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The Ultimate Nappy Caddy Baby Hamper

A fantastic newborn baby gift beautifully presented in a stylish must-have nappy caddy. The Ultimate Nappy Caddy Baby Hamper comes filled with Newborn essentials including nappy caddy, baby clothing, soft toy, and many more – perfect gift for a baby shower, new baby gift or maternity leave. Beautifully presented Newborn essentials in a grey felt nappy organizer.

Available in 0-3 Months & 3-6 Months

The Ultimate Nappy Caddy Baby Hamper includes:
Nappy caddy
5pcs layette including sleepsuit, bodysuit, hat, bandana bib, mittens
30pcs milestone cards
Dummy clip
Rompibaby branded beechwood teether
Booties (0-6 months)
Waffle blanket
Elephant soft toy (24cm)
Greeting card

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Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2023 Gifts and Mummy Moments Categories

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The Ultimate Nappy Caddy Baby Hamper Reviews

Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh – Zara 4 Months

Farwah Awarded The Ultimate Nappy Caddy Baby Hamper 5/5

I absolutely LOVED the beautiful grey colour which is neutral in case you have a surprise baby gender. It is beautifully packed and perfect to gift for baby showers and is a gift with all absolute essentials. Not a single unwanted baby item and the first looks are to die for! Truly I did not want to open it as it looked absolutely stunning on Zara’s drawers! I think the concept is amazing because it keeps all the baby essentials organized and in one place and everything is easy to call out for or quickly gather in case of a poonami or when you are simply short of time and baby is not settling down. It looks beautiful when displayed too! I absolutely loved the packaging. It is perfectly wrapped, great size and very well made too. I absolutely loved it. This is definitely all I need although I needed to add baby wipes hence I added them in one of the pockets. The rest of the things are all essential with a baby. The nappy caddy is the only thing that won’t grow out very soon as the rest of the things are suitable for little babies. However, the caddy will last me long until my baby is toilet trained hence I love the fact it is sturdy of them all! The 5 pieces suit was perfect for my babies size. It even washed well and the fabric was good quality. They are great for when out and about! The Milestone cards are always handy to keep. Zara is my third and I don’t have time to honestly track and save all the milestones so this was not much used. The dummy clip is very sturdy and went well with all dresses. The brown wood cover over the clip was a little too big/irritating for my baby. A lovely colour and it went with most of my babies dresses. The teether is very effective and as my baby is currently teething, she has chomped and chewed on it every day! Too cute to resist! We absolutely loved the booties and they had a very nice and comfortable fit. We loved the brush and comb and the brush was very effective in helping with my babies cradle cap. It’s soft yet gentle on my babies scalp. Oh I absolutely loved the blanket! It soothed my baby and she slept very well. We even carried it in our car seat during car journeys and it is just perfect for spring weather. Not only my baby, my other children also loved the elephant toy and Zara was absolutely delighted with playing and cuddling with the soft elephant. The special touch of my greeting card gave me a feeling of being welcomed and it felt like a pat on the back that this mummy rocks! I used the caddy every day and it’s my favourite place to store my babies everyday nappies and essentials so we have been using it every day. The blanket as well as the caddy is my absolute favourite of the hamper as both of these will last long and will not worn out as they are very well made. This would definitely make a perfect baby shower gift as everything is desperately needed with a new baby and nothing goes waste or is extra. The quality is amazing! Everything is very beautifully thought out and carefully made and very well packaged into a bundle. I love all the contents! It definitely offers lasting value for money as everything is an absolute essential. For me the dummy chain and milestone cards are not appreciated/used by all. I loved the fact that it is an absolute beauty of a bundle and a gift which is ready to be passed on to new parents. I will definitely purchase it for my friends and family expecting a baby as this looks much more presentable than other baby gifts available in the market. I would recommend because everything is drop dead gorgeous and organized and very useful! Beautiful bundle of neutral colours and everything is useful for baby. I absolutely enjoyed testing the baby hamper. Everything was very handy and it is a beautiful grey which complemented Zara’s grey crib. Loved to hide away the nappies in the caddy yet have everything handy when needed and it made the baby stuff easy to locate and use. Loved it! Farwah Farrukh – Zara 4 Months

Product Tested By Sonia Sargent – Aurelia 5 Months

Sonia Awarded The Ultimate Nappy Caddy Baby Hamper 4/5

The presentation of the hamper was gorgeous, loved the way it was presented and enjoyed looking at it and unwrapping. It looked really high quality and a lot of thought gone into it. Really lovely idea, from a mum who received a few newborn gifts – I think this is a perfect gift to give to someone who you’re not sure of what they need or like. It’s neutral and at the same time beautiful and full of baby and mama essentials. Lush! Really high quality and I felt really spoilt having received it. Makes it really fun when there are multiple sections to pull gifts out of. Absolutely ideal hamper for new baby. It’s full of essentials and really useful bits for baby. The organiser is super useful for keeping things tidy. I use it in my living room to keep all my bits in order. I keep all my essentials by the sofa in this nappy caddy now. Really helpful when I’m breastfeeding and I need a few things without disturbing her. So many compartments so I’m not hunting too long. Lovely size! I feel like some caddy’s are a little more durable but they don’t have the adjustable compartments which could be useful. In all honesty I did not find the 5 piece layette was made of the best quality material. And not a design I would have chosen either. The hat was tiny, I don’t think it would have even fitted when she was first born and the sleep suit too short. The vest and bib where great and I think they would have sufficed to be honest. There were no mittens in the hamper. Super cute! Loved the designs and the variation of milestones! Have already used a few and will continue to use throughout. Really lovely thought to include them. I did not receive a dummy clip in my hamper. Love the wooden teether. And my daughter also loved playing with it! Now that she’s teething, it’s a great way for her to soothe and to explore different shapes and textures. This is by far my fav thing in the hamper! So cute. The booties are super cute but far too small for my baby (she does have big feet) but I think more newborn size. The brush and comb set was good but I did already have two sets gifted to me, so personally no. But really good essential to have for baby I think. I use a brush more than I do a comb at the moment. The blanket is beautifully soft and so lush. Washes really well and neutral enough to put in her nursery. Also the elephant toy is really sweet and adorable. My little girl loves cuddling and playing with it. She’ll get really excited when presented it in the mornings. Really good quality and looks durable too. The personal greeting card was very sweet. Really liked the design and made it very personalised and thoughtful. I used the caddy itself, wooden teether, elephant all the time, every day and multiple times. The cards ad hoc, and the bib also (we go through many at the moment). Favourite item was the teether and nappy caddy. Absolutely the ideal gift for a baby shower. It’s a fab way to get in all the essentials and it’s neutral coloured so can be great for gender surprises too. I think it’s so personal without having to know the mum too much, so great if you have no idea what to get someone. The packaging made it look really good quality and luxurious. Everything was top quality, apart from the clothes – vests and bibs are always handy but maybe a muslin would have been more useful I think. Great value and then some! It was a great bundle of essentials and fun bits for baby. It really felt like a luxury gift and well thought of. I would 100% think of purchasing one for a friend or family who is expecting a baby. I have seen better quality caddy’s before, this one was slightly flimsy in comparison. That said, I still really like it and will continue to use it. I loved how it covered all the essentials for a first time baby. It’s really specials to receive lots of little gifts when you’ve just had a baby, and because of the multi compartments and number of bits to unwrap, it kind of feels like a gift that just keeps giving. The usefulness of the caddy speaks for itself as its perfect for transporting everything in and even as a nappy changing station which I’ve seen a lot of people use these for. It just a great all-rounder. Yes definitely would buy this. I think it’s the perfect present for a new or expecting mum and would not hesitate. It’ll certainly be saved in my browser for the future. I would recommend and 100% mention it if anyone asks what to get a new or expectant mum. I think it’s a no brainier, everyone would love to have this in their gift list. I think it’s a perfect gift. But I do think that maybe swap the clothes for a Muslin as clothes are tricky. Overall this was a great hamper. I feel like upon opening it, it was a real treat and felt so lucky to have something so lovely sent to me. Everything felt almost personalised and like a journey to open. The placement of the individual products in compartments made it feel like there was so much in the caddy and just really made it special. The caddy itself is great and a really useful thing to have as a parent when you just need to find something.The softness of the blanket and the teddy made it so lovely to be able to really involve baby too as sometimes hampers can be very much for parents only. My daughter loves the elephant and the teether so much and takes part in her everyday routine. The clothes are nice to have but not the best part of the hamper. I think a muslin would be better here. That said, the bib and vest have been well used. It’s difficult with booties/sleep suits/hats, as babies can be bigger/smaller than others. It was so lovely to be able to take part in reviewing this product, so glad I got to see it first hand and will be purchasing for someone in the future! Sonia Sargent – Aurelia 5 Months

Product Tested By Katie Ramskill – Jack 4 Months

Katie Awarded The Ultimate Nappy Caddy Baby Hamper 5/5

My initial impression of the hamper was great. It came in a standard brown box but once open it was wrapped up beautifully. When I took the hamper out of the box it was wrapped in a cellophane wrapping tied with a lovely grey ribbon to match the caddy colours. The presentation of how everything was placed was well thought out and everything has a place! It’s a brilliant idea and would make a beautiful gift to an expecting family! It has everything you need in a caddy that is incredibly useful. Beautiful presentation, it certainly has the wow factor. I think this is a great idea for as a new baby hamper. Often the little things can get forgotten but this has everything! The nappy caddy is so helpful in keeping everything together, it’s durable and flexibly so you can fill it without worry if it breaking or being over full. The fit of this 5 piece layette is a little on the bigger size so we have not yet had chance to wear it. However the material is soft and have no doubt Jack will love it. The milestone cards are such a great idea. They help you capture every step of your baby’s beautiful journey. The dummy clip was a little stiff to use at first however, over time this has become easier. We have not yet used the teether. The booties are a little in the snugger side so have not yet used them for a long period of time. However, they were easy to put on and had lots of stretch to enable me to get it into Jacks feet easily. The brush and comb set is an item which we forgot to buy! So it was really useful to have in the hamper! My little boy LOVES blankets so this has been such a beautiful gift for him to receive. The blanket is soft and cosy and such a beautiful colour. This was the biggest hit from the hamper for us! This toy elephant sits pride of place in his safari themed nursery, he loves this gift and it is so soft and cuddly! The personal touch greeting card is a fab idea, it’s a great keep safe! We use the caddy and the blanket the most! The caddy is used to store everything we need for a nappy change making it easier as everything is in one place and portable around our home! For me the caddy itself was the best item. However, I’m certain if Jack could speak his would be the blanket!! This would be an ideal gift for new parents as it has everything you need plus a few beautiful little added extras! Excellent quality. I think this is great value for money. Everything is brilliant quality and the finishing touches are lovely. The actually caddy that all the gifts come in, I honestly did not realise how much I would need one of these! As a busy mum and being back at work it would make the perfect gift for an expecting friend or family member and also save me the time going around buying all the bits separately then making up a hamper! Brilliant idea and a really reasonable price! I would certainly recommend. This was amazing. It has everything you need and completely underestimated the use we would get out of the actual caddy itself. The products are brilliant quality and the blanket was a total hit. Katie Ramskill – Jack 4 Months

I would recommend because everything is drop dead gorgeous and organized and very useful! Beautiful bundle of neutral colours and everything is useful for baby. I absolutely enjoyed testing the baby hamper. Everything was very handy and it is a beautiful grey which complemented Zara’s grey crib. Loved to hide away the nappies in the caddy yet have everything handy when needed and it made the baby stuff easy to locate and use. Loved it!


Farwah Awarded The Ultimate Nappy Caddy Baby Hamper 5/5

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