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To start with there was a simple hint. Experienced mothers know about it, many midwives pass it on as a good tip: If the one breast gives too much milk during breastfeeding, you can stop the milk flow by slightly pressing-in the breast with the finger. This simple reflex practically always does the job and forms the basis for a small revolution: Instead of collecting ‘leaking’ mother‘s milk in nursing pads, a simple silicone pad can temporarily shut off the fine milk ducts (5) by pressing in the nipple (3). After removal, the ducts open again and the milk can flow completely normally during breastfeeding.  Easy & Pleasant to Use:- Thanks to a very thin, medical adhesive coating, the breathable silicone nursing pads stay in place without any further help.

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Theraline Mamma Pads Reviews

Product Tested by: Melissa Michael Darmoo – Baby Daniel 3 Months

Product Tested By Melissa Michael Darmoo – Baby Daniel 3 Months

Melissa Awarded the Therealine Mamma Pads 4/5

The texture of the breast pad is soft but the material used is hard, I guess that’s how it achieves its result. I believe these breast pads would be great for a woman with a particular breast size. I have very large breasts and found the pads to be uncomfortable. I found using them to be effective for some time but they became uncomfortable when I leaked. They did stay in place depending on which bra I was wearing with them. I didn’t find them sore but itchy at times and had to take off several times to wash, wipe and clean. I think they offer good value for money because you can clean and wear them again. But I personally wouldn’t buy them because they just weren’t right for me. I would definitely recommend this product to others who have smaller breasts as I think it would be better suited. Melissa Michael Darmoo – Baby Daniel 3 Months


Product Tested By Amber Marshall – Baby Beatrice 6 Months

Amber Awarded the Therealine Mamma Pads 4/5

The breast pads are really smooth, with a slightly rubbery feeling. There’s a slight bump which pushes your nipple in, using a natural reflex to prevent the leakage of milk. I found the pads really comfortable to wear; they fitted me well, despite me being quite amply endowed! (a G cup since my daughter was born!) I was absolutely amazed that the breast pads worked completely for me regarding leakage. The instructions stated that if you have a fast flow/fast let down of milk (which I do) that they may not guard completely against leaks – but they did! I was especially impressed that they didn’t leak even when I was feeding with both breasts very full of milk, as usually the breast I’m not nursing with leaks uncontrollably – even through a bulky washable pad, but not a drop came out when using these pads. I wasn’t so impressed with the stability of the pads. I found that during the day (when I was wearing a bra anyway) they stayed put no problem, but during the night (which is when I really wanted them to work, so that I didn’t have to wear a bra) they would catch on the duvet/sheets and peel off as I turned over in my sleep, and I’d wake up with them beside me in the morning, so not that effective, unfortunately. The pads caused no irritation, but I didn’t like the way my breasts smelt after wearing them all day. I found the pads were completely invisible under clothes, especially when compared to conventional breast pads, as they are very thin. I didn’t risk wearing them without a bra, though so can’t comment about whether they’d be visible under a braless dress. They were really simple to clean, just run under a warm tap with a little soap and leave to dry naturally. Unfortunately, because of having to leave them to dry naturally (using a towel would affect how well they adhere to the skin) you can’t wash and immediately re wear them. If you could, it would probably stop them from developing the smell I disliked. I think you ought to get two pairs for the price. They also seem quite fragile, so I’m not sure how they’d last. But they do what they claim to so at least you’re getting what you pay for. I wouldn’t buy them, because I was most looking forward to being able to go to bed without a bra on, and clearly I wriggle too much for that. I also didn’t like how they made my breasts smell, so have returned to using my washable breast pads which I find much better for me, but they are a lot bulkier than these. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t buy them, I would still recommend them to others as they really do work amazingly well and are very discreet. I may dig them out if I’m going to a party and want to wear something a little more discreet that I know I can trust, or if I know I’m likely to go a long time between feeds and become quite engorged as I know I can trust them to completely guard against leaks. Amber Marshall – Baby Beatrice 6 Months


Product Tested By Hayley Brashley – Baby Mia 6 Months

Hayley Awarded the Therealine Mamma Pads 5/5

Texture wise, the pads are very smooth and a little bit hard inside, which is great for support and this ensures they stay in place. They are really comfortable to wear, it takes a bit of getting used to at first but after a few hours you barely notice them! They look great under clothing and as far as I can tell you cannot notice that they are there which is brilliant. I am very conscious of wearing pads with clothing because others that I have tried have been really obvious, so I was so pleased with these. I was unsure whether they would completely stop the leaking but they did. I had no trouble with them at all throughout wearing them in the day , they leaked a tiny bit during the night but this was because of movement and there was no bra there to support them, but I will definitely be buying them again and fully recommend to all pregnant mums who are looking for fabulous pads!  Hayley Brashley – Baby Mia 6 Months

I would definitely recommend this product to others who have smaller breasts as I think it would be better suited.


Melissa Awarded the Therealine Mamma Pads 4/5

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