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The Wean Machine

The Wean Machine is a clever contraption which makes baby food in three easy steps! It makes weaning your baby onto solid foods easier, healthier and safer.

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£19.99 Available to purchase online

The Wean Machine Reviews

Product Tested by: Matthew Harrison – Baby Edgar 8 Months

Product Tested By Matthew Harrison – Baby Edgar 8 Months

Matthew Awarded the Wean Machine 3.8/5

Looked robust and easy to use. Good informative website content; variety of methods used to provide information – photo, video, reviews. The box was very eye catching with a window to show the product. It came with a cute board book which I felt was a nice touch but I wasn’t sure why it was included in the box. The instructions were simple, colourful and, easy to follow. Product was quickly assembled and clipped together easily. The Wean Machine produced small quantities which are handy at early weaning but would need to be used multiple times later on. Easy to use on soft foods, but didn’t handle fibrous foods well or blend the entire piece because the grill did not completely reach the bottom of the food cup. Very easy to clean shortly after use. The grills needed to be soaked to remove dried on foods once we got home if used out of the home. (Did not attempt to sterilize). Seemed good quality; felt secure and not easily breakable. Expensive package although useful (cheaper alternative would be to use a fork although I do like the complete package and the inclusion of a covered spoon). Solid robust product, very useful for dining out with baby, but perhaps an expensive option. Matthew Harrison – Baby Edgar 8 Months


Product Tested By Emma Chester – Baby Victoria 8 Months

Emma Awarded the Wean Machine 3/5

I thought this product looked brilliant – something you would want to purchase and would be very useful. Good, eye-catching website, made me want to own a wean machine instantly. There are a lot of instructions and a useful ‘recipe’ book for first tastes and soft fruit and veg. That’s where it ends. Nothing beyond, which means you will use it for a maximum of a month if you wean at the recommended 6 months. Everything is contained in the one hand held unit so no assembly required. If you were to carry on using the wean machine I do not think the unit is big enough to satisfy the meal size of an older baby/toddler. You need some hand muscles to do anything other than very soft fruit.  If you use it with the softened fruit it does come out ok, but for a few things I found I had to squash it down with the back of the spoon to get it to a better texture. It is very easy to clean, because of the material it’s made from doesn’t really let anything stick. I would have liked it to have been more robust.  I was hoping to be able to take food from my plate and push it through the wean machine for her to eat – unfortunately this was not the case. It is definitely made for the first stages of weaning. I think the product is very well made, no nooks and crannies for food to get jammed. For the time this product can be used (well in our house anyway) I feel that it is way overpriced. I really wanted this product before testing it and would have paid the high price, but having used it I would not buy it I’m afraid. Emma Chester – Baby Victoria 8 Months


Product Tested By Gerry Masters – Baby Alice 6 Months

Gerry Awarded the Wean Machine 4.5/5

My first impressions were great, it looked like a very handy little gadget and I couldn’t wait to try it. The design is very practical and simple to use too, even my hubby found it easy! The quality is also perfcet, it’s very durable and seems like it would last a long time. Cleaning the Wean Machine is very easy to do.  The website is good, valued information and you can see video of how to use this item.  Packaging very good and I think makes a great pressie for mum or dad. The Wean Machine clips together with ease and when in use it will process small quantities of food which was absolutely ideal for Alice. I used this on soft veg, fruit and other soft foods I have prepared for Alice. Ideal for our needs, but may not be so useful when we introduce more lumpy foods in the future. We would use and wash out immediately and easy to clean. We liked this gadget, just a bit on the high price but for the early stages of weaning thought it was great to have and Hubby enjoyed using it too. Used at home and also took with us when visiting family and they all thought it was a great gadget.  Good quality item, will last but feel it is best suited for early stages of weaning.  Gerry Masters – Baby Alice 6 Months

Solid robust product, very useful for dining out with baby


Matthew Awarded the Wean Machine 3.8/5

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