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The Rainy Day Box

Hi I’m Aly, after the birth of my son Kit (my little wiggly worm), I knew I was in for a wild ride. As he grew he became more and more full of energy and wonder. It is through his sense of fun and love of learning that my business idea came about. One rainy autumn morning when I had no idea how to fill the day, I decided to put together a box full of different things to amuse us whenever we were bored. From this simple idea we have now grown to help you and your loved ones reap the benefits of interactive play, without any hassle. The Rainy Day Box Co is dedicated to Kit and all those like him. Xx

The Rainy Day Boxes are priced at £9.99 and you can pick from Christmas Box, The Original Box and The Travel Box or design your own.

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£9.99 Available to purchase

The Rainy Day Box Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Lindsey
Bedford – Oliver 3½ Years

Lindsey Awarded The Rainy Day Box 4/5

This looked very interesting and I wanted to open it and
have a look at all the surprises. The packaging is nice and colourful and there
are activities to do on it. The quality of the contents is good; quite small
pieces though for the game. For aged 3+ Oliver struggled with the domino game
and struggled with the sewing and got bored. There were no instructions with
the Santa and we weren’t sure whether it was meant to be a puppet or a soft
toy. The stickers and baking, he could do under supervision. We will bring out
the painted Christmas house every year now that he did. He really enjoyed the
baking and painting the house. I would buy this as a gift but would buy it for
an older child. It would be nice to have something like this in an Easter,
fairies, pirates, or birthday theme. For me, this was not worth the value
because my child was only interested in ½ of the box contents. I would consider
buying one when my son is older though. I would recommend this for my friends
with older children, school aged. Fun content but some items too advanced for
my son. Lindsey Bedford – Oliver 3½ Years

Product Tested By Tanya
Gorton – Elias 3 Years

Tanya Awarded The Rainy Day Box 4/5

This is a box full of intrigue and fun. The packaging was colourful
and interesting but flimsy. It was also too big for the contents. It felt a
little disappointing to open a good sized box and not find as many contents as
you would expect. Nice quality items inside, good variety though the stickers
looked a little cheap. The age this is aimed at is very appropriate; I think
younger children could enjoy too under close supervision. My son did manage to
make the items using the contents; although our son is slightly behind his
peers developmentally he found the activities engaging and enjoyable and easy
to use/make. We will continue to use the assembled product; he has especially
enjoyed using the puppet Santa we made. He loves getting everything out of the
box and enjoyed making/playing/eating the selection he had. I would buy this as
a gift if it were a little cheaper. I would like to see separate boy/girl boxes
available. I think £9.99 is too steep, I do not see enough contents to justify
the price, and the quality and quantity do not match the price tag. The cookies
were delicious and nice quality though! Making the box smaller and sturdier would
make it feel better quality too me, it felt a little too much like a happy meal
box. This box needs something extra to justify its £9.99 price tag. Items that
would have been nice would be possibly a nice Christmas hat to make and
something like a Christmas decoration to decorate. Also glitter, any Christmas
activity box surely needs some glitter! You will have a super fun day doing
this with the kids, but at a cost. Tanya Gorton – Elias 3 Years

Product Tested ByCarol Li – Zara 6 Years

Carol Awarded The Rainy Day Box 3.5/5

I thought it was a great idea to have a box for my girl to
open on a rainy day! It arrived in a good size box, colourful and very
attractive to young children. The quality of the contents was ok, the game
looked a little cheap though, the art and craft stuff and cookie mix were all
ok. For 3+ that it says on the box, personally I think it is too young even with
adult supervision. As all those little bits of art and craft kits, I can
imagine 3 years old children struggling to do it. That means it will be mainly
the adult doing it. My girl is 6 years old and she still needs a lot of help
with the art and craft kits and baking of course. She managed to do the game,
baking activity and the stickers and enjoyed doing them. She just struggled
with the craft kits and was disappointed with them as they were too difficult
for her to do. I don’t think this offers value for money. Before we opened the
box, my girl and I were very excited but after we opened the box, we were very
disappointed. I think the contents inside the box are not worth £9.99. I think
it is very good idea to have something like this for rainy day but disappointed
with the activity. Carol Li – Zara 6 Years

I would recommend this for my friends with older children, school aged. Fun content.               


Lindsey Awarded The Rainy Day Box 4/5 

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