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The Pretty Company Gownie

as seen in ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’
Cameron Diaz & Elizabeth Banks wear Nicole Gownie in the movie!One of our best sellers now in 3 sizes including XXLPress studs from neck to knee and at each chest seamDesigned with ease of movement, monitoring and breastfeeding in mindReally pretty pale blue colour with contrast lime green trim at openingsChest Panel Folds Flat for instant skin to skin contact with babyLaunder in your favourite laundry soap for that at home feeling

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The Pretty Company Gownie Reviews

Product Tested by: Chel Sharples – Olly3 Weeks

Product Tested By Chel Sharples – Olly3 Weeks

Chel Awarded The Pretty Company Gownie 4.5/5

My initial impression was great pattern, nice material and great idea.  It came in plain clear packaging all that is needed for this product.  The material kept me cool while in hospital, although I had the large size and I am a size 14 normally, I found the last two bottom poppers kept opening while I was moving around.  The Gownie was great to wear while giving birth, kept me cool and was easy to move up during labour.  I found this great whilst breastfeeding, the poppers are easy to open one handed and give the right amount of room for feeding. The material was very comfortable, didn’t cling to me and kept me feeling cool. It is so easy to launder; washed up great after giving birth.  I have worn the Gownie since giving birth, great for night feeds and the sizing is much better now I have no bump.  The quality is great but I found this item is a bit expensive for what it is. I would tell others about it as it does make you feel great while in labour and beats the hospital night gowns any day.  It is a great looking night gown with funky patterns, lovely material that will keep you cool during labour and birth and great for breastfeeding.  Chel Sharples – Olly 3 Weeks


Product Tested By Lisa Edge

LisaAwarded The Pretty Company Gownie 4.3/5

It was different to what I was expecting, but pleasantly surprised. The packaging was very good and you could see what the product was.  It was comfortable and very practical to wear during labour. However I was rushed in for emergency caesarean so was advised I could not wear this in the operation theatre.  I did not breast feed but after giving birth.  It was so easy to put my baby on my chest and have him close to me without worrying about lifting up t-shirt etc.  It was very easy to keep baby close to me and very comfortable to wear after giving birth.  Material is good quality, I washed prior to putting in hospital bag and it was nice and comfortable against my skin to wear. I am quite short and found this Gownie a bit long for my height.  It washed well at 30 and dried quickly as it is a lightweight material.  I have not worn this since giving birth, but my friend is due to give birth soon and I have passed this onto her to take full advantage of the Gownie.  It is a really great idea, well made, and good quality material.  It is good value for money if you are planning to have more than one child.  Due to m yheight I would like to see this available in different lengths.  A plain choice of colours would be great too as well as the patterned.  I would recommend to friends as it is a good idea.  This is an ideal item for labour and birth and also good if you are breastfeeding, as the Velcro fastenings at the back makeit practical and easy to use. Lisa Edge


Product Tested By Jennie Bridges – Cora Elise 4 Weeks

JennieAwarded The Pretty Company Gownie 4.3/5

I thought this was very pretty and looked comfortable. The packaging was quite plain, nothing special about it really. Instructions explains the product well- how to use it and what it can be used for etc. I didn’t wear it during labour as I got into the pool upon arrival at hospital and my labour wasn’t long enough to wear it!  It is very easy to wear for breastfeeding though.  It is easily adjustable using one hand; very comfortable. The material was very comfortable; I have sensitive skin and this was soft not scratchy like most hospital gowns. I was pleased with this and happy to use it against my baby’s skin too.  It is very easy to launder.  I just put it in with my normal wash; non-bio of course. I have worn it a few times; not too often as I have found I get quite hot in it.  It is practical and very useful for feeding especially when the nosy in-laws are round and I want some privacy whilst feeding!  Quality is good. It has passed the laundry test and has been pulled about by my toddler and survived! It is made from good material and seems very well made.  It is a good produc tbut for the money it is quite expensive.  I think it’s too expensive for what is essentially just a nightie.  I think this is definitely a luxury item.  If it was cheaper I would definitely consider buying it. I would recommend it to others. It is comfortable and makes breastfeedingeasier.  Jennie Bridges – Cora Elise 4 Weeks


 It is a great looking night gown with funky patterns, lovely material that will keep you cool during labour and birth and great for breastfeeding.


Chel Awarded The Pretty Company Gownie 4.5/5     

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