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The Tidy Box

The Tidy Books Box allows kids to easily see and choose their own books, just like the thinking behind the Tidy Books children’s bookcase. It will keep books and magazines right at the heart of your family’s home. Its’ simple, clean aesthetic complements both traditional and contemporary homes. The Tidy Books Box will grow with your family – remove the clock to make a more grown-up looking box – and use it to tidy up paperbacks, magazines or newspapers. Designed and built to last, it will be useful in older children’s bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Comes with play clock-can be removed as your children grow. Looks great anywhere in your home. Holds up to 40 books or magazines of all sizes. Dimensions: 54cm wide, 34cm high, 28 cm deep. Made from wood from sustainable sources. Available in natural lacquered wood, painted petrol blue or white

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£69.00 Available to purchase online

The Tidy Box Reviews

Product Tested by: By Kate Onyskiw – Izzy 29 Months

Product Tested By Kate Onyskiw – Izzy 29 Months

Kate Awarded the Tidy Box 4.7/5

The products available are well designed and solve a lot of the problems I have with book storage. They seem attractive to both children and adults. The website is well designed and easy to navigate. I liked the look of the bookshelf with alphabet shelves as it’s the first time I’ve seen a book shelf designed for home use where the book covers are on display. The packaging for the tidy box is basic but does the job. It comes in a plain brown box with picture of the product of the box. All the pieces are well packaged inside and most (if not all) of the packaging is recyclable. It is a nice size and holds quite a lot of books. It is a bit heavy to carry around when it’s got books in but that doesn’t happen often anyway. I like the curved shape of the tidy box. The only problem I have with it is that if you have quite a few books in, it can be hard to see what’s in there and small books get a bit lost in the bottom. It seems best for thin large sized books (roughly A4 or magazine sized) The open top makes it easy for little people to put their books in and the books are certainly a lot tidier now we have this. My daughter seems to tidy up more now as it’s easy for her to do. She’s played with it a few times but I think she’ll use it a bit more when she’s older and learning to tell the time. I thought it seemed a little flimsy when I was putting it together but once assembled it’s very sturdy and feels like it will last a long time. Seems expensive at first but should last a long time and can be used as a magazine rack when clock is removed and could go in any room. This costs a bit more than I would usually spend on something like this but it’s well made, should last well and stand up to some abuse. Plus once my daughter no longer needs the clock I can take it off and it looks like a product made for grown ups. I wish more products were designed in a similar way. Helps keep the books tidy and lets my daughter find books easily. Better for big books and magazines, a bit expensive but the quality is worth it if you can afford it. Should last for years as with clock removed it looks a grown up product. Overall a lovely product. Kate Onyskiw – Izzy 29 Months

Product Tested By Laura Strong – Ben 19 Months

Laura Awarded the Tidy Box 4.3/5

It looks lovely, a nice colour and plenty of room. The size and shape of the product is just right, it holds plenty of books. Ben loves taking the books in and out. Though it can be tricky as he tries to jam too many in a narrow gap. The clock looks attractive and I am sure will be useful for telling the time with.   Due to lack of floor space we had to position this on a nest of tables.  This was the right height for Ben to reach it although he still managed to move it when he pushed on it and I had visions of it falling off. I would love to buy this as a gift, however I simply could not justify spending the price. Very durable, would last a long time. Had a bit of difficulty initially with putting the product together as the pilot holes for the screws had been badly drilled meaning the screws didn’t tighten as they should along the threads. Once put together though the product was stable and attractive serving a useful purpose, I would buy another one if the price was lower. Laura Strong – Ben 19 Months

Product Tested By Claire Swaine – Alexander 2 Years

Claire Awarded the Tidy Box 3.5/5

Seemed expensive for what it was before I even put together. Once built my thoughts were still the same. Packaging adequate, not excessive for the size of the bits. Great size and shape fine. However, handle quite uncomfortable to hold, especially when carrying upstairs. Could benefit with some padding. My son rotates his books more so we read them all over a period of time not just the favourites. We also used it to put in bits during the day that needed to go back upstairs so as a general tidy box too. My little one is only 2 so does use it but not to tell the time as yet, but at least it captured his interest early and I will certainly use it as he develops. We loaded it with Alexander’s chosen books in the morning and took downstairs so stored by his chair in living room so he could use it and the books during the day. Then at bedtime we packed it up again and took up to bedroom to sit by his bed while we read his bedtime stories from it. The next morning we change all the books for different ones. Overall product robust and solid, clock pieces will last but handle very uncomfortable to hold needs padding. Initially when putting it together I did not think it would last as wood pieces quite thin, but when built its very solid. Easy to use, size fine, but uncomfortable to carry. Encouraged tidiness and my child reads more. Far too expensive for what it is, but, my friends have used the concept but found cheaper alternatives by way of the container! I think this product may be overlooked because of the cost which is a shame. Claire Swaine – Alexander 2 Years

Helps keep the books tidy and lets my daughter find books easily. Should last for years, Overall a lovely product.


Kate Awarded The Tidy Box 4.7/5

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