-tale lines.  The fact that it is single thickness made a change as so many other products are double the Belly Band thickness and very obvious when worn. Very easy to care for.  Washed well, didn’t run.  I chose to trial a black band.  Held its colour well after regular washing. I’m not sure whether it is down to type of material or the thickness, but I did find that the band tended to roll/bunch up at the back.  This may have been down to the shape of my bump and the fact that I sit for significant periods during the day due to work, but I was very conscious of pulling/rolling the band down at the back. The band is incredibly comfortable and it will be fabulous to help hide those post pregnancy wobbly bits when breastfeeding afterwards.  So I do intend on continuing to use this product in the final few weeks of pregnancy and post pregnancy. I would recommend this to friends, however I think the price may put some people off given the competition in the marketplace for this type of product.  That said the price however will not affect my recommendation of the fact that it’s a good product. Overall I enjoyed wearing the Belly Band.  I had experience of using two other similar products and did find myself reaching for the belly Band over the others as I found the length and comfort of the product far superior. Fantastic product that was not only comfortable to wear but multi purpose enough to see me through my pregnancy and beyond. Meghann Morris – Ffion 2 & pregnant with No.2


Product Tested By Rebecca Smith – Mum To Be

RebeccaAwarded The Pretty Company Maternity Belly Band 4.7/5

Looked far too big, but then so do I!! Liked the style of the band. Found it very easy to wear and it was very comfortable. Wearing this band did allow me to wear non maternity tops as it added some length but not with the bottoms as I’m carrying very low so everything feels tight. I’m 31 weeks and it fits from the top of my bump to the bottom of my hips. Unfortunately I still have 9 weeks to go but I do intend on wearing it all the way till the end and maybe even further. I think this item is very discreet and you would not notice I was wearing a belly band. This was very easy to launder and came up looking fine each time. Design is perfect for what you need it for. I will continue to use this and would definitely recommend. Very comfortable and easy to wear. RebeccaSmith – Mum To Be


Product Tested By Francess-Anne Lees – Mum To Be

Francess-AnneAwarded The Pretty Company maternity Belly Band 4/5


It looked good, neatly packaged. It was just like any other belly band I’ve seen in high street shops. It was so comfortable I would forget I was wearing it. I was already in maternity clothes by the time I received this for testing however I can see how it would enable the wearer to stay in non-maternity clothes for longer. For me this was the perfect length. I’m not due until December however this band will see me through until the baby is born and I will continue to wear it after. It was obvious I was wearing this item but it matched whatever I was wearing and didn’t look odd. I put it into the wash with a normal load and it washed fine.  I think it could be a bit more elasticated to give you better support.  The top seemed to get a bit baggy quite quickly which wasn’t ideal but it couldn’t be seen under my tops. I will continue to use this and have already recommended. A great product easy to use, however a bit pricey. Francess-Anne Lees – Mum To Be


Fantastic product that was not only comfortable to wear but multi purpose enough to see me through my pregnancy and beyond.


Meghann Awarded The Pretty Company Maternity Belly Band 4.5/5       

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