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The BabaSling baby carrier is designed to keep babies safeclose and happy while giving you the freedom to get on with your day.  Like the extra set of hands every parent needs, our award winning baby slings help you hold your baby in 5 natural positions, including two perfect for discrete   breasfeeding while out and about.  

the BabaSling baby carrier is a revolution in design, comfort and simplicity. The hammock style baby sling is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine, while providing essential closeness and bondingbetween parent and child.With no less than five positions and easily adjustable straps, theBabaSling is so easy to use it can be safelyshared with grandparents, older siblings, and caregivers. We at BabaSlings Ltd truly believe that held babies are happy babies and are very proud to bring you our award winning baby carriers.

Designed to carry babies and toddlers (0 – 2yr+ / 2kg – 15kg) Has 5 different carrying positions + 2 breast-feeding positionsOne size fits all, adjusts in secondsMade from 100% cotton that is both durable and breathableMachine washable at 40 degreesTested to Safety Standard BS EN 13209-2:2005 Soft carriersLifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
Bronze Award Winner 2009 And Bronze Award Winner 200/12

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£39.99 Available to purhchase online

theBabaSling™ Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Shaw – Daniel 15 weeks

Product Tested By Claire Shaw – Daniel 15 weeks

Claire Awarded The Babasling 4.4/5

This looked lightweight, simple to use and transportable. Unfortunately I didn’t really think the fabric was great. It picked up all dirt, dust, hairs bits etc.  I had the black one too.  Maybe the other colours would be better.  The carrier was easy to adjust to fit.  You can pop it on quickly once you have initially adjusted it and once on you can reach straps to tighten easily.  I put my baby in it most mornings for the school run, quick to pop baby in and just go; no buggy assembly etc.  It was really easy to load him into the carrier and there was plenty of material to cover him in the wind and rain.  It is simple to use if you follow the guide book.  It was comfortable to wear when walking,  it didn’t hurt but I did find it bulky around my neck area.  If standing a long time my back started to ache as I felt a bit top heavy.  Whilst wearing this I could have both hands free if needed, not for long periods though as felt I needed to check position of my baby.  I thought as he wriggles he mightfall out but he never did.   My son was fine and liked the upright position; he could see me and all the surroundings.  He was happy inside hidden when it was windy or just pulled up like a hood.  I used it in a few of the other positions; when he was sat up and asleep lying across.  I do think it’s slightly over priced for what it is.  I will continue to use it, I use it every day.  It is so much easier than getting a pram out for a short journey to school.  I couldn’t use it for more than an hour as hurts my back.  I have already recommended it to others; I have people in the playground stop me and ask about it.  Although I do like this product and use it most days, I feel the material could be better, the sling that fits around neck felt too bulky.  However I think the design is good and better than some I have had over the years as I am on my 4th child.  I think this is a good easy to use baby carrier, for short term use. If you’re nipping somewhere it is easier than getting the pram out.  My baby and I feel lovely and close in this.  Claire Shaw– Daniel 15 weeks


Product Tested By Joanna Southwell – Samantha 3 Years

Joanna Awarded The Babasling 4.3/5

My initial impression of this product was good.  I wanted a sling for my second child as I felt it more important this time round (with my first I could afford to spend the time sitting on the sofa with them) and it was a well-known one on the market.  The fabric was very good quality and there were a good choice of colours.  It came in a nice bag as well with the instructions easy to find and to read.  This carrier was easy to adjust to fit but you must make sure to do it before you put the baby in!  It took time the first time to figure out how it worked but then once it made sense it was fine.  It is very easy to put on.  There are a few straps that you have to do and the first time it takes time to figure it out and adjust it until it is comfortable.  Slings also tend to be a new way of carrying weight that you are not used to so you need to get used to how you are carrying. There are a lot of instructions as to the different ways you can put it on which is a little overwhelming. Once you get your head around what they are asking its fine.  I imagine though once your baby gets bigger and wrigglier it would become harder.  It is definitely a sling for the new-born to six months rather than an older child.  My 3 year old looked at it and I don’t think she would have wanted to be in it much after 1.  It definitely needs time and patience to understand how it works and to get used to it for both mother and baby.  You also know once you have done it right – if it does not feel right it’s not on right!  It did feel secure when walking around the house and doing chores and short walks but I am not sure I would want to go on a day trip with it.  It was comfortable to wear for short periods of time – I found that it could get uncomfortable (I however find this with allc arriers and backpacks though!).  I can carry on with my daily routine wearing this definitely around the house.  If you want to or need to have some way of easily carrying your baby around the house or on short trips that is not a buggy  (particularly if you want to avoid a double buggy) then it does offer value for money.  I will definitely continue to use this.  I would recommend it particularly to second time mums it is very good value for money.  I was very excited to be reviewing a sling as I was too late really to get one with my daughter (and it was not so needed) and it did live up to expectations.  I am not someone who wants to carry their baby outside for long periods but for keeping them close whilst doing housework, chores and school runs it is ideal!  It also would be useful to subtly breast feed whilst out and about to!  Joanna Southwell – Samantha 3 Years


Product Tested By Claire Jones – James 5 Months

Claire Awarded The Babasling 4.6/5

My first impression of this product is that it is of very good quality and looks extremely well made.  It looks like an expensive product. The fabric of this product is of good quality and is strong enough to be supportive to the baby whilst still being soft enough to be comfortable.  I did have to get my partner to help me out the first few times I used this carrier in different positions, but once I had confidence in the product I found it easy to manage by myself.  It was easy to put on; but it really depends on what you intend to wear whilst using the carrier, which I’m sure is the same with any carrier.  I found it difficult to put on over my jacket, but to be honest once you are wearing it and have your baby close to you, you have no real need for a coat anyway, and you get warmth from that.  However it was very easy to put on over a t -shirt or something similar.  It is easy to load baby into the carrier; this does take a few practices to be honest but again once you have confidence in the product it becomes easier.  I often found if I was in a seated position to start off I would find that better, but this wouldn’t be suitable for all the different variations of carrying.  My baby was very secure;  this is one of the best things I liked about the carrier;  I didn’t feel like I had to provide any extra support to the carrier and was confident that he was safe whilst in there.  For the majority of the time while I have been using the carrier it has been very comfortable.  I had to do a lot of long journeys at one point walking or 10 minutes before catching 2 buses then walking up a very steep hill to where my eldest child goes to school, the only discomfort I ever experienced was at the back of neck occasionally whilst I was struggling up hill.  I was able to carry on with my daily routine;  the carrier doesn’t restrict you at all.  You are free to do most things.  James has loved being in the carrier and is soon asleep in there.  He must feel like he’s being constantly hugged.  I tried the carrier in a few positions but found one way I preferred and stuck with that most of the time.  It was useful in the fact that once your baby is asleep and you have finished carrying you can undo the carrier and place them down in their cot without disturbing them.  I would sayit is about the right price for a carrier of this quality.  I will continue to use it for a few more months but he is getting big now, so I will have to see how we get on with that one.  I have already recommended to my pregnant friend. It is a very pleasing product that is easy to use and great quality.  Both mummy and baby enjoyed it.  Claire Jones – James 5 Months

I think this is a good easy to use baby carrier, for short term use. If you’re nipping somewhere it is easier than getting the pram out. My baby and I feel lovely and close in this. 


Claire Awarded The Babasling 4.4/5 

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